Mercury Retrograde Transit Guide

How To Get What You Want in Mercury Retrograde; a guide to working with Mercury Retrograde energy with interpretations for each house Mercury transits

When Mercury goes retrograde, we often think of our options from a limited perspective, as we tend to think of it as a very introverted energy. While that’s true, it doesn’t make it passive or inactive; it simply does it’s thing differently.

Mercury retrograde can be a powerful time of revision, reconsideration, realignment, re-allowance as well as regeneration and returns of all kinds. We could go on and on with the re-words – let’s be honest, we’re gonna reword a thing or two this time lol – but the main thing is, the movement of Mercury is not so straightforward in this time and that’s what tends to be a bit tricky for some people.

It must be also said that everything in my video above and here in this post is just my perspective and how I would go about working with any active manifestation at this time, such as spellwork and new intentions. Another thing I’d like to say before we move on is that if it doesn’t succeed, it teaches you a lesson. Mercury retrograde may just be the time you reframe your mentality and attitude to certain things, because things are likely to go different than the plans. Consider that this time around and move accordingly.

There’s plenty of ways to work with Mercury Retrograde energy, some of which I’ve shared in my video. I’d like to offer more to chew on, however, and at the end of this post you’ll find a general guide to transiting Mercury Retrograde in each astrological house.

That said, here are some ways to work with the Mercury Retrograde energy:

  • Slowing things down when desired; is something going too quickly? You can slow it down easily in this energy! This will help in making sure that things don’t go off the handle and fly out of the window because the pace is too damn fast.
  • Taking a mental health break; especially for certain placements this can be a very helpful time to take care of your brains. Contemplation is supported, so therapy can definitely thrive here.
  • Doing a general life review; especially in the area of life (astrological house) it hits for you, a general review on what’s working, what’s not, any gaps and blind spots as well as ways to improve and so on, this can be the perfect timing.
  • In terms of metaphysics and magic, reversals and gossip banishing can be super easy at this time (thanks to Nico for these suggestions! See his videos here and here).
  • Retrospective readings; look back at what happened in certain transits, especially for the last time Mercury was retrograde in this sign. This can show you what may return this time around as well as what types of processes you may continue this time.
  • Continue the things you had to stop for whatever reason; especially when they mean a lot to you and have a special place in your heart. Be mindful in each circumstance though, as some of these things are meant to be let go.
  • Become a mindful AF communicator; personal share here, I had a Mercury Retrograde on top of my natal Sun in 2021, and it definitely highlighted where I needed to be more mindful in my communication. This time around as I’m writing this, I’m studying this even more and tweaking up my communication skills even more. Doing this in your own life will help in ironing out any miscommunication, clearing misunderstandings and bonding with your people better, because y’all being more honest and present.
  • For students, this is a good time to revise your notes and read them over again. Be prepared for those tests, dammit!

So, what’s the impact of Mercury Retrograde transit in each astrological house? Let’s take a look 🙂


1st house: This can be a beautiful time to review anything in your life, but above all your personal development and your self-image and how you see yourself. Any ways you put yourself out there can be revised beautifully. You may easily correct any misconceptions about yourself and find areas of re-routing at ease. Overall, this is a very powerful time to mindfully asserting yourself and getting more present with how you express yourself and live your life. You may use your visibility in correcting things that may not be working out like you or other intended them to work. If you wish to completely change the way you run your life, you can start those adjustments now.

2nd house: When Mercury Retrograde transits the 2nd house, it brings our attention to our budget and values. It may be the time to clear the air around our money matters making up our minds with what we consider most valuable. Any investments that don’t align or resonate, can be discarded or fixed at this time. This transit can also help us realign to our truest values; not the ones taken on while conditioned. There may also be old work coming back on the table that we might want to take on whenever it aligns to our present. You might also find yourself decluttering your belongings and even gaining money that way; something old can provide to be a treasure in that way.

3rd house: It’s a double dose of communication clarification with this transit – consider this a time to become extra mindful in how you speak and who you speak to. Get super present in your vocal exchange. While speaking, communication and linguistic self-expression has the spotlight, relationships with siblings can be improved through reversing any old patterns and old friendships may resurface. All these connections provide healing and perspective. Learning, study and the ways to connect thoughts into concepts are also brought for revision. Revise and revisit your notes of the semester! Go back to old studies to refresh your learning. Some people may find themselves drawn to get something back from their local area or the neighbourhood they grew up in. Short trips can be very nostalgic and magical.

4th house: Past life regression can be very powerful at this time, and another recommendation to therapy falls into this house – especially when it comes to family matters, childhood trauma and various conditioning we’ve received in childhood. This is a powerful time for emotional processing and regeneration, so use this time if any pains have been lingering in your psyche and heart. Otherwise, this can be a beautiful rest period and help you out in slowing down, softening and smoothing out your energy field; like a baby in the womb. Take many naps, you won’t regret it. Old places where we have lived in can also return in one way or another; there may be a trip that direction or a visit from their people.

5th house: This transit will bring opportunities to reconnect with children and animals, even clarify animal communication and revive various ways to be creative. Usually these are old hobbies that we used to engage in, now refreshing and being revisited. This can also become a time to review the ways in which we spend our free time and the ways we manifest and create things into our reality, many of these processes can be improved and streamlined. You can also easily manifest second-chances and temporary things that you’ve already worked on while Mercury is retrograde in this house. This may bring old lovers back, so be mindful about that and make sure everything’s all clear in the connection.

6th house: Physical healing can become easier this time, especially when it comes to working through anything that was damaged in the past. Of course make sure you have doctor advice for this – I’m not qualified to give you that. Other than that, energy healing for the body can also provide useful, especially when it comes to energy that’s trapped in the body. Old work teams could return for rethinking. You may also find yourself revising and fixing your work environment and that can be a very useful way to embrace this energy. This is also a good time to tweak up any services you may be offering for people. Fixing and adjusting any routines and daily activities now and testing things out, can bring more productivity once Mercury goes direct.

7th house: In this house, Mercury works on revising any contracts and making sure they match the current situation. Old 1:1 partnerships are put under the microscope in order to realign to the best outcome. There may also be a more introspective energy to partnerships – it might be that each party is more thoughtful in their shares and interactions with one another. This can be a powerful energy transit to balance things out when it comes to what is shared and where. If new partnerships are going too fast, this can be a good time to slow things down or simply re-assess where things are currently and where they’re going. If anything new has to be signed or agreed upon, check the details carefully.

8th house: This Mercury retrograde transit is deeply psychological and mysterious. This time will be great for revising occult studies or even psychology studies for those who are engaged in these things. I would recommend therapy for this house transit as well. This time around it’s more focused on later life traumas or sexuality and gender related topics specifically. Couple therapy is a good idea for sure. Take care of your taxes and loans as well, since this is the life area of “other” finances – not necessarily related to salary or labor. You may be able to decrease your taxes or fix something in your credit score this time. The darker side of this house comes when we process grief or other things we didn’t properly process before, throughout this transit. Mercury will do its magic there.

9th house: More study revision over here, especially for university / higher vocational students! If you’re not studying anymore, you may find yourself meeting Uni friends from the past. You may find yourself going back to other countries you used to visit, and this may bring beautiful things into your life. Visits to sacred sites can bring past life flashbacks. Spiritual journeys get a nice nostalgic flash from the past during this transit. This would be a great time to revise any upcoming publications or publish something that’s been long brewing. As I said in the video above, this may be a good time to launch depending on the rest of your chart. Old philosophical inspirations can come back and older aspects of the higher self can return for refreshing integration.

10th house: Revisions in regards to goals, and especially when it comes to where these goals have come from, are in the stars for this transit. Some may even find old career aspirations returning – only to be reviewed, revisited and re-evaluated. We can also reset and reverse any poor career choices and little wrinkles in our reputation at this time. We must also address where we shot too low and reframe our mindsets and thought patterns when it comes to this. Work related pains may also be healed easily this time. This transit can be really good in decluttering the future career paths when you feel like you have too many options or too many things going on as possibilities. This placement can also support launching something for your business or content.

11th house: The theme of this Mercury retrograde transit is old friends and old buddy groups returning, as well as old ideological habits going through a little review and re-alignment. Healing our connections to different groups we connect to is effortless, but it can also come through learning curves if we’re not mindful or get too busy. Old wishes can easily be fulfilled – this is where manifestation can truly work with Mercury retrograde! Sometimes it may not be what we expect though, but it’s a bucket list item regardless. Let the retrograde surprise you positively! Slowing down on one’s internet use can get you more connected to people, interestingly enough – we can often be over stimulated online and on our electronic fumes so let yourself take a social media break this time.

12th house: This can be a challenging Mercury retrograde transit, as some old pains and I mean very, very, very old stuff can resurface and is here to be rewritten and worked over, worked through, worked with. Dreamwork can be super beneficial, as your subconscious and dreamstate self (let’s be real, usually our higher self) is working through these issues. This is a highly spiritually charged Mercury retrograde transit, but it can also be emotionally and psychologically challenging. I recommend therapy and any other healing practices for this transit as well. Make sure you reframe and rewrite any subconscious beliefs, thought patterns and even emotional attachments at this time to get the most benefits of the spiritual uplevels that this rest period can bring you. There’s no need to rush here. Past life and soul retrieval is supercharged.

I know, I know, that’s a lot of information, but like I say – I won’t just throw a bunch of meanings into your lap and call it a day. I tend to go deep and here’s the deep.

Drop me a comment below if this has helped you in decoding the transiting Mercury Retrograde and working with it feels less overwhelming and confusing now after reading 🙂

Thank you so much for reading,


✨ASTROLOGICAL FORECAST FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS AHEAD✨ October 1st – October 5th 2021 Astrology✨

Astrological chart for October 1st 2021 (from Astrodox app) with artistic, abstract background that has hearts in it, sparkles, blue, pink, purple, orange, and shiny stardust ovelay.
Astrological chart for October 1st 2021 (from Astrodox app) with artistic, abstract background that has hearts in it, sparkles, blue, pink, purple, orange, and shiny stardust ovelay.

💫 Read further for guidance onto how to move through this coming week at ease. 💫 

Current state of affairs at the skies right now is 6 planets retrograde and the state of affairs on Earth is with folx who consider themselves separate from this, panicking. None of us is separate – chances are, you’ve got at least a few astrological retrogrades in your chart. I’ve got 4! 

Until October 6th Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are retrograde. Pluto will station (read: stand still in the sky) on Sunday 3rd October, then goes direct October 6th. Throughout October, Saturn, Jupiter & Mercury will go direct as well. 

I shared some of the forecasts of these transits on my Newsletter for Libra season, so if you want those in your inbox, sign up here and REMEMBER to check your spam. ❗ This post is an extra astrology forecast as spontaneous assistance was called from my guidance to serve us further. 

I see this as a big opportunity to show your growth and catch up with yourself. It’s a chance to get present and see clearly. The distractions have dimmed out, so don’t make more of them by listening to just about anybody on instagram. When it comes to how these planets are interacting together, things get way smoother. Not only is Jupiter retrograde harmoniously dancing with our boi Mercury retrograde, they’re also both hanging out beautifully with North Node in Gemini trine to both Saturn retrograde in Aquarius and Sun & Mars in Libra. This is very airy and connective time – possibly very busy, but these connections will play a big role in the next year or even longer depending on how they fit in the game. Keep your mind clear and present however, as some of these connections can be old tricksters wanting to come back. We need to hold our spaces at their best and not let some creeps ruin it. Just get rid of those toxic people. 

Venus trining to Neptune retrograde, sextile Pluto retrograde is healing and hugging us with this beautiful loving energy. Mind you, Venus is also conjunct Beta Centauri aka Hadar, the home of unconditionally loving, deeply heartful star beings. The homecoming vibe is real here, and unconditional love is tearing down these walls.

No more pains can be ignored, no more affection can be held back.

Let yourself love. Love more, dammit! This is love that goes deeper than brunettes & blondes, it’s the type of love that drags your soul to the surface – depth is victorious. 

At the same time, the Moon is in Leo opposite Saturn retrograde in Aquarius and T-Square Uranus retrograde in Taurus. We might face some of the same challenges we faced in early July and early August with Leo planets doing the same type of aspect with Saturn, as with that time, we’re asked to deliver more of what we want to receive, and ask for what we actually need, not just what we think we need. We’re called to break the moulds we’ve created in our conditioning and even while rebuilding our current, aligned lives, and see how we can create better systems and processes. This aspect will only last for about 2 days though, so this will be a brief revisit of those themes and a chance to adjust our Leadership abilities (no matter how the theme of Leadership is relevant to you, it’s not the same thing for all of us).

This aspect is also making the grand air trine into an air-fire kite, launching us into our highest destiny by listening to those burning hits of our clairs.

What lights you up? What hits your soul differently this time around? Follow that call. 

Mercury retrograde is a powerful time to reframe our thoughts about various things, rewrite old belief systems, rewire our communication skills and rework old projects especially the ones we started the last time Mercury was retrograde in Libra (September-October 2015). Since it’s one of the most consciously accessed planets, very easy to tune into, this will call for a review in our growth especially in the life area it hits in your chart… I have a blog post coming soon for transits per houses. Stay tuned. 

I also have a video coming for some considerations for BEFORE Jupiter goes direct 😉 it will be yummy. Like a tasty cake or vegan bacon… you know… you get the point lol 

Chiron, Juno and Pallas are asteroids who are also retrograde. I won’t go too much into asteroids to keep this more brief – and in all honesty I’m not the most familiar with how some of these asteroids interact in transits, maybe another time I will, but for now this is the post. 

And for all of this, I wanted to make the chart look even more beautiful. It’s just gorgeous. I freaking love it. There we go. Let me know how the energy plays out for you 😊💚⚡ 

~ya boi Alvia

Suddenly I loved Everything

the text “and suddenly I loved everything.” on a pink spiral-type background pattern

Because the beauty of life is always relevant.

Feeling people’s beautiful energies. Feeling their auras create beautiful dynamics in our surroundings.

Feeling music bring out that beauty in us and shift our dimensional consciousness. Music bringing us close to tears for its emotiveness in adoration.

Open heart space reaching deep into it’s loving core, rippling out to magic and the entire multiverse. Feeling the love for what we do.

Expressing more openly.

Experiencing more mindfully.






I hope for anyone reading this to feel something similar in their lives. We all have the access. That’s what I would wish for the entire planet and beyond.

Love and snoutkisses 👽💚👁🐽👁

-Alvia (he/him)


Mercury Retrograde Transit Meaning + Mercury in Signs and Houses in Birth Charts

the text “3 tips for insightful mercury retrograde” on top of a colorful abstract background with 3 Mercury planetary symbols, sparkles and an eye illustration.

Mercury retrograde… 😐 

The dreaded backwards seeming movements of our little Mercury. 🔙 It’s not a bad movement so no stress! 🌡🌡🌡 It’s just a bit annoying to be honest. 🐲🐲🐲

Usually people will report lost phone calls, even lost keys or other items, traffic jams, in the worst case scenario car crashes and other trouble related to communication and transport like mail and travel. For some people old love interests and even friends or behavioural patterns may resurface.

This transit can be frustrating for those who have less patience and aren’t used to slowing down and internalising some of their process, but rather used to externalising and expressing things very outwardly. Let’s be real – most people are conditioned to constantly ACT on things, rather than BE in them. Most of us default to action and active ways of expression rather than taking our sweet time to reflect and review some processes from the past few months or so.

Times are changing , however. This post is for anyone who might struggle more or less, with Mercury going retrograde. It’s here to help you, just like the transit itself is, deep down.

Planets assist us – never forget that.

☝☝☝ There’s ways to work around this energy so listen up! I’ve got tips for you!⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⠀

⏪⏪⏪ 1. The word RETROGRADE.


Going backwards is one the best things to do under a retrograde season. 

With mercury, It’s writing, speaking, texting, sending. 💡🕣🕥🕧💬💭💬💭📝📩📝📩 Anything related to technology and communicating, often commercialism and media too. Going back to some recent ideas can ignite some much needed freshness at this time. Reviewing processes can be very helpful as well.

2. Mercury = mind -> MINDFULNESS.

☝❗Be mindful! ❗☝

Speak, write and receive with intention. Ask and provide clarification. Check the details before buying something. Slow down. 💭🐢🐢🐢🐌🐌🐌

3. Your placement – below these pointers I’ll share with you the houses and signs so you can blend the meanings… I have Mercury in Cancer 🦀 in my 11th house. My sun is in Gemini ♊ 11th house and Mercury is there too so my self expression is quite strong. Being in ♋ Cancer, it becomes poetic and emotionally charged ☔💧⚡. I speak to release my emotions, get in touch with the world and making sense of the bigger picture on an emotional level. I seek to understand people in deeper ways than just on the surface, and the sign of Cancer may tend to wonder what’s brought people to their current situations and what has happened in the past. In my chart this contributes largely on how I view the bigger picture and how I express myself. 🌙☀🌈🔮🎨🕯💫✨✨✨⠀You want to look at what Mercury rules in your chart as well, and that is the house cusp of Virgo and Gemini. These houses feed your Mercury and will be most impacted by the retrograde phases of Mercury.


Mercury in Aries: Impulsive and fiery speech in the sign of Aries wants to have the first word in every conversation. The mind of this individual can be restless and inspiring. The energy is just ready to jump and start the things. It is very challenging to pin down or stop this energy, so don’t try, but rather let it roam free. Keep in mind though, this is the type of energy that needs to mature as it has everything ahead of itself. This energy is very courageous and bold, but it might be a bit intense and rash sometimes. This Mercury sign is learning how to think before they speak, as sometimes these quick words can hurt others. It’s very youthful and fun energy though.

Mercury in Taurus: Slow building of a new ground has started, and these individuals can be quite soft spoken, even quiet. The mind has become patient and diligent. This energy on the other hand, contrary to Aries, cannot be rushed. The words will come out when they’re supposed to. This energy is taking its time to express itself and find the logical solutions to its ways. Grounded and practical thinking provided with a sense centered approach – Taurus Mercury knows how to make things sound pleasant and comfortable. This energy may have a hard time moving on and going to the next phase, new things and new standards in its thoughts, as it gets comfortable very easily. The thoughts and conversations may feel stuck at times so they should be aware of the need for growth.

Mercury in Gemini: This is Mercury’s home. Quick and mentally stimulated Gemini energy is very agile in its movements, so Mercury finds a fast paced and versatile home in here. This is a very adaptable mind and speech – it can be anything it wants and easily find its honest approach, but sometimes the ability to see multiple perspectives and the desire to understand everyone can make them seem fake. Understand though, that this Mercury is seeking to vocalise and verbalise what’s so deeply natural to itself. The struggle for this Mercury sign is to focus and find its own lane. Sticking to one’s word is another challenge, as this sign moves quickly and might just forget what was said 2 weeks ago so a notepad will become handy for them.

Mercury in Cancer: Compassionate, empathetic and poetic, loving expression of thoughts comes through this Mercury sign. Cancer Mercury can be very nurturing in its communication and caring about other people’s feelings. Speech is very soft and the words spread love everywhere. These individuals can have an amazing memory – especially when it comes to remembering how people have made them feel. Lots of things these people think will only be shared to their closest circle. This sign may have troubles letting things go and moving on from the past as well as getting overly emotionally attached to things where it’s not even suggested. They may take things very personally and cause emotional drama if this isn’t addressed maturely.

Mercury in Leo: It’s loud and passionate because it knows what it wants. The energy of Mercury in Leo is luxurious, flamboyant and big. It shines and demands attention. They can also have a brilliant sense of humour and linguistics of a drama class. These people can have a positive mindset most of the time and they will speak their minds through it. Their mental patterns want to see the positives in everything and enlighten people to recognise them. Sometimes this energy can make things feel bigger than they are though, and you guessed it – stir up some drama around. Another issue for this Mercury sign can be self-centered talk or being too loud and not letting others talk.

Mercury in Virgo: This is Mercury’s second home, although more practical and analytical Virgo. Mercury grounds and roots here beautifully, organising everything in its sight and cleaning up the mess of the brain waves. Mental analysis is big for this Mercurial placement. This can also be a very health conscious energy – health conscious in all of its’ forms, but due to Mercury’s mental nature the biggest emphasis goes to mental health and with the earthiness of Virgo, physical health and how these two overlap. Virgo Mercury might be over-analytical and micro-managing at times, so stress management is important for this Mercury Sign to master.

Mercury in Libra: The speech of Libra Mercury is very beautiful, it can be similarly poetic to Cancer but not as emotionally charged. Here the words are just pretty, and the thoughts very balanced, just and fair. Objective thinking is very significant to this energy, because how can we be balanced if we don’t see all sides equally? Similar to Cancer, this energy considers others and how everyone will be affected due to its relational nature. Libra Mercury connects people through mental connections, beautiful talk and balanced bonding. Mercury in Libra might have a challenge with fighting for their own rights or their own desires as they’re highly partnership oriented.

Mercury in Scorpio: A dip to deeper waters is due with Scorpio Mercury. Mysterious depths unravel when we descend to Scorpio’s energy, and the mind just won’t stop digging and feeling. This deep dive can feel endless and at times quite dark. The Scorpio energy has no fear in regards to this. Some intense thoughts and words can be typical to this energy with a flair of a serious outlook to the world. Therefore there may be more quietness and lurking rather than speaking. Scorpio wants to only talk when it means something and when it has weight to the conversation. Otherwise, the mind of a Scorpio will just observe in solitude. There can be some darker thoughts and pressing secrets to this Mercury sign.

Mercury in Sagittarius: Broad talk is the theme of Mercury in Sagittarius. Speaking of big things, philosophical and versatile. These people might be interested in talking in many languages – not just 2 or 3, but MANY. From depths we rise to the vast talk, still highly spiritual, but more intellectual and motivation driven – inSPIRED talk. The mind of Mercury in Sagittarius can be rather restless, quick and similarly to other fire signs, hard to pin down as it bursts in big flames. Sagittarian flames spread very far and wide though – they will be seen, as the bold and jovial energy fires through the mouths of Sagittarian Mercurials. These Mercurials may struggle with focusing on things and finishing their train of thought, because they are quick to move onto other things their mind sets on.

Mercury in Capricorn: Then we settle down in a bit more serious mentalities, grounded and organised, practical and ambitious. Capricorn Mercury is wisened through all of the hard work and lessons it has grown through. It has mastered the heights and sits on top of a mountain speaking in its glory. These achievements are expressed through a “matter of fact” way while not letting any harsh realities dull down the desires for more. This can be workaholic energy that can affect the mind and mental health of the person, but the work that these people do often feeds their mental stimulation and sparks most of their conversations. Sometimes these people can become pessimistic or too serious, so they benefit from their goal setting probably more than other signs.

Mercury in Aquarius: Another curious air Mercury, with a broader lense for perception. Mercury in Aquarius can be idealistic and open minded, with the whole of society and the world in mind. They think very deeply and rather endlessly, similar to Scorpio Mercury, but this is more intellectual and social. Many social issues and philosophies can linger in the mind of the Mercury in Aquarius. They may speak in very intriguing, unique ways – their perspective is definitely one of a kind and true to them. These people will happily connect with people who have different perspectives and mentalities, opinions and thoughts, because Aquarius truly wants to see the world and beyond. Often these thoughts about the wide world may weigh on their minds, however, so at times they need to just work with their friend circles in smaller ways to remain in their unique flow while not burdening.

Mercury in Pisces: Artistic Pisces Mercury dives into infinity and beyond. The energy here is cosmic and spiritually connected to undercurrents of our lives, intuitively aware of every emotion that lies in each moment. So poetic and vast, these people speak in spiritually aware ways in order to navigate these energetic currents and pathways in front of us. They can sound very mystical, and their minds can wander in the mysteries of the Universe at ease. Their thoughts are often informed and connected, even directed by their emotions and dreams. Their dreamworld can be influential to the things they speak of and think of. There’s a direct connection between their minds and the Source – or at least this connection is very easy to tap into. Sometimes this Mercury sign can wander off so much, that they lose their touch with their current reality. Emotions can also become over consuming to their minds. They may reveal too much in their conversations at times.

Mercury in 2nd House: Communication and thought processes are an important part in how this person makes their money. This person might be a multitalent or a person with many professional skills, very capable of handling multiple tasks in the same job or having multiple simultaneous jobs or income streams. Agility in making money is important. Money may come in and go away quickly. Other issues could be the ability to use these skills in a cohesive way and making sure that their thoughts align into wealth creation.

Mercury in 3rd House: Communication in its element! These people can be involved with local news and have multiple siblings. They may make many promises and somehow balance all of it and keep it together. Their talk can be very versatile and fluctuating. On the challenging side, the mind may be scattered and buzzing so quickly that it’s hard to calm down. They can be brilliant marketers so it’s important to make sure that all of those promises are kept.

Mercury in 4th House: The Mercurial themes of communication and thought processes come up in the matters of home, family and inner world, private matters. The home can be a place to calm one’s mind and to figure those things out or on the contrary, a very busy and lively place. The inner world is rather lively. It could be that they may change their ideas on what family is, even move often, change homes. It’s important for this Mercury placement to speak the heart out and express their deepest feelings and thoughts, that may move around a lot on a day to day basis, which can also be a challenge.

Mercury in 5th House: Creative communication with a flair of passion, drama and romance is in the air with this Mercury placement. Romantic interests can be either quick to come and go or just Mercurial in their personalities. The creative passions of this person can be quite linguistic; writing and spoken word come as strong examples. The challenge is to appreciate the burst of colour in this placement while remembering to make use of positive drama (i.e. theatrical expression) and clear communication with romantic partners.

Mercury in 6th House: Mind tends to wander in mundane, daily things with this placement. Mercury can get things busy, flexible and even a bit scattered in this placement when it comes to daily routine, service and work force. In some cases the person may have trouble with attention span or problems with their hands, or the opposite may be true. Other problems that may arise are constantly changing services and work places and environments. This person may be the spokesperson of the work force, crafty and even benefit from stretching. The person with Mercury in the 6th house may be the organiser in their work team or provide a sort of assortment service.

Mercury in 7th House: Flexibility in partnerships become central with Mercury in the 7th house. Ease of communication in one-on-one connections is crucial for this placement. This person can be very thoughtful over these close people in their life, especially with Mercury in Water and Earth signs. They will most likely look for a companion to chit chat with, a person who’s quick and lively and sparks their mind into all kinds of ideas and inspiration. This person can easily adapt from one stage to the next whether this is a friendship, romantic partnership or a legal contract. The person with Mercury in the 7th house may struggle with having these partnerships and contracts last – they may fluctuate and move so quickly that they might slip away. They may also have a hard time being silent with their companions or at times of lack of communication.

Mercury in 8th House: This talk is deep and penetrating, mysterious and psychologically analytical. Mercury in the 8th house brings about a deep thinker and communicator, someone who won’t stay on the surface, but their thoughts can also be morbid and dark – this person may even have lots of mental pressure on their shoulders. This person’s psychology may feel overloaded or lacking stability – therefore mental health may be a concern to take care of. On the positive side, this person will tell it like it is, especially when it comes to the harder things and harder truths. They will adjust in times of crisis at ease. The person with Mercury in the 8th house may have a dark and dirty sense of humour and gladly talk about taboo topics.

Mercury in 9th House: Broad talk and philosophical contemplation brings about this placement. There may even be many quick trips abroad and thoughts about escaping somewhere far away. Lots of daydreaming; the wandering mind. Communication is versatile and skills in language are rich culturally and theoretically. The challenge for Mercury in the 9th house can be going deep versus going wide and so it detail oriented thinking. They could easily miss detailed as their thoughts follow broader brush strokes and reach. It can also be harder for them to appreciate the small things since the thoughts tend to be in the bigger subjects and big life questions. Similarly, they can easily get bored of their location and neighbourhood.

Mercury in 10th House: Main goals and ambitions of this person could be agility and expression of thought, expression of mind via talks, public speaking and writing. It may be hard for this person to make up their mind with the path they wish to be on, especially with a retrograde Mercury. The person with Mercury in the 10th house has to be able to use their intellect in their chosen path – career or just life. Usually these people will choose active and definitely not boring career paths. It may change a lot or keep its freshness consistently. In fact, consistency is the least describing word for this person’s path and goals.

Mercury in 11th House: This person may be in many groups, but not belong to many, as they will enjoy the flexibility to come and go as they please. These people will often be spokes people for groups, especially with strongly emphasised Mercury placements (i.e. the chart ruler, dominant planet etc). This person is more likely to have many friend groups rather than a small circle especially with empty 7th house. Their wishes for the future and their life may fluctuate between various interests. The problem may come when their mind is too much wrapped up in these ideals and group involvements, causing them to live in the future rather than in the now, or live in what could be better, always yearning for more.

Mercury in 12th House: This mind is deeply hidden behind closed doors, in between dimensions. This person may have a wild imagination and wilder dreamscapes at night. They could also hold lots of words unspoken and thoughts repressed. The mind may be a mystery and demeanour quiet, especially with someone ruled by this Mercury. The mind may be floating around in the subliminal, often afraid to speak up, not knowing what to say. On the positive side, Mercury in the 12th gives strong clairsenses, or clairs, as you could guess. They may be easily in tune with telepathy, super-accurate intuitive hits and just having the answers. Their claircognizance is spectacular.

I hope you enjoyed this article. I know it’s lengthy, but it’s worth the minute. Let me know what you think in the comments!

-Alvia (he/him)

North Node and South Node in Astrology: Let’s Dive in Deep and Digest for a second

Nodes of The Moon - yellow text on Stonehenge background with Lunar Node glyphs and and a grey astrological chart overlay. Red Moon on background.
Nodes of The Moon – yellow text on Stonehenge background with Lunar Node glyphs and and a grey astrological chart overlay.

Nodes of The Moon in the astrological birthchart

Nodes of The Moon in astrology are the points that show us direction in life.

North node is often our biggest challenge with greatest rewards – nope, it’s not always money, let’s not get caught up in capitalist lies – and what may bring more fulfilment in the long run. Fulfilment is not tied to our material world, necessarily – this is the beauty in an astrological configuration, everything is unique to each person. Sometimes this growth and fulfilment can be very uncomfortable, however. It can also become an obsession – we may want the enlightenment so badly that we forget wandering on the path itself.

The South node is often our crutch and the type of behaviour that gets us stuck in loops and more of an easy way out. In a more positive sense the South Node can show past life gifts and even ease, but often they come with a cost of stagnancy and comfort zone aka little growth. It’s important to learn how to integrate these. Acceptance is the key to moving on and moving up.

In this introductory video to the North Node and South Node I share different meanings & backgrounds in depth to the practise of using the lunar nodes / nodes of the moon in astrology.

I’ve also created two other videos going into the North Node and South Node in the zodiac signs and in the astrological houses. That will get you further into what these energetics do for you and with you. I’ve embedded all of these videos below for your convenience.

Video thumbnail: Nodes of The Moon – yellow text on Stonehenge background with Lunar Node glyphs and and a grey astrological chart overlay.
Video thumbnail: Lunar Nodes in Signs Astrology – text on a green galaxy background, zodiac wheel with planets and configurations, Alvia with pink hair being cute
Video thumbnail: Lunar Nodes in Houses Astrology – text on a green galaxy background, zodiac wheel with planets and configurations, Alvia with pink hair being cute

Don’t forget to leave a comment after you’ve watched these videos and let me know in the comments how they served you!

Love and stardust,


Sparkles in the sewer stream

artwork showing a dystopian cyberpunk figure juggling three spheres, background of grey cogs, flash of light

In a cyber-dystopic atomic steampunk world I like to swim in the sparkling sewer stream. That is me when it’s not fun to live. But why is the sewer stream sparkling?⠀

Because there’s beauty in that transformation. ⠀

Because no matter how filthy the water is – it’s still water, aka the elixir of life that we all drink.⠀

Because that was the previous purpose of this water, it was providing health and life for someone. ⠀

Because as much as the water washes away the waste, it can also infect us if not filtered…

So the lesson is, filter in the sparkles. Filter out the crap. Keep your circumstances clear and nice. Keep it warm and flickering, like that beautiful scented candle you got yourself last October.⠀

Much love,

Alvia (he/him)

Learning astrology has never been easier

Learning astrology has never been easier

youtube video with a thumbnail: image of astrology books, pen, astrological charts and sparkles. On top of this background image there’s an astrological chart and text “learn astrology fast!” in capitals.

The last couple of years have brought in a boom in astrology resources and astrologers with the information era, that some may call the Age of Aquarius. When I started learning and practicing astrology for real real, it was somewhere around 2017, I was already practicing witchcraft and reading tarot cards, and since I was pretty damn depressed I didn’t have much else I could find the energy to put into, aside from creating some youtube videos and taking some instagram pictures. I wanted to deepen my witchcraft by making it more me – making it more cosmic, true to a starseed, by adding astrology into the game. It wasn’t just about new moons and full moons anymore, it was about meteor showers and transiting planets, astrological eclipses having a big role in how my life started to change in the coming years. To this day, the importance of astrological eclipses is significant in my reality creation, and I find myself making big turns in those times.

Alvia being an angsty twenty-something in 2017.
Selfie of Alvia: semi-short pink hair with a fringe, metallic purple lipstick and bold, trad-goth-punk-esque eye makeup. He's wearing a yellow shirt, two necklaces and a septum ring.
Alvia being an angsty twenty-something in 2017.

Even though this beginning to my astrology journey was only 4 years ago, I got pretty deep into these studies, and had the side of tarot symbolism to support my journey. It was easy to learn another language, another symbolic way to interpret the signal and symbols of the universe, to tap into the consciousness of the One and All, as per filtered through the Higher Self. Back then I didn’t have all of these words, but I was highly tapped into energy in general. I knew energy was behind everything. Something was there. More words to describe energy came through my studies with astrology. There were a few people I watched on youtube who inspired me to go deeper. I wanted to understand myself and other people. I wanted to understand the Universe – why things happened and how things could go. I learned from many people on many other platforms too, including Tumblr, Instagram, Witches Amino and even Facebook. I read books, to mention a few: The 12 Houses*, Astrology for Dummies*, Eclipses: Astrological Guideposts*, Astrological Transits*…

Youtube was a big one, however, and still is to this day – which is where you’ll find my video for learning astrology fast. It’s way quicker and easier now with all of these resources, even when I started there was a lot of information, but now, in 2021? There’s even more, imagine being like, older, well post-Saturn and having had to learn this in bookstores and libraries and *gasp*… actual classrooms? The times have changed. I wanted to make this video for 10 tips to learning astrology in depth, faster, so that you can get an understanding on what it takes and how it works. I have some weird tips in here that you may have not heard about, but it’s very energy based and in that way hands-on and practical, even though my style is not the most practical out there. I’d say it’s practical-magical, if anything. Haha.

Let me know how it helps you out 🙂

-Alvia (he/him)

ps. This blog post may contain affiliate links, they’re marked with* and have no extra cost to you.

Astrology, divine timing and the multiverse

green abstract image with the text “Astrology, Divine Timing and The Multiverse” with a galaxy fill

This blog post on Astrology, Divine Timing and the Multiverse was originally inspired by a post I saw shared on a friend’s facebook. Thanks Richard!

The best time to wake up and get out of bed is ALWAYS. It was yesterday, it is today and it is tomorrow. There’s always a lot of high frequency energy to tap into.

– Alvia Crescens

While some dates may be more energetically charged than others – like astrological transits and portal days like Lion’s Gate and astrological lunar and solar Eclipses – there’s energy coming in and moving around at all times through the multiverse, into our whole existence. You do not need to wait for a specific date of an astrological transit to bring all of these energies to you. The multiverse is always available to you. The dimensions are always there.

All you need to do is tap in.

Work with it.


This does not mean that astrology is invalid or incorrect, I actually had a short back and forth with my friend Krista Raisa about 2012 vs 2020 and how it seems that the collective is questioning authority etc and how much that fear pressure energy isn’t really working out in the favour of those who truly want to raise the consciousness. Questioning the authorities really lines up with the Pluto Jupiter Saturn conjunctions in Capricorn and Saturn and Jupiter moving into Aquarius. So in a way this might be a divine timing for all of that restructuring of these paradigms.

When I talk about fear & pressure energies, I’m talking about people trying to get you into thinking that there’s some kind of divine pressure (??? Is that even possible???) that some teachers are preaching which may even come across as fear porn, “this is the year!! You’ll miss out!!”-type energy… I’m not talking about addressing important conversations like human rights – those are similar in a way that they need to be addressed consistently. The most high vibe action is making sure that your fellow humans and non-human animals are ok. For the highest good of all.

Divine timing then? This is where the ego really needs to step back. In a way I personally do not believe in the complete dissolving of ego (I’m willing to be challenged) but I see this as higher self override and embodiment so that the ego is no longer so loud.

To see divine timing and where it is happening, the ego needs to step back in order to really see what’s happening, from a distance. Before that can happen we usually need to process emotions especially when it’s a painful experience. Divine timing is something that isn’t all dark or light… It really is all. It may show up similarly through transits, but it could be on a damn astrological retrograde as well! And then you wonder, wow I took that chance on a retrograde and it went so well. Or you end up with regrets as you didn’t because it was a retrograde… so, perspective.

When you work from a potential, potent, powerful energy instead of dreading the retrogrades or Mars squaring Pluto and instead go where the energy flows, you don’t need to wait for that “life changing transit”. They’re all life changing if you want them to be. Magic is everywhere.

-Alvia Crescens

Peace out, cutesys.

Solar Eclipse in Gemini 2021: Astrology and Human Design Transit Forecast for All Zodiac Signs

The Solar Eclipse in Gemini this June 2021 marks the beginning of a new pathway taken by our higher selves, when it comes to the house that in our birth charts that it’s in, as well as a few other houses that are connected to it and the planets that are transiting other Zodiac signs currently. The effect of this eclipse and the processes started by it will come around 3-6 months, some culminations may be quicker, some slower. It all depends on how you’re utilising this energy wave.

The signs most affected, but not only, are Gemini, Aquarius, Pisces and Taurus. Especially those of us who have more than one of these in our charts and those of us who have our Sun, Moon and/or Rising sign / Ascendant sign in these, are feeling this. Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) will also be feeling this especially strong, and so are fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).

We are looking at the following transits: Solar Eclipse in Gemini – Sun, Moon and North Node in Gate 45, Mercury Retrograde in Gemini in Gate 45, Saturn in Aquarius Retrograde Gate 13, Neptune in Pisces Gate 36 and Jupiter in Pisces Gate 55 connecting to Venus in Cancer in Gate 39 as a Channel of emoting. All of this and more is discussed on the youtube video report I created.

Make sure you watch the introduction on my Youtube channel so that this information on my blog makes sense. Diving into Astrology and Human Design per each rising sign in depth… GO!

Aries: Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Gate 45 in 3rd house, Saturn Retrograde Gate 13 in 11th House, Neptune Gate 36 in 12th house, Channel 55-39 in houses 12 & 4

The events started by this Solar Eclipse may bring about new ways of relating to wider collectives and friend groups, both small and wide, old and new. The connections made in the next few months may bring such transformations that the constant seeking of knowledge outside oneself is disappearing. Friends can provide so much valuable knowledge at this time, where no book can compare. Meanwhile, some older peer associations and friendship situations that simply no longer last are going away, as the past associations and situations are challenged and Neptune is bringing more clarity to this. The downloads that the Aries folx are getting at this time can provide assistance in solving problems of the past as well as channel wisdom in regards to timelines with people they’re coming into contact with or re-introducing themselves to. Home environment and inner world, inner compass recalibration while harmonised, is going through adjustments based on the wealth of knowledge pouring in from the Divine realms and how that is integrated and worked with to the current & future self and their timelines. Repressed emotions should be released and worked through, with these energy alignments this should be rather easy though.

Taurus: Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Gate 45 in 2nd house, Saturn retrograde gate 13 in 10th house, Neptune Gate 36 in 11th house, Channel 55-39 in houses 11 & 3

Gathering of resources and including other people and new tools in career matters is a theme for Taurus people. There may be big shifts in how income is diversified and revamped so that it will serve the legacy and future professional goals. The pondering of how others will be impacted by future career choices may come about as one’s potential is finally seen and an opportunity to connect more and hear more gets enhanced. There could even be a chance to have a whole new income stream to delete old debts and drains to income. Simultaneously, relations to wider collectives and certain friendgroups may go through crises and emotional challenges which have to be balanced with. Connections with peers and old friends are harmonised – localities go smoothly, and end up supportive of the bigger dreams, but there may be a rough start or simply a shock (not necessarily in a negative / harmful sense). Misunderstandings must be clarified with both new and old associations, especially when they relate to work and money. Do the inner work when it comes to your communication and thought processes – this could be a big reason why some things might have been hard to manifest.

Gemini: Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Gate 45 in 1st house, Saturn retrograde gate 13 in 9th house, Neptune Gate 36 in 10th house, Channel 55-39 in houses 10 & 2

The Higher Self, new self expression and image upgrades are all a big theme for Gemini folx in the next few months. This new radiant expression attracts the right crowd and possibly repels the old ones who simply don’t fit into the picture. Old ways of learning and relating to the outer world are revised and furnished. Recognise, where you let yourself be limited by so called restrictions of the outer world (but don’t do anything silly, ok?) and break out of those containers. Gemini people will also have a change to draw in more revenue sources and work on their legacy and big picture career goals. Widening of the legacy is amplified with the harmonising effect of Venus in 2nd house. Make sure you know what you can do best – do not settle for jobs that you are just ok at. Join things that you value, as the gate 39 challenges us to create a harmonious inner world to draw in everything that gate 55 can offer. This transit affects you beautifully, but remember to work through it with your highest self and highest potential harnessed, in order to let all of this beauty unfold.

Cancer: Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Gate 45 in 12th house, Saturn retrograde gate 13 in 8th house, Neptune Gate 36 in 9th house, Channel 55-39 in houses 9 & 1

While it may feel like the past just won’t let go, there may be hidden treasures to be discovered there, while a new sense of peace is found with the past. Old routines are being weeded out in order to find more quiet time. Busy work is diminishing, rejuvenating solitude enhanced. There is a way to find a peaceful work rhythm. In the next few months, Cancers gotta let themselves be heard. A way to clear repressed emotions, thoughts and situations can bring the Cancerians to a whole new way of expressing oneself and with Venus transiting 1st in Gate 39 it is supportive of the inner work & self development which can really boost the spiritual expansion and growth of one’s world. A healing crisis may be likely at this time though considering Neptune’s position, so just let yourself lean in and work with it. Take some down time if/when you need it. Psychological issues can be worked through by revising any structures that one’s mind has built around and upon itself in order to get protection – many fears are vanishing, but they may be faced head on first. These layers are being worked on.

Leo: Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Gate 45 in 11th house, Saturn retrograde gate 13 in 7th house, Neptune Gate 36 in 8th house, Channel 55-39 in houses 8 & 12

Friendship groups are tightening for Leos, and the compassionate exchanges are bringing purposeful pieces of the puzzle together. These people are helping us solve many issues in regards to bigger challenges that not just our circles, but our world at large has had to deal with. There can also be gatherings when it comes to big goals of ours, bucket list items, so to speak. The key here is to allow that union to happen and listen carefully, where that union must happen. Neptune may really challenge us with bringing fears and challenges to us, but will also clarify what the lesson is or what needs to be worked on. Dreamwork can help with funding some of these dreams and with connecting with the Spirit. Yes, I said FUNDING. Do not doubt your intuition at this time as the treasure can be literal. Possibility for inheritance is also there, but in some cases it might involve a loss and therefore healing must be done. While there may be pain, there is also a chance to work with the energy of these transits in a very deep way.

Virgo: Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Gate 45 in 10th house, Saturn retrograde gate 13 in 6th house, Neptune Gate 36 in 7th house, Channel 55-39 in houses 7 & 11

Big career milestones can get their seeds in the near future. There may even be a redefining of what the future hold for the career advancements. Finding all of the resources that are needed for these shifts to happen is the theme of the problem solving and leaps of faith. Some distractions in the home area or even a move may happen at the same time in order to accommodate these bigger work goals. While Saturn is helping to see what needs to be restructured and fixed, this transit will also add solidity into these career developments. Neptune may get Virgo folx aware of closer associations and contracts that may not be of use for the future as in people who may purposefully try to hold us back. The Channel of Emoting in houses 7 and 11 will bridge the right alliances with the groups which Virgos can get closer to and feel harmony in as well as call attention to which parts of us attract or repel these collectives that we want to work with.

Libra: Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Gate 45 in 9th house, Saturn retrograde gate 13 in 5th house, Neptune Gate 36 in 6th house, Channel 55-39 in houses 6 & 10

This eclipse is spiritually and creatively activating for Libras. If some manifestations or pleasure projects have fallen through before, this time period will be great for revising or even restarting them. The right people will show up once you tap into the energy. There may even be a new spiritual path or a new trip abroad that distances Libras from the localities for a while. There may however be some confusion around the timetables and mundane aspects of these beautiful shifts – the veils will eventually drop and with a bit of extra work there will also be a higher purpose to daily tasks. What do we need to do now in this moment in order to make our mark on the world? The mundane will tie into these spiritual revelations rather smoothly as long as the time is carved into the calendar. Libras need to make sure they take care of their health – some things that are going on now are long term so making sure that health issues don’t get out of hand is important for wellness in the future. Do your inner work in regards to the legacy you want to leave on the planet, Libra folx.

Scorpio: Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Gate 45 in 8th house, Saturn retrograde gate 13 in 4th house, Neptune Gate 36 in 5th house, Channel 55-39 in houses 5 & 9

A new start possibly in regards to home environment and newfound stability may arrive with inheritance. On the more mystical side of things, this could be a deeply transformative life change in any other life area, but the consistent feeling here is stability through that change. A stability that goes deeper. Many inner resources are getting a revision as well. Inheritance could come from more than one person and there could be some working around with organising inherited things here. Storytelling with family/families, whether chosen or blood, could provide more tools to coping with any hardship – a sense of “shared survival”, no one’s left behind in case of any pain arriving. There is a bit of a bittersweet feeling as some beautiful things could be manifesting as well – if the conditions are there, there could be a birth and a death at the same time whether literal or metaphorical, but please don’t catastrophise, take this as it comes. Whatever happens, it will provide newfound spiritual knowledge and wisdom. The phrasing “what we know of and can’t ignore” becomes very relevant for the inner work of your 9th house – is there anything that you Scorpio folx may have brushed off too quickly and hastily?

Sagittarius: Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Gate 45 in 7th house, Saturn retrograde gate 13 in 3rd house, Neptune Gate 36 in 4th house, Channel 55-39 in houses 4 & 8

New close relationships or existing connections getting new beginnings with many options and problem solving qualities are on the horizon. It feels as though it’s exactly the right people for the right job, people who really help us figure some long term problems out. These people are likely to live nearby or be known from the past – maybe there was some troubles with these people in the past and through compassionate listening and possibly newfound identity through the purge from the previous eclipse, we are able to start on a new foot better than ever. The home environment may shift around a bit, but it feels as though there’s lots of joy and peace is found in order to solve any struggles from the past in this solitude. Emotional challenges are eased out by the harmony of Venus in 8th, gate 39. Inner psychological work is required to achieve this. Bring harmony into your brainwaves by dealing with it softly. This can be a very emotionally healing time for you, Sagittarius.

Capricorn: Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Gate 45 in 6th house, Saturn retrograde gate 13 in 2nd house, Neptune Gate 36 in 3rd house, Channel 55-39 in houses 3 & 7

There may be transformations and new beginnings in the daily work and service side of things, as any sense of illness, loss or uncertainty are leaving. Gatherings with new work teams, client bases and working groups are likely. Financial abilities also get a revamp – maybe some costs and budgets are re-evaluated and estimated, carefully re-considered. There could be a market clash, however, as Neptune in Gate 36 falls into the 3rd house. This is getting solved by closer 1:1 relationships with the 55-39 channel in 3rd and 7th houses. There may even be gifts that help us boost these important working environment shifts. Making sure that right people are included and knowing what the best 1:1 connections are for us is the key to bringing the full potential out of these transits. Looking outside of the local work markets may provide useful in case any Capricorn is looking for a new job – close friends and associations, even work partners you are close with could assist in this type of a thing at this time.

Aquarius: Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Gate 45 in 5th house, Saturn retrograde gate 13 in 1st house, Neptune Gate 36 in 2nd house, Channel 55-39 in houses 2 & 6

New beginnings in romance, fun stuff and manifestation are ahead! This requires solid personal growth effort though. Going through revising personal growth strategies and evaluating self-expression in regards to how one can get most out of life. Listening to one’s higher self, true self, is so necessary here. That will assist us into what most needs to be manifested or be created and who’s the right romantic partner right now. There could even be group dates or speed dates this summer. Where can we focus on fun for its own sake? Some confusion about one’s abilities and finances can come about, and it’s important to take this challenge as a growth spurt. There could be a new way to serve which can provide additional income or a better job which can simultaneously give a confidence boost and assist in making these new beginnings possible. Doing the inner work in how much can be given out as an act of service is important here, and how much is fair to give whether it’s time, effort, work or money. Doing a re-evaluation of one’s physical and material resources and taking care of one’s health is a big theme for Aquarians. If the health side hasn’t been taken seriously, this Venus transit will make that incorporation very easy.

Pisces: Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Gate 45 in 4th house, Saturn retrograde gate 13 in 12th house, Neptune Gate 36 in 1st house, Channel 55-39 in houses 1 & 5

Isolation is bringing a newfound sense of inner peace, and home environments are shifting as a result of need for it. Time spent privately is getting the attention from the constant need to be public, seen and achieving things. Gatherings at home can come about as one listens to the nudges of intuition and dreamworlds. A new home may be manifested after a chapter in working life or career path is closed. Similarly to Cancerians, Pisces folx may go through a vibe of the past not letting them go or past being completely re-contextualised which can spark identity crises or new revelations about one’s past and life path forward. On the other hand, fun activities and even romance can lighten up the mood for Pisces folx, as long as the inner work is done in regards to what type of fun is true to oneself and what type of partners are the best for us. This summer can be an intuitive booster and powerful for manifestations as long as that sense of true self and authentic self-expression is harnessed in order to make it happen. It’s not a time to fake it til you make it – more so, get familiar with the feeling and feel it til it manifests.

I hope this report serves you well and helps you out in navigating this eclipse season and working with the energies! Thanks so much for reading!


Alvia (he/him)

Misunderstood Mercury

picture of planet Mercury with a flower shaped picture in the middle with twins in the middle of the flower shape and zodiac signs around the edges, with text on front of the image saying: Misunderstood Mercury?

So if you didn’t know, Mercury is retrograde. If that’s too obvious, this is not:


Most people would say that THEY get misunderstood through this time. I have too, actually, because I’m loud and proud, but my message here is about the “panic of retrograde” that seems to pop in at this transit.

Mercury Retrograde is no reason to fear and hide in a cupboard. Unless you lost something in there, then keep on searching through that cupboard 😂 OK, jokes aside, knowing that Mercury is retrograde can get you more calm and centred as you’re aware of this energy – you know that this response from others and the slowing down Zodiacal energy, with possibly technological interruptions may manifest, so you be chill! It’s easier to accept things, grow and life a peaceful life when you know what energies influence us from the Cosmos.

Is there something you need to do that Mercury retrograde posts tell you not to do? Truly, you can do whatever you want. The retrograde effect may cause some delays, however, or misunderstandings in the details. So if you need to for example buy something, read the info and contracts, especially fine print, make sure you understand it. If you’re doing something important, make sure you’ve got everything you need in order to make it successful, whatever a satisfactory successful result is to you.

Look up my previous posts and videos about Mercury retrograde for more insight.

Know where the planets are in relation to YOUR chart. Want to know more about YOUR birthchart? I do present focused, clarifying birthchart readings for those who might have an idea of what certain things mean but would like more assistance in getting to know their inner energy dynamics as well as transits. Link to these is right here.

Love and stardust,



gif (moving image) of planets and sparkles moving with the text “Retrogrades…” on top of a black background

Pretty much every time retrogrades occur in astrological transits, both you and I witness the chatter that goes along the same lines of chaos and fear… ok maybe not that intense, but the same old disorganised, disempowering perceptions.

It seems that suddenly one’s individual free will gets compromised for a retrograde. Which actually doesn’t happen – but it seems like it because the power to live your life gets externalised to a planetary body. When in reality you have the power all along.

Astrology and astrological transits, reports and prophecies are not about fear, paranoia and catastrophising results – it simply is not the way. The planets are in YOU. The Universe has NO AGENDA.

The Universe works with what you give to it as well as how you’re using what it gives to you.

The planets are always assisting us. Always. Whether retrograde or not, whether transiting your 8th house or not – it is all divine assistance and it’s up to you to receive it or ignore it. It doesn’t matter how comfortable this assistance is – it’s assistance regardless. Simply energies interacting with our fields. For some they feel easier than others because of our own frequency. But we all have the capability to adjust to frequency shifts – whether planetary, galactic or otherwise multidimensional.

Some examples from my own life: any transits to my 8th house Saturn have been highly influential as they’ve taught me major life lessons (as Saturn often does), but they’ve also come with a double edged sword effect since Saturn does not sugar coat ANYTHING. Even as soft as mine is, in Pisces. There’s been both a blessing and a lesson as well as big impactful Saturnian teaching. Usually they culminate around the exact dates of conjunctions. Learning and integrating these lessons brings me far better results than avoiding my own responsibility and my own part in the co-creation that is called life.

The choice is yours. I’ve given many tips before on my platforms on dealing with retrogrades so give those a read or watch on youtube… but my best tips always are:

  1. Be patient
  2. Sleep on it
  3. Don’t take yourself too seriously, life goes on

I’ll link a video I made earlier in 2020 on my youtube right here, about Mercury Retrograde. Take a look and subscribe, as there’s another one coming 😉

Love and stardust,