The Truth About the Light as a Universal Force

The Truth About the Light as a Universal Force
Light is absence of density…
… after shedding loads of density and old skins, we are LIGHTER. We no longer hold the heaviness in our energy fields or even in some cases, our bodies. Heaviness symbolising density, old energy & blockages. That’s why releasing the old self is the key in integrating more Light. In becoming the Light. So that we may travel at speed of light, so that we may go on our journeys with lesser baggage. 

Multidimensional Assistance & Healing Services

These energy work & healing sessions will help you in moving your energy into the direction that you desire, unlock the energetics to your next stage on a very practical multidimensional level – yes, it’s possible to have those two words in the same phrase – and heal situations that you may have struggled dealing with.

Lion’s Gate: A Transition Point from Sirius to Orion Energy

While the Lion’s Gate celebrates the rising of Sirius and the Egyptian New Year, it’s also linked to Orion energies with the pyramid connection. The pyramids of Egypt used to be aligned to Orion’s Belt, now they’re aligned to Orion’s foot.

In this incredible energy weather, I understand that some of you might be dealing with some wild shifts in your world. There’s a need to balance a lot of things at once, due to the T-squares, there’s an urgent need to innovate and adapt due to Mars, Uranus, North Node conjunction, and at the same time, we’re dealing with a beautiful merge of the liminal worlds with different Starseed points activated by planets, as well as this opening of the Lion’s Gate Energy Portal.

Starseeds & Soul Fractals Podcast

Starseeds & Soul Fractals Podcast takes the Starseed Soul Journeys outside the box of New Age Paradigms, by bringing fresh perspectives on these topics we discuss.

Starseeds & Soul Fractals Podcast presents inspiring interviews with your host, me, Alvia Crescens and my brilliant guests, starseeds who offer their spiritual services to the rest of the humans.

The conversations dive into multidimensional expressions of oneself, the Source, layers of Consciousness and discussions of what it truly means to be a Starseed soul. Extra-Terrestrial energy is embraced and magical thinking is encouraged. These interviews will help us come to a deeper understanding of our infinity, our souls and our journeys.

New Earth Reality Check

New Earth Reality Check for starseeds

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Full Moon in Aries 20th Oct. 2021: The Rising Light Of Andromeda

Full Moon in Aries 20th Oct. 2021: The Rising Light Of Andromeda.
Andromedan Vertex conjunct this Full Moon in Aries makes this an astrologically potent Full Moon energy. While Andromeda is known as the Galaxy of Peace and Intervention, it also has a Light Warrior type of energy. The Andromendans live in a constant of change, very sixth-dimensional, constantly in flux, adapting and creating from a brand new zero-point.