On fears, and overcoming them

ink painting with a humanoid face, located more on the right hand side of the paper towards the bottom, but filling almost the entire page. The visible eye is emphasised, the eye is crying and there's a sideways laying crescent moon on the third eye spot of this humanoid's face.
Untitled. Ink artwork. Email for purchase: contact@inspiringalien.com

Some of my musings on fears, and overcoming them. Because all of us humans have our own fears. It has been wired into a lot of us.

I’ve worked through my fears in a very intensive way in the last couple of years and I wanted to share my wisdom on this topic, so if you’ve thought about it as well and haven’t had that a-ha moment yet, still feeling creeped out by your fears, keep reading.

I feel that we’ve often used our spiritual practises as only hope, in order to have something to look forward to. It is necessary, but I’ve also recognised the need for approaching one’s own fears and overcoming them to be a powerful way to move beyond self-imposed limitations and grow on a deeper level.

How can you move beyond something if you just ignore it and run away from it?

I find that the Universe/Source/the extension of my I AM presence flips the switch to “Hey boy, let’s have that fear in action, deal with it, here we go” whenever I worry and go into brain loops of past experiences and things that are keeping me stuck. That was a twist on Chemical Brothers song, by the way.

I see the fear happening and I survive. I don’t die. But as humans we have these brains that sometimes think that we do. 

You don’t have to just let the multiverse throw it at you as an actual event when you acknowledge that you have the fear in the first place and work through it. You can go deep with releasing that fear, but you don’t have to. It really depends on the situation.

If that fear happens, then what? Ask that to yourself and find a way to calm yourself down so that you can find SOLUTIONS and plans for those imaginary situations… They’re still imaginary. Yup. They’re not even real yet.

How about the best case scenario? How would that feel like? And the same thing here, then what? You gotta have a continuation plan… extended version if you will. You can easily do that.

You got this, cutesy boo 💚

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