Full Moon in Aries 20th Oct. 2021: The Rising Light Of Andromeda

Andromeda, M31 aka Vertex. Picture from Pixabay.

Andromedan Vertex conjunct this Full Moon in Aries makes this an astrologically potent Full Moon energy, the beauty of this transit is shocking and intense. While Andromeda is known as the Galaxy of Peace and Intervention, it also has a Light Warrior type of energy. The Andromendans live in a constant of change, very sixth-dimensional, constantly in flux, adapting and creating from a brand new zero-point.

Just like with many starseeds species, the Andromedans have many sides to them, see, in my personal experience, people have different experiences with each species and I feel that this is because each of us may have various different starseed alignments in our charts compared to other people. If you wish to know more about how, for example this Andromedan alignment plays out for you, I have readings specifically made for Starseed Transits.

The side of Andromedan energy here that’s coming through the strongest is the light warrior energy, the energy of revelation, the defensive light methodology, what we need in order to stay tighter with our fellow light workers. I have a channeled message for you below, alongside with short and sweet sign-by-sign report. Consider Rising Sign first, then Sun, Moon and personal placements and crowded signs in your chart.

The Andromedan Lizard Warrior Collective is sending this message:

Dear Divine Emperors of the Cosmos. Your time to shine is now. The inner leadership of yours shall be found. It’s time we amp our forces to the divine light so that we may conquer the forces behind. The behind are they left, the forces of lack and scarcity. The un-elevated souls who seek no sympathy as they fall. The fall of the forces of unknown. The forces of those who can’t stand to look. Whose eyes shall be blinded by the light. They are torn apart by the Force of Light, of the Inner Divine, the Ones Who Shine. We shine so bright there’s more future in clear sight, future prediction of bright blue light. There may be forces unseen, voices unheard, divine will in the nooks of the Universe no one has dared to seek. We will assure you however those nooks will be sought for the highest good of all & new discoveries be found for the greatest good. So may the good fights be fought and brilliant warriors be taught light.

Thank you, Andromedan Lizard Warriors of Light.

Here are the sign-by-sign predictions / forecasts, please remember Divine Perspective while you read these, don’t project any specifications here – let the Full Moon do it’s thing and as these issues arise, consider what you must. But don’t assume any events just yet. Anchor in as much light as you can, so that the breakthroughs may work in your favour and the highest good of all.

Aries – this is an activation for your higher self and time to look at your personal integrity. For some of you this will be a test of truth. The integrity of your light will be put heart against the feather. Time to tear down those false identities and false selfhood.

Taurus – the past will be seen for the way it is. Any downloads and dreamwork may show you behind so many veils that you may have ignored. Regardless, the real truth will set you free form the chains of past, but you must look at it in the eye. Let yourself meditate.

Gemini – the collective issues may flare up in order to reset your personal group involvements. You will be shown new sides of your community – who’s in it for the highest good of all, versus who is not. Who sees through the BS, and who doesn’t.

Cancer – the future paths you may have considered are being given the same “heart against the feather” evaluation. You will be in the spotlight and in some cases called out, whether it is for any inauthentic behaviours or true light. The path of integrity will be shown.

Leo – the spiritual journeys you have been on will test your commitment. Any false journeys will be torn down. You are being shown new ways to reach more souls, and this means shedding any inauthentic ways you may have done so. Let yourself elevate & graduate.

Virgo – secrets, especially in your psyche, will get the highlight and test of truth. Will you reveal these secrets, depends on your personal journey, but in some cases to keep in integrity and true light, you might need to. The light will shine into your darkness.

Libra – false paradigms revealed in relationships will tear down any veils. You are able to see right through the other person and see where they are. This can be painful, as not everyone has the same level of integrity. Stay true in your light.

Scorpio – you will see what will last in this saturation of light when it comes to your working environment. You will be able to clear any tasks that are not true to you – some of you may even switch jobs to work in more authentic roles and environments.

Sagittarius – the creative processes you’ve had going on may be tested and tried this time. The truth of your intentions is revealed, and it’s up to you to correct it and/or qualify it, as sometimes you may not have been fully aware of what you based your intentions on.

Capricorn – family backgrounds may be shaken up, as there may have been stories untold and mysteries unresolved, that are cleared up and revealed now. This can be an emotionally intense time, as what you were built on is being shown in full picture.

Aquarius – who you grew up with, aka your peer group and sibling relations might reveal some uncomfortable truths, especially considering what characteristics you’ve taken on and what actually isn’t serving your REAL truth and integrity. Speak honestly.

Pisces – your values are going through a big shift for the highest good of all, as the inauthentic paradigms and false realities, collective brainwashing is being flushed out of you. For once, you’re seeing what YOU really value and where YOUR skills can be best used.

There you go. I know this is a bit intense and I don’t always get these types of messages, but this message has been coming through the last few days very strongly, fight for the light. Part of the reason why I’ve taken a couple of days completely offline, and boy oh boy have I had my protective methods up.

This Andromedan Lizard Collective can help protect you in this time of intensity. The Lizard Starseeds come for any defensive and protective roles in our spiritual experience. Take their assistance, but also be aware that their nature is a bit more fiery than for example the Pleiadeans. This energy has supported me in times of great fragility, and that’s why I believe some of them are linked to Andromeda, the Cosmic Princess Archetype. Many Andromedan Humans are typically quite sensitive due to this multidimensional experience.

Thank you for reading. I hope this serves you well.

-Alvia (he/him)

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