Do something differently

A picture used in my Inner Rebirth Oracle, by yours truly. It says: “Every second is a new chance to create, to continue, to change”

Change will always happen.

What if you WANT it to happen? But you feel you’re not going through it yet?

ANSWER: Do something differently.

You don’t have to play opposite day (like I have) by taking a cold shower in the morning instead of a warm one in the evening – but you can start small by changing an approach to a thought or putting your pillow to the other side of the bed, organise your bookshelf…

Look at things from a different perspective.

Having so much focus on the struggle itself will keep you stuck. While you cannot ignore any pain you’re working through, you won’t get anywhere if that’s the constant focus of your life… let the pain be. Sometimes you may need to dive deeper into it and find a solution… sometimes all you need is to feel and release, co-exist with it for a second.

Ok so this is just my perspective to you – perspective being necessary for most people – but keep in mind that all situations are unique and you can take from this whatever works for your unique situation…

Or completely ditch it.

However… if you felt something in this text I’d appreciate a comment below in which way you feel this calls you in/out.

What spoke out to you? What’s something you’ve let play on autopilot that you’re willing to re-route?

Until next time,

– ya boi Alvia (he/him)

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