Alvia (inspiringalien) us a beautiful starseed sharing his magick with love and compassion with all of us, videos in which he shares his experience and singular point of view are heartfull and creative.


Alvia is a wonderful psychic he gives you the exact answers you need but also surprises you with the unexpected goodness of the Universe, he’s very good in his knowledge with astrology and will even give you mystical wisdom about your astrology chart I would recommend Alvia to anyone!


Ooohhh!! I love your readings. You are the best personal reader I’ve ever had, and you have awesome art.


That was so major!! It has been a huge time of transformation and transition. I cut many toxic relationships in the form of cutting my case load in half and raising my prices. I’ve been trying to heal my body after several years of overwork and cortisol issues. I’ve began this new business as coaching which has not moved as fast as I’ve liked but I have laid a foundation for an empire around spirituality and relationships and ease! Super helpful and deep. Gonna read it again. I think the loss of the baby is about my mom losing a baby when I was a teen. I’ve been told I am to have a baby boy which is what she thought she would have. It has a felt a little out of reach, my husband came around and wants one but be have been trying for the past six months or so but I have been focused on other things and need to drop weight. I am intentionally trying to create space. Any advise on the weight and physical health piece based on the reading? Super impressed. I’d love for you to some natal charts soon.


I love Alvia’s readings. He uses his intuition and doing them with love. Definitely worth it to get a reading from him.

Myra Kay

Thank you for the reading! I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. You are great and I feel blessed to have a reading from you.