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Hi there!

Welcome to the blog. You’ll find the most important information about me on my About-page, but I guess what I could start with before diving into my thoughts, feelings and experiences of the spiritual kind, I’ll give you a casual introduction to who I am and what I do by sharing more of my spiritual journey and life story.

My name is Alvia, I’m a trans guy, I go by he/him pronouns and I was born in the mid-nineties to a working class family in Southern Finland. I often felt like an alien. Sometimes I even thought I was adopted, but none of that was really going on. Now that I’ve grown I feel that I was experiencing something not only very typical to a starseed soul, but also an awareness of spiritual resonance being somewhere other than the typical Earth Soul. There was also some dysfunctional behaviour and challenges in the family. In some ways I was privileged, but in other ways I was not. Later on, it has been easier to see the full picture and not paint it as all trauma or rose coloured glasses either.

There has always been something in me that wants to understand everything that’s happening and what this Universe is made of. Ever since I was a child, I felt connected to the Source. I remember making this HUGE snow ball one winter, I was maybe seven years old, and I asked God to help me. This snow ball was bigger than me. Everyone was wondering how the heck I did that. Personally, I believe I manifested that. Because to create something, is to manifest it. I was also into magic tricks and paranormal. I had a ghost themed birthday party also when I turned 7, in the beginning of the summer of course, I mean, who doesn’t do that. Other than these random memories, I had a big love for aliens since even younger than 7, as well as weird fascination towards human biology and animalkind. Nature was very dear to me and I remember my first business idea was to have a kiosk that would sell environmentally friendly products or save the environment or something like that… I was literally a kid when I wanted to do this. Low and behold, started my business in 2018. I have also been an artist and a film maker since I was a child, and that has shown up in a lot of my adult life choices as well – I graduated as a visual artisan from art school in 2016 and I started vlogging on youtube in 2012. Actually, my tarot deck was my degree work for art school and was displayed at the final exhibition among other folks’ artworks.

There was always something mysterious about life to me, I always found myself in some kind of investigation and study, research and dreamy wonder. There was always something more to life than these daily life mundane things… there was more to life than mom and dad, there was more to life than school books and classes, there was more to life than paint on a canvas. There was more to life than money and sex. Surely, how I found myself exploring things influenced how I experienced life and eventually found the path that I’m on now, but there was always something to dream about. Something to fantasise about and lose myself in. Something more to know. Even things to fear that I thought were not real, or subconsciously knew were possible – yet I chose to stuff it down and never face the possibility of communicating with spirits and ignored my own darkness. Eventually it became obvious, though, that spirits and paranormal phenomena were real and there was nothing for me to be afraid of. That took some unprogramming and healing though.

I had many mental health issues growing up and trauma didn’t make it easy to get over those struggles. The hardest part was probably in 2008 when my inner anguish got so hard that I was admitted to hospital care for severe depression. I’m glad it happened because this meant I eventually learned to deal with my emotions better and got a much healthier perception of myself, ditching those insecurities behind. Which, to be frank, anyone who’s been bullied and abused might easily have. I learned that it’s important to do the right thing, no matter what the surrounding culture says or what our impulses may tell us, as well as the importance of asking for help when you need it. As a naturally independent person it was not that easy to ask for help, but it had to be done. I had total of 3 visits to the mental hospital in my life, last one in 2015. Throughout the last one, I also had SCID tests done, and they remarked my magical thinking and paranoia, but no psychosis disorders or personality disorders were diagnosed. Going to therapy was definitely helpful, and I still benefit form it. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t do the shadow work and healing. A big obstacle for me was to realise the difference between these psychological issues versus psychic issues, and truly get to know myself on a quantum, multidimensional, energetic level. Kindwhile the human experience and understanding it has always provided a reference to what’s been happening energetically and understanding how a spiritual experience can show up in a human being, providing more depth to life. Understanding others has always been something that I’ve sought to do. I want to know why things happen. Why people do the things they do. Why people are the way they are. Why a molecule splits into two atoms. Why a star decides to die in the middle of nowhere in space where nobody hears its last sigh… of hopefully, relief. Are the stars happy?

I had my spiritual awakening in 2011 on a fairly suicidal night, as I heard God’s voice. What they said was “It’s not your time to go yet”. In hindsight this was probably a spirit guide or one of my deities – strongest suspicion goes to mah boi Horus, who I drew a picture of when I was 12 – but this did in fact prove to me that the Spirit was real. My current path unfolded as a result of diving into witchcraft and magic, after I had begun my deep dive into tarot. There were some sprinkles of this cosmic stardust, as well as understanding of Karma and Law of Attraction on a basic level, before I fully committed to my starseed path. Finally, when I had seen a UFO in the sky at my grandma’s around the years 2014-2015, I knew I had to pursue this path further, and I started to create my tarot deck, Inspiring Alien Tarot. I found the concept of a starseed soul after I learned about the 12 chakra system of Atlantis and how that plays into the evolution of consciousness. While the conscious evolution path hasn’t been the most straightforward process for me, due to various twists and turns, I’m definitely on it constantly, and I keep evolving. Understanding that all of the darkness in my younger years has just been a preparation to help others transmute their darkness and to face the challenges ahead of time, is providing me with more solace in the struggles that I might face in the present. While I don’t overemphasise the shadow, I feel like it’s an important thing to address in my story because sometimes lightworkers and spiritual teachers who walk the Ascension path – or in my case, the starseed path – have been thought of as ignorant of the shadow work, or even bypassing. Keep in mind that we’re all on our journeys and you’re only seeing a snapshot of these people’s journeys – you’re seeing where they are right now, not where they were. None of us are judging you for where you are. We simply understand that there’s no need to dwell in the shadow for longer than necessary – we’re hopeful for a reason. Especially in my case, I’m a naturally hopeful and optimistic person – it would not be natural or even healthy for me to be a cynical cup of depresso. Depression always felt like an entirely different person to me… maybe more about that later.

Yes… I said a casual introduction, and wrote 7 paragraphs. That’s pretty standard for me… I do have a Gemini Sun after all. I hope this blog will serve you well, make you smile and think and feel things, I hope it inspires you, motivates you and gets you going in the most evolving and reflective way. I hope you learn something, understand more, and feel more at ease.

I wish you more and more infinite divine explorations…


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