✨ASTROLOGICAL FORECAST FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS AHEAD✨ October 1st – October 5th 2021 Astrology✨

Current astrological transits for October 1st to October 5th, weekend astrology forecast. Astrological retrogrades discussion. 6 planets in retrograde assistance and guidance.

Suddenly I loved Everything

Because the beauty of life is always relevant. Feeling people’s beautiful energies. Feeling their auras create beautiful dynamics in our surroundings. Feeling music bring out that beauty in us and shift our dimensional consciousness. Music bringing us close to tears for its emotiveness in adoration. Open heart space reaching deep into it’s loving core, ripplingContinue reading “Suddenly I loved Everything”

North Node and South Node in Astrology: Let’s Dive in Deep and Digest for a second

North Node and South Node in Astrology
Nodes of The Moon in the astrological birthchart are the points that show us direction in life.

Sparkles in the sewer stream

In a cyber-dystopic atomic steampunk world I like to swim in the sparkling sewer stream. That is me when it’s not fun to live. But why is the sewer stream sparkling?⠀ ⠀ Because there’s beauty in that transformation. ⠀ ⠀ Because no matter how filthy the water is – it’s still water, aka the elixirContinue reading “Sparkles in the sewer stream”

Learning astrology has never been easier

Learning astrology has never been easier The last couple of years have brought in a boom in astrology resources and astrologers with the information era, that some may call the Age of Aquarius. When I started learning and practicing astrology for real real, it was somewhere around 2017, I was already practicing witchcraft and readingContinue reading “Learning astrology has never been easier”

Astrology, divine timing and the multiverse

This blog post on Astrology, Divine Timing and the Multiverse was originally inspired by a post I saw shared on a friend’s facebook. Thanks Richard! The best time to wake up and get out of bed is ALWAYS. It was yesterday, it is today and it is tomorrow. There’s always a lot of high frequencyContinue reading “Astrology, divine timing and the multiverse”

Solar Eclipse in Gemini 2021: Astrology and Human Design Transit Forecast for All Zodiac Signs

The Solar Eclipse in Gemini this June 2021 marks the beginning of a new pathway taken by our higher selves, when it comes to the house that in our birth charts that it’s in, as well as a few other houses that are connected to it and the planets that are transiting other Zodiac signsContinue reading “Solar Eclipse in Gemini 2021: Astrology and Human Design Transit Forecast for All Zodiac Signs”

Misunderstood Mercury

So if you didn’t know, Mercury is retrograde. If that’s too obvious, this is not: YOU’VE MISUNDERSTOOD IT. Most people would say that THEY get misunderstood through this time. I have too, actually, because I’m loud and proud, but my message here is about the “panic of retrograde” that seems to pop in at thisContinue reading “Misunderstood Mercury”


Pretty much every time retrogrades occur in astrological transits, both you and I witness the chatter that goes along the same lines of chaos and fear… ok maybe not that intense, but the same old disorganised, disempowering perceptions. It seems that suddenly one’s individual free will gets compromised for a retrograde. Which actually doesn’t happenContinue reading “Retrogrades…”


Hi! Are you new to this deck? Here’s the story of how I came up with the Inspiring Alien Tarot deck and how this deck was birthed into the world. Between 2014-2016 I went to art school. I had already been reading tarot on-off for a bit, and as I got ill with some mentalContinue reading “STORY OF THE INSPIRING ALIEN TAROT”