Manifestation, Manifesting: De-Mystifying The Natural Co-Creation of Everything


What is Manifestation, or Manifesting as we’ve heard in the popular media anyway?

I’ve observed a few types of perspectives from people for when it comes to manifestation. As a spiritual practicioner & conscious co-creator I’m about to de-mystify the term manifestation and the concept of manifestation in understandable language. 

While I personally believe that manifestation is mostly a spiritual phenomena… 

There’s those who believe it has no space in spirituality, because we can’t possibly get anything for ourselves on this path. Some of these people consider it self serving. 

There’s those who see this is as self help & personal development, because it’s all about growing into what we want. Some of these people may dismiss the pure magic behind the scenes, and whether or not something is organic or artificial. 

We can’t forget those who don’t believe in manifestation at all. There isn’t much more to say about this crowd – pretty self explanatory.

The latter bunch gets their answer right away in this post, because everything that already exists has once been manifested. Nobody started manifesting only after they started to do it consciously. Manifestation means making something real. 

The Oxford languages says the following:




• an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something abstract or theoretical. 


“the first obvious manifestations of global warming”

So while in human terms manifestation is a term and is used to show when something shows up, it happens spiritually as well. Spiritually speaking a lot of things have already manifested in spiritual realms, and it’s our job to physicalise these things that we wish to embrace. 

Manifestation absolutely can be magical & synchronic. In my brain, it’s something that just makes sense. If something has been energised with enough action, choice, love and nourishment, and it has taught us lessons that we then learned while helping us grow into who we see ourselves as in our ideal reality – it only makes sense that a result of that is manifested. 

If all of that energy is put into something inorganic – a false paradigm so to speak – we’re not talking about a happy manifestation. This type of manifestation is there to create distortion and artificial timelines. It’s not there because it was loved into being – it was forced. I’m mentioning this because it’s important to know the difference. It’s important to know why we’re manifesting things in the first place. 

We are manifesting at all times, whether we like it or not. Some people choose not to do it consciously. They’d rather be taken by the waves and not change situations they wish to change, in other words surrendering to the fate.

There’s a quote from Carl Jung that fits this perfectly:

 ‘Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.’

Some choose to simply not grow and they keep on living on autopilot. When you live on autopilot, you’re not awake spiritually speaking. When you’re avoiding growth you’re dismissing your true potential. Infinite beings know how to yield their power well – we understand that we are capable of so much more than our human brains can even imagine. 

Once we choose to create consciously, or as many say, take part in conscious co-creation, because truth is – we are all co-creators

That’s when magic happens.

That’s when we start to manifest more consciously and take control of our manifestations. 

We’re here co-creating with the Universe – we are One with the Infinite Cosmos of All that is. It’s not about being selfish – it’s about being true to yourself. We have to understand that monks are not the only people who practice spirituality. When we’re creating a reality that’s more aligned to our true self we’re also helping others, believe it or not. This is because we’re getting rid of all of those distortions. We’re allowing ourselves to express ourselves more holistically. That means we’re no longer lying to ourselves or others.

Lying to others and people pleasing is a sacrifice not worth taking and it’s unfair at its core.

The Truth will triumph any forced realities.

The thing that may have caused distortion here though, is how this was all popularised by the personal development & self help industry. Sometimes we get distracted by the glam. We think that we’re meant to do something just because it looks good to/on other people. Maybe we were given a path to success that we would have to follow, yet find ourselves completely unfulfilled at the end of it. This is when we didn’t follow our own truth. That’s what makes the difference. This is another example of creating inorganic realities. The self help industry is full of all kind of methods and tricks to make your life better… but some of us may forget who we are in the midst of it. We try to become this perfect person, and ignore what our heart says. 

Aside from that, this side of things ignores the magical side of manifestation, which has to do with energy. As we discussed before, we have to know if our desired manifestation is true to us. True to our path… not as in “ignore your capacity to grow” type of way, but in a way of – is this where you would see yourself? Does this feel right to you? 

An example I could give, is, I would not feel right, or comfortable, being a nurse, a kindergarten teacher, or a person who works for the elderly, nor would I see myself in the military or butcher. Those are some examples of what I wouldn’t want to manifest. In other words – I’m not an energetic match to these types of professions, because they would be inorganic. I don’t even want to be an energetic match to something like this. 

If you’re already feeling iffy and uncertain about what you’re trying to create, how can it become real? Not talking about nerves, but that nagging feeling that something isn’t right? That’s your clue to stop in your tracks & find what’s true to you.

Manifesting things that light you up and are true to you – that’s energy well directed. The sky is not the limit for this either. A lot people use the phrasing, “this or something better”. 

In conclusion – manifestation happens naturally when we follow our true paths. If it was already on the path, we might have got it sooner if we didn’t let ourselves be taken by the waves or distorted into doing something else. Manifestation is spiritually happening constantly, and it’s our job to physicalise the things we wish to create in our lives. The sky is not the limit to what we can do as infinite co-creators.

Magic is real. 

Magic is conscious co-creation. 

Magic is physicalising the spiritual. 

Let yourself be your true Infinite self. Let yourself grow & go farther than you expected. Challenge yourself in healthy ways. Take positive risks in your life. Allow things to get better. 

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