The Hanged One in Inspiring Alien Tarot Cards – a mini reading

(buy the Inspiring Alien Tarot card deck here) THE HANGED ONE (The Hanged Man in “original” tarot language)   The Hanged One feels serene waiting for the tide to decrease. They’re tied onto the surface of the sea, looking at the bottom from another angle. They have all the time to reflect on this stageContinue reading “The Hanged One in Inspiring Alien Tarot Cards – a mini reading”


Wormholes of Sam Rit is the story of how a 20-something scifi artist traveled to a rural Thai village to create artwork and experience life from another perspective – quite literally. WORM HOLES IN THE VILLAGE OF SAM RIT, NAKHON RATCHASIMA, THAILAND. OPEN-MINDEDNESS LED ME HERE, OPEN-MINDEDNESS INVITED ME. MY FIRST THOUGHT WAS ALONG THEContinue reading “WORMHOLES OF SAM RIT”