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Welcome to Inspiring Alien’s blog. You’ll find the most important information about me on my About-page, but I guess what I could start with before diving into my thoughts, feelings and experiences of the spiritual kind, I’ll give you a casual introduction to who I am and what I do.

My name is Alvia, I’m a trans guy, I go by he/him pronouns and I was born in the mid-nineties to a pretty average family in Southern Finland. I often felt like an alien. Sometimes I even thought I was adopted, but none of that was really going on. Now that I’ve grown I feel that I was experiencing something not only very typical to a starseed soul, but also an awareness of spiritual resonance being somewhere else. There was also some dysfunctional behaviour and challenges in the family. In many ways I was privileged, but in other ways I was not. Later on, it has been easier to see the full picture and not paint it as all trauma or rose coloured glasses either.

There has always been something in me that wants to understand everything that’s happening and what this Universe is made of. Ever since I was a child, I felt connected to the Source. I remember making this HUGE snow ball one winter, I was maybe seven years old, and I asked God to help me. This snow ball was bigger than me. Everyone was wondering how the heck I did that. Personally, I believe I manifested that. I called on Divine power to make a snow ball. A huge one. I was also into magic tricks and paranormal. I had a ghost themed birthday party once, in the beginning of the summer of course, I mean, who doesn’t do that. I remember how a close childhood friend of mine was scared in it – I’m pretty sure she was fine afterwards but there are random memories like this that stand out to me from my childhood and inner child.

My point is – there was always something mysterious about life to me, I always found myself in some kind of investigation and study, research and dreamy wonder. There was always something more to life than these daily life mundane things… there was more to life than mom and dad, there was more to life than school books and classes, there was more to life than paint on a canvas. There was more to life than money and sex. Surely, how I found myself exploring things influenced how I experienced life and eventually found the path that I’m on now, but there was always something to dream about. Something to fantasise about and lose myself in. Something more to know. Even things to fear that I thought were not real, or subconsciously knew were possible – yet I chose to stuff it down and never face the possibility of communicating with spirits and my own darkness. Eventually it became obvious, though, that spirits and paranormal phenomena were real and there was nothing for me to be afraid of. That took some unprogramming though.

I had many mental health issues growing up and trauma didn’t make it easy to get over those struggles. But I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t do the shadow work and healing. A big obstacle for me recently was to realise the difference between these psychological issues versus psychic issues, and truly get to know myself on a quantum, multidimensional, energetic level. Meanwhile the human experience and understanding it has always provided a reference to what’s been happening energetically. It has provided more depth to life. More depth to how a spiritual experience can show up in a human being. Understanding others has always been something that I’ve sought to do. I want to know why things happen. Why people do the things they do. Why people are the way they are. Why a molecule splits into two atoms. Why a star decides to die in the middle of nowhere in space where nobody hears its last sigh… of hopefully, relief. Are the stars happy?

Yes… I said a casual introduction, and wrote 6 paragraphs. That’s pretty standard for me… I do have a Gemini Sun after all. Fun stuff. Anyway. I hope this blog will serve you well, make you smile and think and feel things, I hope it inspires you, motivates you and gets you going in the most evolving and reflective way. I hope you learn something, understand more, and feel more at ease.

I wish you a wonderful time of the day…


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