The Truth About the Light as a Universal Force

Understand that the Light is absence of density;

it doesn’t equal happiness, for that is an emotion

it doesn’t equal positivity, for that is a polarity

it doesn’t equal bliss, for that is a state of being.

What does it mean then?

It means that after shedding loads of density and old skins, we are LIGHTER. We no longer hold the heaviness in our energy fields or even in some cases, our bodies. Heaviness symbolising density, old energy & blockages. That’s why releasing the old self is the key in integrating more Light. In becoming the Light. So that we may travel at speed of light, so that we may go on our journeys with lesser baggage. 

Light – the ultimate core force of the Universe, like Love, Love is Light. As you can see, true Love is forgiving, for it does not hold onto baggage. True Love is forward thinking, for it does not dwell in the crumbling Old World. Love is accepting, and that means good bye to your control issues. It means moving on after what has happened. It means embracing the creation, and accepting the death as a part of a cycle. For death is the ultimate release of the old shell.

I say this as an in-spiration, not as an i-gnorance 

In-spiration to the Divine in You 

Yet no i-gnorance to the pain you’ve been through. 

There’s no progress if there has not been any healing. Let that sink in. 

Trying to push yourself to progress in a crisis… there are many ways, I should say, but if I’ve learned one thing, it’s this: 

Get out of the crisis first, then think about the healing. Once you’ve started the healing, know that it will become a goal, a noun – not a continuous state or a verb. Therefore, progress can be measured in the healing as well. THIS is where you incorporate other progress. Momentum allows for the vibration to rise. Though too much can be stressful and give your DNA coils. So there’s always a balance to be found in gentle stillness, quiet & presence, as well as momentum, elevation & expansion. 

Note: I did not use contraction as a polarity to expansion, nor noise as a polarity to quiet. Those are distortions.

Distortion is an inverted life force; we are to use life force correctly in the most Love-ing way. In the way that the Divine intended. 

Therefore understand, that forced positivity, forced false light can be an inverted life force, therefore a distortion. The HUman was not made to distort the world; the HUman was made to take care of the world.

To fully comprehend ~

Light is the absence of density,

Distortion is the inversion of life force, 

it’s the False Light

Love is the caring cultivation of True Light,

Darkness is void of the Light,

While the Void… remains absent of density.

Void will pull into it’s gravitation,

Light will only need to shine as it is.

Where the Light shines, it shows the Truth. The Truth may not be pretty, or it could be. So it is. A shadow is cast behind. The thing that reminds us of darkness, but isn’t. The shadow is an illusion of the physical realm. Yet somehow reminding us of the things a lot of us aren’t able to see with our bare eyes. Most of us forgot that our eyes turn each image upside down. So the illusion has been masterfully produced.

Deep down, everything is upside down, and Australia is right side up.

So… just keep discovering more and more layers to Truth of your being-ness, and walk your Unique Path in Love. For it is the most Divine force of the Universe.

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