New Earth Reality Check

Starseeds and other beings who work with both their own and Planet Earth’s multidimensional aspects BEYOND 5D 

~ because let’s face it, we only get to meet our higher self in 5D and aliens exist beyond that level apart from some 4D beings ~ 

Those who do the work with their multidimensional levels and those of Gaia’s, will feel the higher realm Earth. They will feel the New Earth. We can all anchor those realms in now. There’s nothing wrong with helping people with 3D problems, but if we are to Ascend, we have to use beyond 5D solutions. 6D is where the real party starts because we get to embody the True Multidimensional Self including any starseed aspects of self & past life aspects, whether starseed, elemental or human.

Stop playing so small. You are so much more powerful. The higher realm activity is so empowered right now that to say that it’s not happening only shows where you haven’t done your work.

Starseeds are the ones who are SUPPOSED TO be feeling this the most.

We literally came from those places that the energy is reaching Earth from. I’m not saying that to externalise because those energy points exist in us too and Earth is also a multidimensional consciousness. I’m just saying, if my energy originates from Andromeda, would it make sense if I avoided the higher level activations that come from that energy center? No, absolutely not. Doesn’t make any sense for me to be whining about Earth when I chose to incarnate here. I can use my free will & life force for things that are way more productive. 

The real question is – is the planet low frequency or did you just forget to get out of bed?

Awakening is just the beginning.

Getting out of bed is the step forward.

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