In this incredible energy weather, I understand that some of you might be dealing with some wild shifts in your world.

There’s a need to balance a lot of things at once, due to the T-squares, there’s an urgent need to innovate and adapt due to Mars, Uranus, North Node conjunction, and at the same time, we’re dealing with a beautiful merge of the liminal worlds with different Starseed points activated by planets, as well as this opening of the Lion’s Gate Energy Portal.

✨ The Lion’s Gate is a transitionary point, especially this year, due to the Sirius planetary alignments in July, and the Orion planetary alignments in August and forward. I talked about Sirius in my July forecast (the 7/7 one) and last year’s Lion’s Gate video. Some of these energies came up in my last tarot activation reading, which is a perfect example of what this image represents!

Apart from the fact that these readings will be only for you, personalised, the whole 30 minutes just for you, there’s no need to pick a card because I’m sending it to your Soul by video file. Valid until August 13th, delivered by 1st September.

✨ There will be an energy activation as long as you’re open to it – I know I got some from the pick a cards and Alvia’s Telescopes I’ve delivered over the last couple of years, and if I can do it to myself, I can do it for you. I’ve also got beautiful feedback from those who have been receptive to the activations/transmissions on a multidimensional level. As a pure conduit of Love and Light, I will deliver it to my highest standards. These readings are multidimensional – I will contact your Soul, your Higher Self, your Multidimensional Starseed self when I tap in and shuffle my cards, and that way you’ll receive YOUR message, the one that was meant to be delivered and received. Transmission means that I’m sharing the message that comes through multidimensionally & energetically as a Divine conduit of Love and Light. Only messages that are of the highest good, coming from a pure frequency, will be shared. And I mean, literally sharing – it’s not just a message I’m giving you, because I’m also giving you the energy, activation, etc.

✨ My reading style is a pre-cognitive & multi-clair utilising transmission, with a dash of channeling at times. Usually it’s just my multidimensional self stepping in and delivering the message, so channeled messages don’t always happen on video, because my multidimensional self is me, not one of my guides or other ETs (although technically we’re ALL one anyway lol). Most of the time my guides are telepathic or communicating through my several clairs to deliver the message, and I often pre-cognise events, situations, energies and sensations before they manifest.

Sometimes past, present and future overlap, and I take that into account in my readings. But my main point is understanding how everything converges in the present, which is why I read in a present tense. It’s not for therapeutic contemplation or processing. It’s to witness your Infinity in the Now Moment.

✨ Get your reading here!

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