Your creations have value – what you admire is already within you

What I see so often in humanity is dismissing oneself and undervaluing ourselves because “someone else does it better” or “that only happens to the lucky ones”. Excuses are endless. You never say that to your friends though. You build them up, right? Look at it this way – what you admire in your friend/s.o./coachContinue reading “Your creations have value – what you admire is already within you”

Birthcharts and personal growth

Your Astrological Natal Birthchart isn’t meant to limit you – How to dissolve self-imposed limitations and avoid astrological self-sabotage I don’t have to show how much student loan I owe to prove my astrological natal birthchart accurate. I don’t have to cling to my addictions to affirm my astrological weaknesses in my birth chart. IfContinue reading “Birthcharts and personal growth”

What I Mean By Oneness

In the oneness, the All, there are fractals of this One, blending in, interacting, coming together, yet all being variables of the One. Think of it as a color spectrum… the All, the Unity is the whole spectrum, and our souls are the color variations. Different shades of color in between; not just black andContinue reading “What I Mean By Oneness”