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Andromeda (2019) – Ink & white gouache

As an artist, I am inspired by the cosmos, galaxies, multiverse, all of our multidimensional existence.

Astrological symbolism fascinates me; I get great joy out of interpreting planetary dialogue. The zodiac energy will never cease to inspire me.

Cancerian Mermanoid (2019) – Micron Pens
Orion Ascension (2020) – Ink, watercolour, gouache, acrylic paint

What is a starseed?

A soul from the depths of space; galactic traveller, spirit of the stars. Intuitive souls who hold wisdom of said star systems and host it in their human bodies. People who didn’t feel like people growing up, but rather alien.

In the multidimensional existence of our Universe, we can be anything we want.

Often people will dismiss the possibility of a cosmic origin of their soul, because they feel limited in their perspective, or because they ignore the infinite in their lives. Maybe they were conditioned to be sceptics or trust in “facts and logic” a little bit too much… but forgot that even science keeps evolving.

If you felt that was not the way for you, if you felt that you were always more sensitive than your peers, if you felt that life was in fact more than what people claimed the facts to be… you’re getting one step closer to your truth here. But it’s up to you to discover what your truth is.

Moonlit Mushrooms (2020) – Ink & Metallic Markers

Even though I draw psychedelic mushrooms, I don’t eat them. My brain has always had a psychedelic mood without any drug use. Actually, it was a mistake to ever engage in alcoholic activities; especially considering my past with mental health problems.

I was also a little bit addicted to video games as a kid; maybe as an act of escapism from the “norm” and from the bullying I experienced; the abuse from my parents – or just a way to find another world to live in. I felt quite lonely and misunderstood.

Still, the diversity of this planet has always fascinated me… the plants, animals, creatures of all kinds. The multitude of galaxies in the cosmos of infinite possibilities… it has all fascinated me, always.

Planetary Landscape (2020) – gouache painting
What Makes You Blossom? (2018) – Blue Ink

What tends to keep me going is my curiosity and my hope, the desire to see where this all will lead, where things can go. The bigger picture. The vision. The dream.

I know that in my lifetime on this planet, the world will change before my eyes. Things will be very different in the near years. We will find ourselves wondering what the heck happened, truly… and there is a lot of hope. There is a lot of beauty in the possibilities for those who keep their hearts and minds open. Those that are ready for the journey.

Whatever you do today after reading this, remember that you have a higher purpose, and the legacy you leave behind matters. Keep being you.

Recent Works // 2021-2022

Watercolour and gouache based pieces from different dimensions

The Nest (June 2021, Project @ Omataidetalo Artist Residency)

In Progress

Projects that are in progress will be displayed here

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