Lion’s Gate 2022:

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Tarot Activations / Transmissions for 33€/30 minutes VS normal 55€/22min Starseed Transmissions. Valid from 28th July to 13th August 2022.

All readings will be delivered by September 1st 2022.

These readings will be performed in sacred space with high standards towards the energetic quality of the reading. This is for you if you’re looking for energetic assistance on your journey, guidance ahead with an added multidimensional boost, just a *different* type of tarot reading. Expect similar things as my standard starseed transmissions and receive it at a lower price.

✨ My reading style is a pre-cognitive & multi-clair utilising transmission, with a dash of channeling at times. Usually it’s just my multidimensional self stepping in and delivering the message, so channeled messages don’t always happen on video, because my multidimensional self is me, not one of my guides or other ETs (although technically we’re ALL one anyway lol). Most of the time my guides are telepathic or communicating through my several clairs to deliver the message, and I often pre-cognise events, situations, energies and sensations before they manifest.

Sometimes past, present and future overlap, and I take that into account in my readings. But my main point is understanding how everything converges in the present, which is why I read in a present tense. It’s not for therapeutic contemplation or processing. It’s to witness your Infinity in the Now Moment.

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