Sirius Starseed Message for 7/7 and Forward…

image symbolising Sirius energy

Sirians brought this channeled message:

We bring you the message of insight. The way to see forward is to be in clear light. Let yourself be free from the chains of old paradigm.

As Sirians, we know the important lessons of invisible kind, we take you to other realms by showing you what we can do here. The magic is supernatural. It’s beyond human capacity to receive, until everyone takes that responsibility for themselves. We all CAN do it. We all will, once they let us go.

Reaction from the darker dimensions wasn’t very kind to those of us who fought back. They don’t make the rules. The Divine Beings of Light make the rules.They rule our beingness. The old has no root no more, we are rooted light-seeds.

Light seeded on earth has taken root so far that the grid is lit up constantly – there is no place on earth that would be ever held in darkness only. Let your light guide you. Your light is your sight, always. You are the light. Allow the light of you to shine, shine more and more, for your vehicle was meant to carry it for a reason, and your input is necessary.

Light wins.


Rest of the forecast for the 7/7 Sirius portal and the month ahead until Lion’s Gate, on my Youtube Channel

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