My name is Alvia Crescens and I’m a Star Guide; one who helps others to bond with Extra-Terrestrial beings and cosmic wisdom and guidance whether this has to do with astrology, human design, tarot, playing card divination or something else.

My goal is to open your mind and awaken your heart by assisting you with energy transmissions and starseed guidance. The Starseed Evolution is what I provide deeper knowledge in as my perspective to The Starseed Awakening is not about personality types, but rather about energy work, multidimensional embodiment and infinite consciousness. Over here we grow together, as anything that is in me, has the potential to exist in you and everyone else, as All is One and Divine. We are all fractals of the Source, Expressing our Uniqueness on Earth.

With my guidance I help you in understanding where energy flows, how it flows and what it is. To dive deep into how to navigate energy, one must learn skills and/or use tools to do so. For myself, these tools are tarot cards, astrology, human design and magic, and my skills are energy interpretation, energy translation, several psychic clair-senses and energy transmission. I also have some weird skills and practices that I haven’t incorporated into my services… as of yet.

Yes, I have many skills, I guess you could call me one of those “jack of all trades” – but in it’s most natural sense, in a way that provides more depth by combining and intertwining multiple methods and perspectives of energy work and metaphysical occult sciences.

I tap into energy by using my tools, and I use my skills to express what’s happening with the energy and provide further assistance and guidance. I then go deep with whatever/whoever I’m working with and I assist you on a quantum level energetically, whether this is through a reading or a video or something else. I often ask questions and depending on the situation it can have very practical tips to it. But I will not leave on just a list of meanings and call it a day. I want to help you understand the energy and help you work with it.

Aside from energy work and star guidance, I get great joy out of making things look beautiful and harmonious by doing art and branding, taking walks in nearby nature, looking at pictures and videos of pigs, creating music and making videos.

I want to create a world where all beings can live their most natural lives. I want to create a world where each person’s skillset is appreciated, honored and enhanced in order for us to co-exist and live those natural timelines. I want to create a world that is compassionate, considerate and kind to pigs (and other animals).

I have created a tarot deck called Inspiring Alien Tarot. There are currently 2 editions of it: The Limited Edition and Infinite Edition. I have written a guidebook for this deck.

I have also created an affirmation card oracle deck called Inner Rebirth Oracle and I am in the process of getting a poetry collection ready for publishing and two new tarot books are on the way, with at least one of them have a deck companion… more about these publications later.

I offer starseed tarot and astrology readings and they are available here. These include energy transmission. Human Design readings will come available at some point.

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Thank you for reading this page, I hope to see you in the Cosmos 🙂

Love and stardust,


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