What I Mean By Oneness

yellow fractal digital image with text “What I mean by Oneness. Or, what Oneness means to me.”

In the oneness, the All, there are fractals of this One, blending in, interacting, coming together, yet all being variables of the One.

Think of it as a color spectrum… the All, the Unity is the whole spectrum, and our souls are the color variations. Different shades of color in between; not just black and white, not just red and blue, not just orange and green… but ALL those and everything in between. There are shades of similar colors, darker and lighter colors, even some colors considered “pure” and some considered “unnatural” – yet they all co-exist in the same Unity. If I’m a neon yellow and you’re a mustard, we may be variations, fractals, of the same soul group… who knows. If the person next to you is a lime green or an ochre color, they’re probably from a partner soul group or a sibling soul group.

See… the All, Oneness, Unity is not just light, it’s not even just light and dark, but it’s neutral. It’s neutral of any judgement that serves to separate us. It’s neutral of any judgement that serves to polarize us further apart. It shows all as is.

To be a part of the all doesn’t take anything away from you. In fact, it shows you how powerful you really are… by becoming more conscious, you’re taking the surrounding color hues to another level. This is not a hierarchy of control, however – it’s more of an awareness of the different cosmic layers within all of us. So yes, the Oneness is all of us individually as well. There is no separation. You are multidimensional, like it or not, and for some of you this is a hard pill to swallow because you just wanna live your life in a stale, stagnant, never progressing space. But that’s only going to make things harder in the long run. Because life and humanity changes constantly. We evolve constantly… and even just looking at the days of the week, you’ll probably find small variations and changes in the days anyway…

The evolution of consciousness has been here for a while and if on the other hand you’re one of those people who wants to get to the 5D waiting for it, wondering why we’re not there yet… change your perspective because we’ve been there for a good while. The people who still think we’re “on the way” are creating that exact reality for themselves… always on the way but never arrived. And those of you who simply don’t see it… I said: it’s already here. You’re not gonna escape it, no one is, but sure you can ignore it all you want and that’s none of my business *Kermit sips tea*

Multidimensional layers of you are always accessible to you. The 5D, 6D, 7D and more, they’re all in you already – because you are the Oneness and it is you. They just show you how the fractals get smaller. When they get smaller, they get closer to the Source. The All. Eventually, the zero point. Where everything is created. Where anything can become anything, everything can become anything, anything can become everything. You can find a zero point within you as well… but that’s for another time.

You have a higher self. Your higher self has fractals of all of the dimensions… different manifestations of each in a way. Your higher self follows these energy flows, and not all of their guidance may make sense at first in human terms, which is another thing I’d like to touch on. Your human self is what we sometimes call the lower self, but to avoid the feeling of hierarchy, I’ll just call it our human self. Lol. This is your psychology, physiology, rationale, emotions, impulses, reactions, even your ego. Though the way I see the ego death is different to how many people see it, I do see the ego as the one who wants to control, above all. I feel that the ego does manifest differently in all of us, but the main thing is, how is your ego controlling? There could be many connections to all of the other human levels in your ego and there usually is, but the main theme with an ego consciousness is the need of separation and how someone’s ego works can take things to either way. I personally, however, see the ego neutrally. I ask it questions and challenge it. But I always surrender to my higher self, because my higher self knows that the limitations are self created most of the time… actually, they’re ego created. Judging the ego will, again, make this whole process very painful for you. Because of course the ego is part of the Oneness but it doesn’t want to admit it! The ego wants separation. Some spiritual people and practitioners go through a spiritual ego phase which basically shows you the whole “omg why are these people so 3D?!”-syndrome. Judgement of those who are not spiritual – note, that to state a fact is not judgement – is spiritual ego. Trying to force control over those who, according to you are living in the 3D, is spiritual ego.

Like I said, it’s none of my business that people choose to ignore the evolution of consciousness. It’s none of my business that some want to ignore the spiritual in their daily lives… but what is my business, what is my responsibility, is to inform people. Inform through my neutral approach and respect your free will. I’m not leading anything here. I’m not here to convert people. Just expressing. My higher self does this sometimes. And I would encourage anyone, in any circumstances, to follow their calling. To listen to those desires for a more ideal life circumstance. To make sure you live your life stream and not somebody else’s timeline. To shine as you are. To go for it anyway. To truly embody your higher self… grow and evolve. It’s your choice.

atrwork with a Vortex picture, finger’s touching like the Michelangelo artwork but comic book style, with text “inspiring starseed”

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