What is A Starseed?

What is a starseed? 16 certain signs that you are a starseed – a video I’ve created. Enjoy!

Extra Terrestrial lives outside our planet, cosmic objects, Earth Angels… Starseeds.

This is what the Cosmos is about. I’ve called my audience “starseeds”, the souls experiencing human life on Earth after experiencing past lives in other planets and galaxies.

Cosmos is our home. The home of super spiritual beings and vibrant souls.

Cosmos is made of stardust, asteroids, planets and black holes. The light that we shine out to the Earth and its crowd wouldn’t exist without black matter. All of these objects connect with and to each other – there’s gravity, distance and energy.

If you have experienced anything extra terrestrial, like UFOs, visitors, starseed past lives or even memories from abduction, this is your home. This is your Cosmos. And you will not be judged. You will learn from these experiences and how to use energies from them, and also things you don’t understand yet, to your greater good.

There’s energy in cosmic bodies, this is our journey. Past lives guide us starseeds in present to find our purpose and teach us ways we can grow from whatever lessons these memories present to us. What we should remember however, is that we’re living the human experience, and we have been gifted the life on Earth, whether we like it or not. It’s our place to elevate the frequency or the planet.

We can’t force change, healing or growth, but we can learn how to focus our intentions in the right places in order for these things to take place. We can create our future, anchor it in through the dimensions, and take care of ourselves in order to move to our highest timelines.

Pleiadeans, January 2019:

Luminosity is here,

Beneath your fears,

It brings you to other energetic realms.

What is your reality? Water having more than 3 forms, there’s similarly multiple states of energy… reality is multi-layered, flexible like water. 

Once you open your awareness to it, may you see it. You will make your reality, make wonders. Wondering how Earth and your family could be. Plant these seeds in your energetic surroundings as a spark of love and let the rest unfold on Its own. 

Everything is developing in its divine timing and manner. 

Words to meditate on: 




Allow the unseen unfold

Wonders are 

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