Stop Saving Others

The spiritual path has nothing to do with saving the world, saving others or even saving yourself. 

There’s no need to save one who’s in their power. Rather than trying to save people, encourage them to be in their power. 

Yes, we absolutely do help others, but when there’s an egoic agenda behind it, it’s inauthentic. It’s not really unconditional love. It’s just a means to an end. 

As we understand the Oneness as within, (so without), we understand that there’s no need for us to save anyone. 


Because we understand that the Earth as a planetary consciousness has already saved itself. The energy of this planet is capable to rescue itself on its own – it doesn’t need us to come and save it. The Earth is a part of the multidimensional flows of energy in the Universe, a part of the Galactic Consciousness, even. 

Humans as a collective consciousness keep on learning their lessons, and some mass awakening shifts simply wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for major understandings of lessons learned.

So don’t try to save humanity – you’re doing enough by assisting people through their lessons and supporting in other ways. 

There’s no need to get others on your “side”. Stop with the sides already. Follow your own path and if others are there with you and they fit you, good for you. Those folx are meant to walk with you, and those that oppose your way for whatever reason, have their own journeys. It rarely has anything to do with you. Only when another one’s journey is sparking a lesson or the same one is shared between you, is when other people’s journeys matter for yours. Or, when another one’s journey is actually stopping you from having yours. That’s when we need to draw a boundary.

When we try to force others to come to our “side”, guess what that’s called? Conversion. It’s that one thing that has hurt way too many people on this planet. Lower energies sometimes try to, ironically, convert us into converting people. It’s ridiculous. So let’s stop that and get rid of conversion templates. 

How about saving oneself then?

It’s an illusion.

It’s also based around the idea that you have no power – when in fact you do. But if there is a way to save oneself, really, it would have to do with using that power in the right way. Not over others, but over oneself. That’s where certain religious and even spiritual practices go wrong sometimes. We think we save others but in fact we’re just using our powers over them. Over, not for. There’s a difference in that too. Our goal is to use these powers FOR the highest good of all involved, which includes ourselves. Not OVER someone’s consent, someone’s agreement or free will. 

Power over others is a way to distort the fact that truthfully, the power belongs to each of us.

No one, absolutely no one, out there or in here, can take our power away from us.

Any power battles, even though you might think that it’s for the greater good, even though you might have an idea in your head that it’s virtuous… it’s still a power battle. There’s no need for such battles in the New Paradigm.

Why would you need to battle for something that’s innate to you?

Something that was never meant to be taken away from you?

It’s probably a wounded personal paradigm speaking through/to you. Or… maybe the brainwashing from the old paradigm on a collective level. And by knowing that it’s not yours, you’re able to transcend it easy.

So… remember that the power is and always has been within. There’s no need to save others or to be saved when you recognise your own power. Never let anything “external” get you into thinking that you don’t have it.

If you have a minute, check out this short series I’ve created on the Illusions of the Old Paradigm:

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