Spirituality is to be lived, not consumed.

I know you love your spiritual influencers.

I know you love your tarot reading purchases.

It feels exciting to buy a new spiritual tool or service…

But how much are you integrating the lessons from the reading that you got?

How much are you using that shiny new deck you’ve bought?

I’ve gone through this too, especially the latter one. Same with just watching videos on youtube whether these are readings or topics to watch.

It’s easy to stay in your old habits especially with online content… but it may be time to crack apart some of these loops. The truth that I’ve learned is – are you really moving on if you haven’t learned the lesson from the last chapter? If you find yourself asking the same question over and over again, but aren’t doing anything about it or receiving answers, you’re stagnating. This is a timeline loop in action.

If you want to let go of the old you really need to lose it. Is it even a loss then, if something new seeks to be found anyway? Why are you holding yourself back from what you desire?

You cannot expect to manifest your dreams just by watching a video on it, if you aren’t doing the steps to go there. Sure it may be on your mind more but someone else doing the work isn’t doing your part. You’re just watching them do it.

The solution is to integrate the message and lessons and take those steps necessary to create that reality, and dissolve what seeks to be diminished.

I know we are wired for dopamine, but dopamine is just one functional to express happiness… yet it’s also capable of becoming addictive if we let it rule our lives. So get off your dopamine inducing screens and try something new. Break these habits that create more of your default autopilot mode and embody your higher self. My higher self wants the best for me and that means living more mindfully and free from addictions. I don’t need to hold onto my South Node Moon in Taurus conjunction to justify these addictions to myself. If it’s bad for me, it’s bad for me. End of.

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