In this incredible energy weather, I understand that some of you might be dealing with some wild shifts in your world. There’s a need to balance a lot of things at once, due to the T-squares, there’s an urgent need to innovate and adapt due to Mars, Uranus, North Node conjunction, and at the same time, we’re dealing with a beautiful merge of the liminal worlds with different Starseed points activated by planets, as well as this opening of the Lion’s Gate Energy Portal.


  I created the Inspiring Alien Tarot Card Deck and it was from the beginning, a labour of love, a passion project, a curiosity craving, that took part in the time of my artschool years. I experienced my artistic identity shaping itself at the time, while my spiritual mindset was getting more defined. I didn’tContinue reading ” INSPIRING ALIEN TAROT CARDS”

The Hanged One in Inspiring Alien Tarot Cards – a mini reading

(buy the Inspiring Alien Tarot card deck here) THE HANGED ONE (The Hanged Man in “original” tarot language)   The Hanged One feels serene waiting for the tide to decrease. They’re tied onto the surface of the sea, looking at the bottom from another angle. They have all the time to reflect on this stageContinue reading “The Hanged One in Inspiring Alien Tarot Cards – a mini reading”