Past: The Attachment To What Once Was

Past is only a reference point and a timeline evaluation tool.

In this text I will dive into the meaning of past for when it comes to human connections, with a prelude of my own understanding of the past from a quantum perspective.

Past is only a reference point and a timeline evaluation tool, something which gives us understanding of our skills and capacities, but by no means defines them forever. Past is not meant to be a prison – it’s more like a floating construct. It’s a fluid collection of timelines, and in that way can have a similar quality to present & future. It’s all parallel, in the now.

I repeat – it’s not meant to hold you back.

Any fatalistic attitude about the past, present or future will only hold you back from living a real, multidimensional, quantum experience. 

The length of time spent together is not a qualification of a soul connection. Soul connections go deeper and we must understand that especially right now, energetically, people are moving onto different timelines constantly. People are moving around. Let them go. Holding onto people who are going where they’re meant to go will only hurt both/all involved. 

Remember that attachment is not love. True, unconditional love is beyond human attachment. It’s expansive and liberating, it allows for all freedom and growth. Love is the Universal Life Force – not what most of us were taught when we were young.

Please also allow yourself to move on. People will grow out of you, people will grow in general – so let them grow. Let yourself grow. The attachment to what once was is not an excuse to cling to a potential future together which may or may not happen. If people grow out of you it’s a neutral thing, neutral & natural circumstance. 


Unconditional love is willing to let go. 

Let go,

Let grow,

Let yourself flow towards your own true path and your highest timeline… move on. 

With big Unconditional Love, I believe in you. 


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