Lion’s Gate: A Transition Point from Sirius to Orion Energy

Lion’s Gate portal for Divine Cosmonauts

Lion’s Gate is a transition point.

While the Lion’s Gate celebrates the rising of Sirius and the Egyptian New Year 

– as discussed in my analysis video last year – 

it’s also linked to Orion energies with the pyramid connection. 

The pyramids of Egypt used to be aligned to Orion’s Belt, now they’re aligned to Orion’s foot.  Egyptian New Year starts when Sirius becomes visible again. In Egypt, in these modern times, it has been the 8th of August for a long time.

From 7/7 when the Sun conjoined Sirius astrologically, we’ve been in Sirian energy waves very strongly. 

Looking at the astrology of August and beyond, there will be several Orion transits. More about those later. I find interesting, however, that it’s happening after this Lion’s Gate portal. But it makes sense – portals move us through to another place, although dimensional shifts are not necessarily about place. 

The shift from this strong Sirian influence before Lion’s Gate into a strong Orion influence post Lion’s Gate indicates that while the two energies are present each year regardless of the transits, this year there’s a special emphasis on the transition from one energy to another, and the Lion’s Gate gives us a chance to feel them both at the same time so that we can move into the upcoming Orion influence at ease. 

Remember how I pulled “Embracing Transition” card from the Sirian timelines in the 7/7 forecast? You might wanna check that out. 


Remember that all star beings have a spectrum of Light in them. Just because a star species didn’t have the most enlightened past, doesn’t mean that they didn’t Ascend. Some starseeds really haven’t learned this lesson – I’ve said it before, the old beef ain’t coming back!

If you want the New Earth you also have to be willing to forgive. You have to be willing to let go of the old. This doesn’t mean enabling shitty behaviour or lacking discernment, it just means that you understand nuance, variety, growth and evolution. It’s only those who hold onto such polarities who will have a hard time transcending them. Polarities cause distortion. More about that in another post. 

So… tap into the highest, Ascended energies of each species when you channel & communicate. The energies that come from Love. Protect yourself from infiltration & intrusion. That way you will make sure that you’re tapping into the real deal, not some kind of lower ET consciousness. I might talk about my experiences with that later, but for now, this is the message. 

In Love and Divine Light,

Alvia (he/him/cute)

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