The Hanged One in Inspiring Alien Tarot Cards – a mini reading

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THE HANGED ONE (The Hanged Man in “original” tarot language)


The Hanged One feels serene waiting for the tide to decrease. They’re tied onto the surface of the sea, looking at the bottom from another angle. They have all the time to reflect on this stage – what’s come before and what’s up next. What did we do that didn’t work so well and what was a major success, there’s many things to pond-er (hehehe)


Today is a perfect time to take a break from anything that has been getting on your nervous system, so de-stress as much as you can. You could also have a challenge that you could look at another angle – my intuitive hit points at rejection of ideas, so whenever you get new thoughts of a current project or issue at hand, consider it before you throw it out of the window right away. Many times we have the ego standing in the way of many beautiful things happening just because it’s a stubborn prick wanting to stay comfortable. So seek upleveling today. Level up who you are today and what you’re capable of. Really take time to reflect and meditate. Avoid rush and speed.


Keywords from the guidebook (buy here from the link):



another viewpoint,








upside vs downside,

divine connection,



perspective shift


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With plenty of love and stardust,

-ya boi Alvia

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