Manifestation, Manifesting: De-Mystifying The Natural Co-Creation of Everything

Manifestation, Manifesting: De-Mystifying The Natural Co-Creation of Everything
What is Manifestation, or Manifesting as we’ve heard in the popular media anyway?

Past: The Attachment To What Once Was

Past: The Attachment To What Once Was
In this text I will dive into the meaning of past for when it comes to human connections, with a prelude of my own understanding of the past from a quantum perspective.

You can keep yourself accountable without beating yourself up.

So far I’ve only seen the “call yourself out” narrative on Shadow Work – it seems as if holding yourself accountable is a shadow thing rather than neutral… why is this? Why is the conversation about shadow work so focused on calling yourself out?

On fears, and overcoming them

Some of my musings on fears, and overcoming them. Because all of us humans have our own fears. It has been wired into a lot of us.
I’ve worked through my fears in a very intensive way in the last couple of years and I wanted to share my wisdom on this topic, so if you’ve thought about it as well and haven’t had that a-ha moment yet, still feeling creeped out by your fears, keep reading.


  I created the Inspiring Alien Tarot Card Deck and it was from the beginning, a labour of love, a passion project, a curiosity craving, that took part in the time of my artschool years. I experienced my artistic identity shaping itself at the time, while my spiritual mindset was getting more defined. I didn’tContinue reading ” INSPIRING ALIEN TAROT CARDS”

Full Moon in Aries 20th Oct. 2021: The Rising Light Of Andromeda

Full Moon in Aries 20th Oct. 2021: The Rising Light Of Andromeda.
Andromedan Vertex conjunct this Full Moon in Aries makes this an astrologically potent Full Moon energy. While Andromeda is known as the Galaxy of Peace and Intervention, it also has a Light Warrior type of energy. The Andromendans live in a constant of change, very sixth-dimensional, constantly in flux, adapting and creating from a brand new zero-point.

 Do something differently

A thought provoking text to inspire change in one’s behaviours whenever needed, in a new way. An encouragement to do things differently rather than on autopilot.

Jupiter Direct in Aquarius & Mercury in Libra Going Direct Transit Report 18th October 2021

Jupiter Direct in Aquarius & Mercury in Libra Going Direct Transit Report 18th October 2021

Astrological Forecast for Jupiter in Aquarius and Mercury in Libra going direct October 18th 2021 with Human Design Gates Interpretation

An inspirational text from the archives

An inspirational text from the archives.
Today I’m sharing an inspirational text I wrote several years ago. I can’t remember exactly, but I feel like it might have been around 2018? Maybe 2017? Anyway. I hope you get some inspiration out of it 🙂

Mercury Retrograde Transit Guide

Mercury retrograde Transit Guide. How To Get What You Want in Mercury Retrograde; a guide to working with Mercury Retrograde energy with interpretations for each house Mercury transits