New Earth Reality Check

Starseeds and other beings who work with both their own and Planet Earth’s multidimensional aspects BEYOND 5D 

~ because let’s face it, we only get to meet our higher self in 5D and aliens exist beyond that level apart from some 4D beings ~ 

Those who do the work with their multidimensional levels and those of Gaia’s, will feel the higher realm Earth. They will feel the New Earth. We can all anchor those realms in now. There’s nothing wrong with helping people with 3D problems, but if we are to Ascend, we have to use beyond 5D solutions. 6D is where the real party starts because we get to embody the True Multidimensional Self including any starseed aspects of self & past life aspects, whether starseed, elemental or human.

Stop playing so small. You are so much more powerful. The higher realm activity is so empowered right now that to say that it’s not happening only shows where you haven’t done your work.

Starseeds are the ones who are SUPPOSED TO be feeling this the most.

We literally came from those places that the energy is reaching Earth from. I’m not saying that to externalise because those energy points exist in us too and Earth is also a multidimensional consciousness. I’m just saying, if my energy originates from Andromeda, would it make sense if I avoided the higher level activations that come from that energy center? No, absolutely not. Doesn’t make any sense for me to be whining about Earth when I chose to incarnate here. I can use my free will & life force for things that are way more productive. 

The real question is – is the planet low frequency or did you just forget to get out of bed?

Awakening is just the beginning.

Getting out of bed is the step forward.

Manifestation, Manifesting: De-Mystifying The Natural Co-Creation of Everything


What is Manifestation, or Manifesting as we’ve heard in the popular media anyway?

I’ve observed a few types of perspectives from people for when it comes to manifestation. As a spiritual practicioner & conscious co-creator I’m about to de-mystify the term manifestation and the concept of manifestation in understandable language. 

While I personally believe that manifestation is mostly a spiritual phenomena… 

There’s those who believe it has no space in spirituality, because we can’t possibly get anything for ourselves on this path. Some of these people consider it self serving. 

There’s those who see this is as self help & personal development, because it’s all about growing into what we want. Some of these people may dismiss the pure magic behind the scenes, and whether or not something is organic or artificial. 

We can’t forget those who don’t believe in manifestation at all. There isn’t much more to say about this crowd – pretty self explanatory.

The latter bunch gets their answer right away in this post, because everything that already exists has once been manifested. Nobody started manifesting only after they started to do it consciously. Manifestation means making something real. 

The Oxford languages says the following:




• an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something abstract or theoretical. 


“the first obvious manifestations of global warming”

So while in human terms manifestation is a term and is used to show when something shows up, it happens spiritually as well. Spiritually speaking a lot of things have already manifested in spiritual realms, and it’s our job to physicalise these things that we wish to embrace. 

Manifestation absolutely can be magical & synchronic. In my brain, it’s something that just makes sense. If something has been energised with enough action, choice, love and nourishment, and it has taught us lessons that we then learned while helping us grow into who we see ourselves as in our ideal reality – it only makes sense that a result of that is manifested. 

If all of that energy is put into something inorganic – a false paradigm so to speak – we’re not talking about a happy manifestation. This type of manifestation is there to create distortion and artificial timelines. It’s not there because it was loved into being – it was forced. I’m mentioning this because it’s important to know the difference. It’s important to know why we’re manifesting things in the first place. 

We are manifesting at all times, whether we like it or not. Some people choose not to do it consciously. They’d rather be taken by the waves and not change situations they wish to change, in other words surrendering to the fate.

There’s a quote from Carl Jung that fits this perfectly:

 ‘Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.’

Some choose to simply not grow and they keep on living on autopilot. When you live on autopilot, you’re not awake spiritually speaking. When you’re avoiding growth you’re dismissing your true potential. Infinite beings know how to yield their power well – we understand that we are capable of so much more than our human brains can even imagine. 

Once we choose to create consciously, or as many say, take part in conscious co-creation, because truth is – we are all co-creators

That’s when magic happens.

That’s when we start to manifest more consciously and take control of our manifestations. 

We’re here co-creating with the Universe – we are One with the Infinite Cosmos of All that is. It’s not about being selfish – it’s about being true to yourself. We have to understand that monks are not the only people who practice spirituality. When we’re creating a reality that’s more aligned to our true self we’re also helping others, believe it or not. This is because we’re getting rid of all of those distortions. We’re allowing ourselves to express ourselves more holistically. That means we’re no longer lying to ourselves or others.

Lying to others and people pleasing is a sacrifice not worth taking and it’s unfair at its core.

The Truth will triumph any forced realities.

The thing that may have caused distortion here though, is how this was all popularised by the personal development & self help industry. Sometimes we get distracted by the glam. We think that we’re meant to do something just because it looks good to/on other people. Maybe we were given a path to success that we would have to follow, yet find ourselves completely unfulfilled at the end of it. This is when we didn’t follow our own truth. That’s what makes the difference. This is another example of creating inorganic realities. The self help industry is full of all kind of methods and tricks to make your life better… but some of us may forget who we are in the midst of it. We try to become this perfect person, and ignore what our heart says. 

Aside from that, this side of things ignores the magical side of manifestation, which has to do with energy. As we discussed before, we have to know if our desired manifestation is true to us. True to our path… not as in “ignore your capacity to grow” type of way, but in a way of – is this where you would see yourself? Does this feel right to you? 

An example I could give, is, I would not feel right, or comfortable, being a nurse, a kindergarten teacher, or a person who works for the elderly, nor would I see myself in the military or butcher. Those are some examples of what I wouldn’t want to manifest. In other words – I’m not an energetic match to these types of professions, because they would be inorganic. I don’t even want to be an energetic match to something like this. 

If you’re already feeling iffy and uncertain about what you’re trying to create, how can it become real? Not talking about nerves, but that nagging feeling that something isn’t right? That’s your clue to stop in your tracks & find what’s true to you.

Manifesting things that light you up and are true to you – that’s energy well directed. The sky is not the limit for this either. A lot people use the phrasing, “this or something better”. 

In conclusion – manifestation happens naturally when we follow our true paths. If it was already on the path, we might have got it sooner if we didn’t let ourselves be taken by the waves or distorted into doing something else. Manifestation is spiritually happening constantly, and it’s our job to physicalise the things we wish to create in our lives. The sky is not the limit to what we can do as infinite co-creators.

Magic is real. 

Magic is conscious co-creation. 

Magic is physicalising the spiritual. 

Let yourself be your true Infinite self. Let yourself grow & go farther than you expected. Challenge yourself in healthy ways. Take positive risks in your life. Allow things to get better. 

Past: The Attachment To What Once Was

Past is only a reference point and a timeline evaluation tool.

In this text I will dive into the meaning of past for when it comes to human connections, with a prelude of my own understanding of the past from a quantum perspective.

Past is only a reference point and a timeline evaluation tool, something which gives us understanding of our skills and capacities, but by no means defines them forever. Past is not meant to be a prison – it’s more like a floating construct. It’s a fluid collection of timelines, and in that way can have a similar quality to present & future. It’s all parallel, in the now.

I repeat – it’s not meant to hold you back.

Any fatalistic attitude about the past, present or future will only hold you back from living a real, multidimensional, quantum experience. 

The length of time spent together is not a qualification of a soul connection. Soul connections go deeper and we must understand that especially right now, energetically, people are moving onto different timelines constantly. People are moving around. Let them go. Holding onto people who are going where they’re meant to go will only hurt both/all involved. 

Remember that attachment is not love. True, unconditional love is beyond human attachment. It’s expansive and liberating, it allows for all freedom and growth. Love is the Universal Life Force – not what most of us were taught when we were young.

Please also allow yourself to move on. People will grow out of you, people will grow in general – so let them grow. Let yourself grow. The attachment to what once was is not an excuse to cling to a potential future together which may or may not happen. If people grow out of you it’s a neutral thing, neutral & natural circumstance. 


Unconditional love is willing to let go. 

Let go,

Let grow,

Let yourself flow towards your own true path and your highest timeline… move on. 

With big Unconditional Love, I believe in you. 


Stop Saving Others

The spiritual path has nothing to do with saving the world, saving others or even saving yourself. 

There’s no need to save one who’s in their power. Rather than trying to save people, encourage them to be in their power. 

Yes, we absolutely do help others, but when there’s an egoic agenda behind it, it’s inauthentic. It’s not really unconditional love. It’s just a means to an end. 

As we understand the Oneness as within, (so without), we understand that there’s no need for us to save anyone. 


Because we understand that the Earth as a planetary consciousness has already saved itself. The energy of this planet is capable to rescue itself on its own – it doesn’t need us to come and save it. The Earth is a part of the multidimensional flows of energy in the Universe, a part of the Galactic Consciousness, even. 

Humans as a collective consciousness keep on learning their lessons, and some mass awakening shifts simply wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for major understandings of lessons learned.

So don’t try to save humanity – you’re doing enough by assisting people through their lessons and supporting in other ways. 

There’s no need to get others on your “side”. Stop with the sides already. Follow your own path and if others are there with you and they fit you, good for you. Those folx are meant to walk with you, and those that oppose your way for whatever reason, have their own journeys. It rarely has anything to do with you. Only when another one’s journey is sparking a lesson or the same one is shared between you, is when other people’s journeys matter for yours. Or, when another one’s journey is actually stopping you from having yours. That’s when we need to draw a boundary.

When we try to force others to come to our “side”, guess what that’s called? Conversion. It’s that one thing that has hurt way too many people on this planet. Lower energies sometimes try to, ironically, convert us into converting people. It’s ridiculous. So let’s stop that and get rid of conversion templates. 

How about saving oneself then?

It’s an illusion.

It’s also based around the idea that you have no power – when in fact you do. But if there is a way to save oneself, really, it would have to do with using that power in the right way. Not over others, but over oneself. That’s where certain religious and even spiritual practices go wrong sometimes. We think we save others but in fact we’re just using our powers over them. Over, not for. There’s a difference in that too. Our goal is to use these powers FOR the highest good of all involved, which includes ourselves. Not OVER someone’s consent, someone’s agreement or free will. 

Power over others is a way to distort the fact that truthfully, the power belongs to each of us.

No one, absolutely no one, out there or in here, can take our power away from us.

Any power battles, even though you might think that it’s for the greater good, even though you might have an idea in your head that it’s virtuous… it’s still a power battle. There’s no need for such battles in the New Paradigm.

Why would you need to battle for something that’s innate to you?

Something that was never meant to be taken away from you?

It’s probably a wounded personal paradigm speaking through/to you. Or… maybe the brainwashing from the old paradigm on a collective level. And by knowing that it’s not yours, you’re able to transcend it easy.

So… remember that the power is and always has been within. There’s no need to save others or to be saved when you recognise your own power. Never let anything “external” get you into thinking that you don’t have it.

If you have a minute, check out this short series I’ve created on the Illusions of the Old Paradigm:

You can keep yourself accountable without beating yourself up.

Text: You can keep yourself accountable without beating yourself up. Background: white and light blue tone thunder with a feminine human figure embracing herself.

So far I’ve only seen the “call yourself out” narrative on Shadow Work – it seems as if holding yourself accountable is a shadow thing rather than neutral… why is this? Why is the conversation about shadow work so focused on calling yourself out?

I feel there are ways to go about shadow work in a way that gives you the space to feel everything and still grow without judging yourself, without grinding your teeth over something you’ve just called yourself out on.

I don’t know why but I’ve sometimes perceived this conversation in a way that people almost want to beat themselves up over these parts of themselves that hurt them… or.. the fact that shadow work simply means working with repressed and unconscious things in your being – also things that are neutral and beneficial. Most people say it’s just painful or harmful, traumatic things you work in shadow… but that’s not the case.

The place of neutrality and non-judgement brings you the most healing… you can judge on whether something is the best for you or not, but please PLEASE PLEASE do not judge yourself while you’re healing and doing the work on yourself!

You’re growing, boo.

See things from a higher perspective, choose things from a higher perspective and choose to grow that way.

Taking accountability is growth and it can be done without being mean to yourself. You will need to be mindful and conscious, but you do not need to beat yourself up.

Leave a comment below and share this with a friend if it has brought you a beautiful activation, nice revelations and blessed wisdom. Thank you for reading.

Love and stardust,

– Alvia

On fears, and overcoming them

ink painting with a humanoid face, located more on the right hand side of the paper towards the bottom, but filling almost the entire page. The visible eye is emphasised, the eye is crying and there's a sideways laying crescent moon on the third eye spot of this humanoid's face.
Untitled. Ink artwork. Email for purchase:

Some of my musings on fears, and overcoming them. Because all of us humans have our own fears. It has been wired into a lot of us.

I’ve worked through my fears in a very intensive way in the last couple of years and I wanted to share my wisdom on this topic, so if you’ve thought about it as well and haven’t had that a-ha moment yet, still feeling creeped out by your fears, keep reading.

I feel that we’ve often used our spiritual practises as only hope, in order to have something to look forward to. It is necessary, but I’ve also recognised the need for approaching one’s own fears and overcoming them to be a powerful way to move beyond self-imposed limitations and grow on a deeper level.

How can you move beyond something if you just ignore it and run away from it?

I find that the Universe/Source/the extension of my I AM presence flips the switch to “Hey boy, let’s have that fear in action, deal with it, here we go” whenever I worry and go into brain loops of past experiences and things that are keeping me stuck. That was a twist on Chemical Brothers song, by the way.

I see the fear happening and I survive. I don’t die. But as humans we have these brains that sometimes think that we do. 

You don’t have to just let the multiverse throw it at you as an actual event when you acknowledge that you have the fear in the first place and work through it. You can go deep with releasing that fear, but you don’t have to. It really depends on the situation.

If that fear happens, then what? Ask that to yourself and find a way to calm yourself down so that you can find SOLUTIONS and plans for those imaginary situations… They’re still imaginary. Yup. They’re not even real yet.

How about the best case scenario? How would that feel like? And the same thing here, then what? You gotta have a continuation plan… extended version if you will. You can easily do that.

You got this, cutesy boo 💚



Inspiring Alien Tarot Limited Edition, feat. Pigsy on the bed hanging out with the rest of the deck, King of Pods (cups) on top. On the forefront in Alvia’s hand, the Death tarot card, Devil tarot card, Tower tarot card, 5 of planets (or pentacles), we can see little peeks of the 7 of lasers (wands), 4 of planets (pentacles),4 of pods (cups), 5 of pods (cups), 9 of lasers (swords) and a few others.

I created the Inspiring Alien Tarot Card Deck and it was from the beginning, a labour of love, a passion project, a curiosity craving, that took part in the time of my artschool years. I experienced my artistic identity shaping itself at the time, while my spiritual mindset was getting more defined. I didn’t talk about it that much as I was very new to witchcraft, magick and New Age. But I soon saw my reflection on it. It soon became my life to the fullest, the one part of my life I wouldn’t let die. One of the most beautiful journeys started from those explorations.

I started reading tarot cards more in depth around 2015. I was familiar to the cards before that, from about 2010. As I started artschool, I started to explore them to the level of visualising my own metaphors to the cards energies and that’s what started Inspiring Alien Tarot as a project. I found myself creating Alien Artwork in art class, I even saw a UFO one morning in the most unexpected location of all of Earth – looking at lake in the morning form my grandma’s window in Sonkajärvi – I studied chakras, crystals, tarot cards and runes…

When I learned what witchcraft and magic truly was, I needed to know more. And here we are, you are reading a story from a Space Wizard landed on Earth from the stardust, getting his heart out to the world. I didn’t know about the term “starseed” until maybe 2016 or 2017, but as soon as I heard about it, it deeply resonated with me. These days people have watered it down a lot so for some it seems like a buzzword, when in fact it’s not.

Find my deck from this website. This is the Infinite Edition that’s print on demand, still indie, still self published tarot deck, just a more sustainable way for me to provide it throughout the year. If you love the limited edition more, you can stay up to date on the pre-orders by signing up for the free newsletter or stalking this page.

Enjoy, cutesys!

Full Moon in Aries 20th Oct. 2021: The Rising Light Of Andromeda

Andromeda, M31 aka Vertex. Picture from Pixabay.

Andromedan Vertex conjunct this Full Moon in Aries makes this an astrologically potent Full Moon energy, the beauty of this transit is shocking and intense. While Andromeda is known as the Galaxy of Peace and Intervention, it also has a Light Warrior type of energy. The Andromendans live in a constant of change, very sixth-dimensional, constantly in flux, adapting and creating from a brand new zero-point.

Just like with many starseeds species, the Andromedans have many sides to them, see, in my personal experience, people have different experiences with each species and I feel that this is because each of us may have various different starseed alignments in our charts compared to other people. If you wish to know more about how, for example this Andromedan alignment plays out for you, I have readings specifically made for Starseed Transits.

The side of Andromedan energy here that’s coming through the strongest is the light warrior energy, the energy of revelation, the defensive light methodology, what we need in order to stay tighter with our fellow light workers. I have a channeled message for you below, alongside with short and sweet sign-by-sign report. Consider Rising Sign first, then Sun, Moon and personal placements and crowded signs in your chart.

The Andromedan Lizard Warrior Collective is sending this message:

Dear Divine Emperors of the Cosmos. Your time to shine is now. The inner leadership of yours shall be found. It’s time we amp our forces to the divine light so that we may conquer the forces behind. The behind are they left, the forces of lack and scarcity. The un-elevated souls who seek no sympathy as they fall. The fall of the forces of unknown. The forces of those who can’t stand to look. Whose eyes shall be blinded by the light. They are torn apart by the Force of Light, of the Inner Divine, the Ones Who Shine. We shine so bright there’s more future in clear sight, future prediction of bright blue light. There may be forces unseen, voices unheard, divine will in the nooks of the Universe no one has dared to seek. We will assure you however those nooks will be sought for the highest good of all & new discoveries be found for the greatest good. So may the good fights be fought and brilliant warriors be taught light.

Thank you, Andromedan Lizard Warriors of Light.

Here are the sign-by-sign predictions / forecasts, please remember Divine Perspective while you read these, don’t project any specifications here – let the Full Moon do it’s thing and as these issues arise, consider what you must. But don’t assume any events just yet. Anchor in as much light as you can, so that the breakthroughs may work in your favour and the highest good of all.

Aries – this is an activation for your higher self and time to look at your personal integrity. For some of you this will be a test of truth. The integrity of your light will be put heart against the feather. Time to tear down those false identities and false selfhood.

Taurus – the past will be seen for the way it is. Any downloads and dreamwork may show you behind so many veils that you may have ignored. Regardless, the real truth will set you free form the chains of past, but you must look at it in the eye. Let yourself meditate.

Gemini – the collective issues may flare up in order to reset your personal group involvements. You will be shown new sides of your community – who’s in it for the highest good of all, versus who is not. Who sees through the BS, and who doesn’t.

Cancer – the future paths you may have considered are being given the same “heart against the feather” evaluation. You will be in the spotlight and in some cases called out, whether it is for any inauthentic behaviours or true light. The path of integrity will be shown.

Leo – the spiritual journeys you have been on will test your commitment. Any false journeys will be torn down. You are being shown new ways to reach more souls, and this means shedding any inauthentic ways you may have done so. Let yourself elevate & graduate.

Virgo – secrets, especially in your psyche, will get the highlight and test of truth. Will you reveal these secrets, depends on your personal journey, but in some cases to keep in integrity and true light, you might need to. The light will shine into your darkness.

Libra – false paradigms revealed in relationships will tear down any veils. You are able to see right through the other person and see where they are. This can be painful, as not everyone has the same level of integrity. Stay true in your light.

Scorpio – you will see what will last in this saturation of light when it comes to your working environment. You will be able to clear any tasks that are not true to you – some of you may even switch jobs to work in more authentic roles and environments.

Sagittarius – the creative processes you’ve had going on may be tested and tried this time. The truth of your intentions is revealed, and it’s up to you to correct it and/or qualify it, as sometimes you may not have been fully aware of what you based your intentions on.

Capricorn – family backgrounds may be shaken up, as there may have been stories untold and mysteries unresolved, that are cleared up and revealed now. This can be an emotionally intense time, as what you were built on is being shown in full picture.

Aquarius – who you grew up with, aka your peer group and sibling relations might reveal some uncomfortable truths, especially considering what characteristics you’ve taken on and what actually isn’t serving your REAL truth and integrity. Speak honestly.

Pisces – your values are going through a big shift for the highest good of all, as the inauthentic paradigms and false realities, collective brainwashing is being flushed out of you. For once, you’re seeing what YOU really value and where YOUR skills can be best used.

There you go. I know this is a bit intense and I don’t always get these types of messages, but this message has been coming through the last few days very strongly, fight for the light. Part of the reason why I’ve taken a couple of days completely offline, and boy oh boy have I had my protective methods up.

This Andromedan Lizard Collective can help protect you in this time of intensity. The Lizard Starseeds come for any defensive and protective roles in our spiritual experience. Take their assistance, but also be aware that their nature is a bit more fiery than for example the Pleiadeans. This energy has supported me in times of great fragility, and that’s why I believe some of them are linked to Andromeda, the Cosmic Princess Archetype. Many Andromedan Humans are typically quite sensitive due to this multidimensional experience.

Thank you for reading. I hope this serves you well.

-Alvia (he/him)

 Do something differently

A picture used in my Inner Rebirth Oracle, by yours truly. It says: “Every second is a new chance to create, to continue, to change”

Change will always happen.

What if you WANT it to happen? But you feel you’re not going through it yet?

ANSWER: Do something differently.

You don’t have to play opposite day (like I have) by taking a cold shower in the morning instead of a warm one in the evening – but you can start small by changing an approach to a thought or putting your pillow to the other side of the bed, organise your bookshelf…

Look at things from a different perspective.

Having so much focus on the struggle itself will keep you stuck. While you cannot ignore any pain you’re working through, you won’t get anywhere if that’s the constant focus of your life… let the pain be. Sometimes you may need to dive deeper into it and find a solution… sometimes all you need is to feel and release, co-exist with it for a second.

Ok so this is just my perspective to you – perspective being necessary for most people – but keep in mind that all situations are unique and you can take from this whatever works for your unique situation…

Or completely ditch it.

However… if you felt something in this text I’d appreciate a comment below in which way you feel this calls you in/out.

What spoke out to you? What’s something you’ve let play on autopilot that you’re willing to re-route?

Until next time,

– ya boi Alvia (he/him)

Jupiter Direct in Aquarius & Mercury in Libra Going Direct Transit Report 18th October 2021

Astrological Forecast for Jupiter in Aquarius and Mercury in Libra going direct October 18th 2021 with Human Design Gates Interpretation

Astrological chart of Jupiter and Mercury going direct on a cityscape background

In this blog post we’ll look at the effects that Jupiter and Mercury going direct on the same day will have for each rising sign with astrology and human design gates. Before the forecast, here’s a brief overview.

Jupiter and Mercury have been working in tandem so far while retrograde. They’ve been working on our mental and social frameworks in order to give us a clean slate to work with and to reassess our capacities as well as communication skills so that they may work at their best.

This year’s retrogrades have been happening in the air signs, so this has put an extra emphasis in the groups we roll in, other social aspects of life such as communication and articulation, and how our thoughts shape our reality. Certain ways of learning, attention span and technology have also been on the forefront as the themes of these retrogrades and other transiting planetary placements, such as the Nodal Axis in Gemini and Sagittarius and Saturn in Aquarius.

In Human Design we’re talking about mostly Throat Center energy, Emotional Center and Splenic Center for the majority of these retrogrades, there has been some Heart/G Center activity as well, but this current retrograde motion deals with Emotional Center and Splenic Center.

Jupiter goes direct in gate 49.4

Line 4 – Platform

How is our platform utilised in order to keep our communities emotionally safe and nurturing? What can we do that’s in our power to do in order to radicalise the things that our community can do? How do we let go of old agreements that simply cause more harm rather than healing?

Choose to empower higher realities now – there’s no need to reinforce the old structure that simply doesn’t serve, doesn’t work and doesn’t provide healing, nurturing and empowerment. The 4th line is the most social – the Opportunist. So the theme, the importance of one’s community comes to the forefront. Throughout this retrograde we might have felt like either expanding our circles or shrink them. Once these planets go direct, we will have clarity on which way to go.

Mercury goes direct in gate 48.1

Line 1 – Insignificance

How can we incorporate this depth into our current lives? How can we make more space to be in the now in order to tap into these deeply valuable insights? How can we serve the collective and our communities with this wisdom?

Recognising what IS significant and must pay attention to. Collective circuitry, deep & practical application of logic. The awareness of the Depth, our deepest knowledge that can change lives, is important to recognise. We must recognise this in ourselves first, until it can be seen by others. The first line can make this challenging because we’re starting the journey and can only see the first step.

Mercury is in Gate 57 for a few days before going direct in gate 48.

There could be confusion (line 1) before we get back in touch with our depth. Talked about gate 48 a little bit in Hyades video. Mercury goes through this gate backwards super quickly, it’s just 4 days from October 6th to October 10th, so we might have recently felt this type of confusion in our lives.

Jupiter Returns to 55.3, where it went retrograde, on January 9th 2022. Evolving energy starts to unfold on January 13th as Jupiter moves to the 4th line of gate 55. Technically we’re still dealing with this year’s themes until January.

Line 3 – Innocence. I have already tapped into this energy, as it states; failure is possible and doesn’t need to bash one’s spirit, as long as we have done our best. I’d say it never would, but in this case the message is stronger. As I’ve stated before, in the abundant Universe, there are always second chances. Unless it’s meant to go away. We’re talking about the Spirit of Abundance, not capitalist vampirism.


Aries: Jupiter in 11th house, gate 49 trine Mercury in 7th house, gate 48

This energy manifests quite literally for Aries rising. It touches on revolutionising the bigger circles and social groups you may be rolling in, remembering that it’s important to surround yourself with the right people in order to make those dreams true. You may find yourself manifesting through groups, in other words, connecting with people who are manifesting the same thing and it comes to reality through that. Mercury in your 7th house with the Gate of Depth activated shows the need for your one on one relationships and connections to get deeper. Therefore, the more deeper you go, and the more supportive your closest connections are, the more things will feel like a dream again. Your closest friends may be of great support in getting those bucket list items claimed. It may feel like the unfitting participants are now out of the way so that these things are going more smoothly now.

Taurus: Jupiter in 10th house, gate 49 trine Mercury in 6th house, gate 48

You may find yourself surprised with the recognition you’re receiving once Jupiter and Mercury go direct. The word will be going around the office further since your deeper insights are becoming more appreciated and wide known, since Mercury is in your 6th house. It may be more busy at this time, however, so prepare to speak to people about any raises or other benefits you might want to be receiving form your efforts at work. This is a very work and career focused transit for you, so any of your big career aspirations are being supported by Jupiter’s revolutionising energy. You can easily change career paths or just make that area of your life more exciting at this time, and have it reach wider than ever before. Go for it!

Gemini: Jupiter in 9th house, gate 49 trine Mercury in 5th house, gate 48

For Gemini rising, this is a creative energy to be playing with. You mind may be buzzing a lot and you may feel quite activated. This is when any of your slowed down manifestations and wishes as well as travel plans can go on again. Goals that reach further can be life changing at this time, since they have an easier time getting on and moving, with Gate 49 being activated in your 9th house. On the other side, there may be culture shocks, so don’t get too spooked, just let yourself be pleasantly surprised. Mercury is asking you to take your creative game deeper. It’s time for you to think deeper about manifestation and birthing new things into the world. These new creations that are backed by your deepest insights, will take off quickly.

Cancer: Jupiter in 8th house, gate 49 trine Mercury in 4th house, gate 48

There are mystical times coming ahead for Cancer risings. Jupiter is making the mysteries quite exciting by activating the gate 49 in your 8th house. Any type of occult studies are thriving again, so is any sort of psychoanalysis and tearing down any emotional walls around intimacy. Mercury transiting gate 48 in your 4th house is providing swift healing when it comes to your roots and deeper sense of emotional foundations. This can be a very nourishing transit for Cancer risings, just make sure you take time to rest and don’t overload your mind with too much of this emotional and mystical work. It’s ok to take breaks!

Leo: Jupiter in 7th house, gate 49 trine Mercury in 3rd house, gate 48

Leos are going into enhancing their communication skills and learning abilities, and sharing this with their supportive one on one connections. Similarly to Aries, the closer connections are really highlighted in their effect for Leo people – with Jupiter transiting the 7th house and Gate 49, closer connections can be quite surprising and life changing in their effect. With Mercury transiting gate 48 in the 3rd house, it’s adding more depth to things that are being talked about. So no, this is definitely not small talk for Leos, and the need for the deep talk comes to the forefront. This is what will bring you closer to your one on one connections. This is what will aid in further breakthroughs among your closest friendship circles and partners.

Virgo: Jupiter in 6th house, gate 49 trine Mercury in 2nd house, gate 48

Services may be bringing in more money for Virgos and for some, they may even travel for their jobs or take further education for their new services and offers. This is something revolutionary in the work field or work environment. There may be widely expansive changes happening at the workplace, which in turn will bring you favours and ease to work there. There’s also a ripple effect to more income, but this may take more work as it is with 2nd house transits, in this case Mercury. Mercury is asking you to perform deeper work, however, so do not even think about rushing through this process. Rushing will make it hasty and might provide you with more money, but you want to honour the depth that Gate 48 brings, as that will ripple back to the office to get you further ahead again. Stay in the flow with the changes that are happening.

Libra: Jupiter in 5th house, gate 49 trine Mercury in 1st house, gate 48

Libra risings may feel like their life is moving on again. And it’s moving forward in much more profound way with the gate 48 activated by Mercury in the 1st house. Their creative life and free time is shaken up in the most positive way with Jupiter activating the Gate of Revolution. There’s an abundance of beautiful new things being manifested, that are life changing. The depth of the spirit of Libra is showing up in their life in the way they assert themselves and put themselves out there. How they speak about themselves, what their thoughts about themselves are – these things go deep, so contemplations are providing beautiful insights which will allow for more effortless creation of things of all kinds.

Scorpio: Jupiter in 4th house, gate 49 trine Mercury in 12th house, gate 48

Home life will get smoother for Scorpio risings, but it may came out of the blue in a new way. There may be a solution you weren’t ready for, and it’s important to take it so that an interesting home life can be supported in the future. You could also find yourself in a refreshed emotional state, where things just feel a lot better this time, and Mercury in your 12th house transiting the gate of depth will assist you in getting enough rest and rejuvenation – the insights that come through dreams and psychic trance can be super profound so make sure you write those things down and keep them with you. There could be loss, however (I’m being guided to include this), which may be surprising as with the gate of revolution Jupiter can be shaking things up in your 4th house and the 12th house is sometimes showing loss, so take care of your emotional wellness at this time.

Sagittarius: Jupiter in 3rd house, gate 49 trine Mercury in 11th house, gate 48

Sagittarius risings are having a similar mind buzz to Gemini, but slightly different effect. You may be finding yourself more talkative, and the talk you’re talking is shifting people around. and being highly impactful in not just your circle, but in bigger collectives. Essentially, your voice is very broadly reaching and it’s helping you to connect deeper to your bigger dreams and goals. Your siblings and peers may be highly supportive of your bigger wishes at this time, so there may be lucky breaks and favours of all kinds, changing your life and theirs as well. It’s important for you to go deep into your dreams and wishes, those big aspirations you may have for yourself and your life, as the gate 48 in your 11th house suggests further digging, and then sharing this with the ones you trust.

Capricorn: Jupiter in 2nd house, gate 49 trine Mercury in 10th house, gate 48

Bigger financial gains can really support Capricorn risings in getting to their bigger career goals. The Gate 49 activation in the 2nd house is providing revolutionary shifts in the way you work and make your money, allowing those seeds of coin to reach further. The tree is growing at a rapid rate again, and branching more than you could expect. These fruits in this tree are then supporting those bigger public goals you might have, to be seen for your deeper knowledge, your deeper thoughts, and for your deeper talks to be heard with Mercury activating the gate 48 in your 10th house. Just be aware that there may be more work and you might be more needed in the public sphere as well so to balance any labour with more public appearances is key.

Aquarius: Jupiter in 1st house, gate 49 trine Mercury in 9th house, gate 48

Aquarius risings may feel like changing their appearances and revolutionising the whole way in which they live their lives… It’s much supported, and the results can be very far reaching! Just do this responsibly in a way where you’re not overpromising or over giving. Take care of what you really can handle and focus on the things in your life that absolutely need revolutionising. With Mercury bringing in the Gate of Depth in your 9th house, you may get deeper insights spiritually or academically, even from other cultures and for a few of you, from traveling abroad. This variety of things far away from you is allowing you to see your life differently by getting these deeper insight from them, and live more according to who you are meant to be in this lifetime.

Pisces: Jupiter in 12th house, gate 49 trine Mercury in 8th house, gate 48

With Jupiter activating the 12th house and the gate of revolution, mystical experiences can be highly life changing and electrifying. On some occasions, some of you may experience loss like the Scorpio risings, especially with the 8th house being another house activated here… but the silver lining shows deeper truths about life and death, even activated mediumship abilities for some of you. So remember to keep up your spiritual practice in the now, as these insights mercury is highlighting in your 8th house with the gate of depth can be super profound. This will be a time of deep rest for most of you, and that is what is getting you ahead. Emotional healing and regeneration is supported and assisted at this time. I’m getting this image of just getting in the candle light and meditating, being quiet in these darkening October nights, sitting in silence…

I hope these forecasts serve you, cutesys 🙂 Make sure you check out the video I created if you didn’t yet – it’s about 20 minutes long and I discuss some tips I have for what to do before Jupiter and Mercury go direct on October 18th. Find it here.

Jupiter Direct – Now What?

Thank you so much for reading,

Alvia (he/him)

An inspirational text from the archives

I just love it when this guy shows up 🙂 Lancelot Du Lac from Playing card Oracles* by Ana Cortez. Edited and photographed by yours truly.

Today I’m sharing an inspirational text I wrote several years ago. I can’t remember exactly, but I feel like it might have been around 2018? Maybe 2017? Anyway. I hope you get some inspiration out of it 🙂

It’s interesting how another person’s confidence and pride can hurt someone. Or annoy. I don’t know. 

Here’s the thing.

Before you judge someone, consider that they might’ve had the worst time for years before that, pushing and pushing constantly just to get a minimal gain. They could’ve had the worst self-esteem and -confidence for years, people telling them they’re not what they say they are or just not good enough.

Everyone who feels secure and powerful within have done a lot of work to get this strength. It is not easy or quick to gain. Like you can expect, it can take YEARS, if not DECADES. Many people I know have taken half their life if not more to build that up, some might not even be aware of this thing being being possible; of having better confidence and security within. 

But there is. There’s a better, bigger life out there. You’ll need to be willing to expand and grow, transform your consciousness, to reach these heights.

DO NOT ever think you’re not enough. You are worth so much more. You are worth a wonderful life, beyond your visions and expectations. 

And it’s 111% ok to celebrate every little win and chanc(g)e in your life! Please! Get a pack of popcorn if you like it, anything you can give to yourself a reward for your efforts, that you have now got through.

You deserve it.

Love and stardust 👽😘💓✨🎈 – Alvia