Starseed Support

You are on a brand new journey.

Excited to embark on your cosmic voyage, you look ahead with open eyes and a brightly shining heart. On the back of your head, however, you have so many questions ~

  • where do I get started on the Starseed Path?
  • where will this Path lead me? What’s ahead of me as a Starseed?
  • what is my Starseed Origin? Where am I from?
  • why did I incarnate on Earth after all of these Extra-Terrestrial Past Lives?
  • what am I doing here on this Planet? What is my unique Starseed mission?
  • what tools and skills would help me?
  • what am I supposed to do with all of this Cosmic information?

For any part of your starseed journey, you’re welcome to book a Starseed Support mentorship call with me. Starseed Integration is meant for those who want to go deeper in their embodiment and who are already well aware of their true starseed nature. Starseed Support sessions on the other hand, are for those who are either very new on their starseed path or who just need different type of support.

While embodiment is the next step for a lot of you, this service has been crafted for those that aren’t quite there yet. Those that need some help getting started, those who need assistance on what to do and where to go next.

I utilise variety of tools in these sessions as well, emphasising mentorship and guidance. So in these sessions there isn’t as much energy work as there is in Starseed Integration, but I will help you find the best practices to utilise in the stage you’re in.

Some examples of what we might do as a practice includes: connecting with higher self / multidimensional self, oversoul, Star Family, identifying your Starseed Origins and Mission, getting in touch with your Unique Path.

If you feel like you need more support with energy work and multidimensional healing, you can find my service for Multidimensional Energy Work & Healing Services.

You can purchase these in 45 minute single sessions one at a time or a 3 session bundle, each 45 minutes long. Single sessions cost 77€ and 3 session bundle is 222€.

You can purchase a bundle and use your sessions within a 3 month period from purchasing. They can be scheduled ahead of time right after purchasing the bundle which I highly recommend, or one by one. More about the refund policy and terms of service at the bottom of the page.

Instructions to purchase: Please take the time to read the listings for each service. These offers are of service to those who are open to energetic exchange and receptive to multidimensional guidance – no matter which service you choose to purchase.

After you’ve read the listing and the terms of service and made your purchasing decision, click on the button below the text of the listing and it will pop up a payment via Stripe window. Once you’ve paid, I will email you and send you a form for you to fill in with your response. As soon as I get your information, I will work in sacred time and space to look at your situation prior to working together, after which we meet on a live call which is to be treated as sacred space. I will send you more instructions on how to prepare for a session after I’ve outlined the work. It’s nothing formal, just respect the session. It’s better when we’re both as undistracted as possible for us to get most out of it. Time of delivery depends on the service chosen.

NOTE: if a Stripe payment doesn’t work for you, you can email me at so that we can arrange a Paypal payment (international) or Pivo/Mobilepay/Bank Transfer payment (Finland only). Prices remain the same and transfer fees are at the cost of the customer. Also make sure to check that the email that you receive comes from the address as that is the email I use for managing readings.


No refunds, unless I simply cannot perform the service for you – for single sessions I will refund the full price minus any service/payment fees. If for whatever reason we can only do one or two from my part, for example I realise that you might not need more than one or two, or a break is needed, I refund what those one or two sessions would’ve cost you. Sessions can always be rescheduled as long as I get the information at least 3 hours before our scheduled time. If you can’t make it in time for service, contact me at least 3 hours beforehand at

Remember to use your bundle sessions within a 3 month period (Starseed Support), or for Starseed Integration within 33 days.

I don’t perform 3rd party sessions. I’ll only perform mentorship, energy work or healing for the person who purchases the service. No exceptions. This is because every session is customised and the energetic assistance offered is unique to each person who received the service.

Inspiring Alien Creations is not liable for any actions taken as a result of a session, or actions not taken. Ultimately, the results of any service here are considered to be the responsibility of the client.

This is not a medical, therapeutic, psychological, legal or financial service – this is simply spiritual assistance. If you are in need of healthcare or any of priorly mentioned assistance, seek out that help instead of booking a reading.

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