Inspiring Alien Art




A Look at the Methods of Inspiring Alien







I love trying out different colored inks. I’ve got into ink drawings/paintings quite recently yet quickly fell in love with the method. The other than black colors speak to me, specifically. Ink allows me to do both interesting patterns, wide areas of color and detailed drawings at the same time. It’s kind of an in-between method of painting and drawing. That’s why I love it.


Below, Mountain Moonscape, liquid inks and gel pen details.






I got into watercolor while I was in art school. Actually, I thought I hated it and wouldn’t be so talented in it, but once I got myself quality supplies and started practising it in my own way, I fell in love with it and found my method. It’s quick and versatile, you can do pastel, intense and everything in between. You have many ways to mix colors and find your hues. Inspiring Alien Tarot was created with watercolor for the most part, and so will be the Inspiring Alien Oracle.


Below, Ace of Pods from the Inspiring Alien Tarot Deck, watercolor and silver pen.



Digital Collage / Photomanipulation


Digital working is quite new to me even though I’m a true 90s kid – yet once I started doing it, it’s brought a lot of joy and a whole new layer and level of artworking. It’s definitely an underrated method as it can make so many unique twists to the art you’re making, no matter what your preferred method is – traditional painting , sculpting, abstract art, light art, audio art… Digital methods are continuously evolving and that’s why I’d recommend everyone to invest time to learning it.


Below, Moon Gazer, digital photomanipulation/-collage.


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