Your creations have value – what you admire is already within you

What I see so often in humanity is dismissing oneself and undervaluing ourselves because “someone else does it better” or “that only happens to the lucky ones”. Excuses are endless.

You never say that to your friends though. You build them up, right? Look at it this way – what you admire in your friend/s.o./coach etc already exists within you. There’s either a seed of this quality or an obvious presence of this thing in your personality. You see what you are or what you’d like to be one day.

We are all one. 

We are.

When someone makes judgements about your creations etc there’s something within THEIR consciousness that needs their attention. Plus it’s often very ego-based. They want to feel better and thus will do their all to push you down.

This is one form of lack-mentality and slightly elitists as well – truth is, there isn’t the best, better or worst, and this is because there’s such a variety of humans, animals and other beings, that it’s A) very unlikely to please everyone B) very unlikely that you won’t resonate with someone.

There’s a market for everything, which I discussed here in my Soundcloud Podcast.

Lastly, if you feel like you lack something, aren’t doing it right, no one wants what you have – this is your chance to see where these feelings come from and change things up if they don’t work that way. Personally, I was following so many different influencers and while many of these people gave amazing advice, some of it was contradictory, either with another one’s advice or my personal viewpoints. So my decision is to do my thing based on my intuition and what feels right and rewarding TO ME. No matter how many people I’m inspiring and influencing, there’s no one person who I should listen to as a preacher or otherwise an authority without fault. Of course these people have helped me a lot in multiple ways, but as of now I’m being myself and giving myself that value that I lost. 

You are unique and needed. There’s someone out there looking for your creations, your assistance, anything at all you’re willing to offer somebody. There’s something in you that they won’t find anywhere else. Keep this thought close to your heart while you’re building your life and influence.

Much love and stardust, dears. 🧡💫👽🧚‍♀️💜

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