Starseeds & Soul Fractals Podcast

The day has come.

I finally created my own podcast, in which I will interview other starseeds who do starseed stuff professionally – whatever it means for them. Spiritual service providers, artists, healers, coaches… anyone who has experienced a starseed type of life and/or interacted with star beings, UFOs, Extra-Terrestrials in their practice or service is welcome to be interviewed.

Future episodes will be featured here on the blog with any relevant information added, and they may appear in other blog posts as well, if the discussion adds to the content.

Starseeds & Soul Fractals Podcast on Spotify player, click play button to listen to episode zero: Alvia’s Starseed Awakening

Starseeds & Soul Fractals Podcast takes the Starseed Soul Journeys outside the box of New Age Paradigms, by bringing fresh perspectives on these topics we discuss.

Starseeds & Soul Fractals Podcast presents inspiring interviews with your host, me, Alvia Crescens and my brilliant guests, starseeds who offer their spiritual services to the rest of the humans.

The conversations dive into multidimensional expressions of oneself, the Source, layers of Consciousness and discussions of what it truly means to be a Starseed soul. Extra-Terrestrial energy is embraced and magical thinking is encouraged. These interviews will help us come to a deeper understanding of our infinity, our souls and our journeys.

In the episode 0 of Starseeds & Soul Fractals Podcast I dive into my Starseed Awakening and Spiritual Awakening stories, as well as other related experiences in order to kickstart this brand new venture and give folx some insight into how my spiritual human experience has been. This by no means is everything – there’s plenty to be shared, but staying on topic was the priority.

Do you want to be a guest on this podcast? I’m interviewing starseeds who provide spiritual services, art or similar offers, professionals who either have a strong starseed experience in life or experiences in regards to E.T spirits and UFOs in their work / practise.

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