Inspiring Alien Tarot Limited Edition, feat. Pigsy on the bed hanging out with the rest of the deck, King of Pods (cups) on top. On the forefront in Alvia’s hand, the Death tarot card, Devil tarot card, Tower tarot card, 5 of planets (or pentacles), we can see little peeks of the 7 of lasers (wands), 4 of planets (pentacles),4 of pods (cups), 5 of pods (cups), 9 of lasers (swords) and a few others.

I created the Inspiring Alien Tarot Card Deck and it was from the beginning, a labour of love, a passion project, a curiosity craving, that took part in the time of my artschool years. I experienced my artistic identity shaping itself at the time, while my spiritual mindset was getting more defined. I didn’t talk about it that much as I was very new to witchcraft, magick and New Age. But I soon saw my reflection on it. It soon became my life to the fullest, the one part of my life I wouldn’t let die. One of the most beautiful journeys started from those explorations.

I started reading tarot cards more in depth around 2015. I was familiar to the cards before that, from about 2010. As I started artschool, I started to explore them to the level of visualising my own metaphors to the cards energies and that’s what started Inspiring Alien Tarot as a project. I found myself creating Alien Artwork in art class, I even saw a UFO one morning in the most unexpected location of all of Earth – looking at lake in the morning form my grandma’s window in Sonkajärvi – I studied chakras, crystals, tarot cards and runes…

When I learned what witchcraft and magic truly was, I needed to know more. And here we are, you are reading a story from a Space Wizard landed on Earth from the stardust, getting his heart out to the world. I didn’t know about the term “starseed” until maybe 2016 or 2017, but as soon as I heard about it, it deeply resonated with me. These days people have watered it down a lot so for some it seems like a buzzword, when in fact it’s not.

Find my deck from this website. This is the Infinite Edition that’s print on demand, still indie, still self published tarot deck, just a more sustainable way for me to provide it throughout the year. If you love the limited edition more, you can stay up to date on the pre-orders by signing up for the free newsletter or stalking this page.

Enjoy, cutesys!

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