Lion’s Gate Energy Flows

Since we’re feeling into the glorious energy waves of the Lion’s Gate, it’s a beautiful time to receive powerful activations!

Those that know astrology, know that the Leo archetype – the Solar season we’re in now, Sun in the sign that it rules – Leo the lion, is a generous archetype. The sign that gives A LOT to those that they love. Their big heart has capacity for so much love, prosperity, beauty, divinity, care… so much that comes from the core of their Soul. Their radiant heart just expands with this shining, bright, adorable LoveLight.

Sirius coming into SunRise, we have a powerful passage to tap into your TRUE divine Heart. What our hearts want for us on the Starseed Path, might be different than what our human egos could even think of. That’s where you might think of the lower consciousness of Leo coming through – the Ego consciousness. We are at the bridge of dissolving the ego into the background… while to some extent the Ego remains, it will become a companion of the Soul, a higher mind, if you will. The remaining concept of Self, what differentiates our Soul from the Source of All, the One.

This all can sound very beautiful, and it is. We all have the ability to realise that Union within. If, however, you feel like you need some help, this offer may be of service to you.

My Starseed Tarot Transmissions are only 33€ for 30 minutes (regular price: 55.55€/22min), which is more than just a simple reading. I offer energetic assistance while I read the cards and guide you. You can watch some videos from my “Alvia’s Telescope” playlist to get an idea, however some of you might already be aware that this is for you based on the energy.

Starseed Transmissions for only 33€ / 30 minutes! Valid 28th July – 13th August 2022.

This is my generous offer for this Lion’s Gate Portal – let’s get into the vibrant flows of this energy together!

Get your Starseed Transmission by clicking here,

OR send me an email:

… and while you’re waiting for me to get back to you, you might want to take in some of these forecasts I’ve created, to get an idea of what this energy portal is bringing us:

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