Jupiter Direct in Aquarius & Mercury in Libra Going Direct Transit Report 18th October 2021

Astrological Forecast for Jupiter in Aquarius and Mercury in Libra going direct October 18th 2021 with Human Design Gates Interpretation

Astrological chart of Jupiter and Mercury going direct on a cityscape background

In this blog post we’ll look at the effects that Jupiter and Mercury going direct on the same day will have for each rising sign with astrology and human design gates. Before the forecast, here’s a brief overview.

Jupiter and Mercury have been working in tandem so far while retrograde. They’ve been working on our mental and social frameworks in order to give us a clean slate to work with and to reassess our capacities as well as communication skills so that they may work at their best.

This year’s retrogrades have been happening in the air signs, so this has put an extra emphasis in the groups we roll in, other social aspects of life such as communication and articulation, and how our thoughts shape our reality. Certain ways of learning, attention span and technology have also been on the forefront as the themes of these retrogrades and other transiting planetary placements, such as the Nodal Axis in Gemini and Sagittarius and Saturn in Aquarius.

In Human Design we’re talking about mostly Throat Center energy, Emotional Center and Splenic Center for the majority of these retrogrades, there has been some Heart/G Center activity as well, but this current retrograde motion deals with Emotional Center and Splenic Center.

Jupiter goes direct in gate 49.4

Line 4 – Platform

How is our platform utilised in order to keep our communities emotionally safe and nurturing? What can we do that’s in our power to do in order to radicalise the things that our community can do? How do we let go of old agreements that simply cause more harm rather than healing?

Choose to empower higher realities now – there’s no need to reinforce the old structure that simply doesn’t serve, doesn’t work and doesn’t provide healing, nurturing and empowerment. The 4th line is the most social – the Opportunist. So the theme, the importance of one’s community comes to the forefront. Throughout this retrograde we might have felt like either expanding our circles or shrink them. Once these planets go direct, we will have clarity on which way to go.

Mercury goes direct in gate 48.1

Line 1 – Insignificance

How can we incorporate this depth into our current lives? How can we make more space to be in the now in order to tap into these deeply valuable insights? How can we serve the collective and our communities with this wisdom?

Recognising what IS significant and must pay attention to. Collective circuitry, deep & practical application of logic. The awareness of the Depth, our deepest knowledge that can change lives, is important to recognise. We must recognise this in ourselves first, until it can be seen by others. The first line can make this challenging because we’re starting the journey and can only see the first step.

Mercury is in Gate 57 for a few days before going direct in gate 48.

There could be confusion (line 1) before we get back in touch with our depth. Talked about gate 48 a little bit in Hyades video. Mercury goes through this gate backwards super quickly, it’s just 4 days from October 6th to October 10th, so we might have recently felt this type of confusion in our lives.

Jupiter Returns to 55.3, where it went retrograde, on January 9th 2022. Evolving energy starts to unfold on January 13th as Jupiter moves to the 4th line of gate 55. Technically we’re still dealing with this year’s themes until January.

Line 3 – Innocence. I have already tapped into this energy, as it states; failure is possible and doesn’t need to bash one’s spirit, as long as we have done our best. I’d say it never would, but in this case the message is stronger. As I’ve stated before, in the abundant Universe, there are always second chances. Unless it’s meant to go away. We’re talking about the Spirit of Abundance, not capitalist vampirism.


Aries: Jupiter in 11th house, gate 49 trine Mercury in 7th house, gate 48

This energy manifests quite literally for Aries rising. It touches on revolutionising the bigger circles and social groups you may be rolling in, remembering that it’s important to surround yourself with the right people in order to make those dreams true. You may find yourself manifesting through groups, in other words, connecting with people who are manifesting the same thing and it comes to reality through that. Mercury in your 7th house with the Gate of Depth activated shows the need for your one on one relationships and connections to get deeper. Therefore, the more deeper you go, and the more supportive your closest connections are, the more things will feel like a dream again. Your closest friends may be of great support in getting those bucket list items claimed. It may feel like the unfitting participants are now out of the way so that these things are going more smoothly now.

Taurus: Jupiter in 10th house, gate 49 trine Mercury in 6th house, gate 48

You may find yourself surprised with the recognition you’re receiving once Jupiter and Mercury go direct. The word will be going around the office further since your deeper insights are becoming more appreciated and wide known, since Mercury is in your 6th house. It may be more busy at this time, however, so prepare to speak to people about any raises or other benefits you might want to be receiving form your efforts at work. This is a very work and career focused transit for you, so any of your big career aspirations are being supported by Jupiter’s revolutionising energy. You can easily change career paths or just make that area of your life more exciting at this time, and have it reach wider than ever before. Go for it!

Gemini: Jupiter in 9th house, gate 49 trine Mercury in 5th house, gate 48

For Gemini rising, this is a creative energy to be playing with. You mind may be buzzing a lot and you may feel quite activated. This is when any of your slowed down manifestations and wishes as well as travel plans can go on again. Goals that reach further can be life changing at this time, since they have an easier time getting on and moving, with Gate 49 being activated in your 9th house. On the other side, there may be culture shocks, so don’t get too spooked, just let yourself be pleasantly surprised. Mercury is asking you to take your creative game deeper. It’s time for you to think deeper about manifestation and birthing new things into the world. These new creations that are backed by your deepest insights, will take off quickly.

Cancer: Jupiter in 8th house, gate 49 trine Mercury in 4th house, gate 48

There are mystical times coming ahead for Cancer risings. Jupiter is making the mysteries quite exciting by activating the gate 49 in your 8th house. Any type of occult studies are thriving again, so is any sort of psychoanalysis and tearing down any emotional walls around intimacy. Mercury transiting gate 48 in your 4th house is providing swift healing when it comes to your roots and deeper sense of emotional foundations. This can be a very nourishing transit for Cancer risings, just make sure you take time to rest and don’t overload your mind with too much of this emotional and mystical work. It’s ok to take breaks!

Leo: Jupiter in 7th house, gate 49 trine Mercury in 3rd house, gate 48

Leos are going into enhancing their communication skills and learning abilities, and sharing this with their supportive one on one connections. Similarly to Aries, the closer connections are really highlighted in their effect for Leo people – with Jupiter transiting the 7th house and Gate 49, closer connections can be quite surprising and life changing in their effect. With Mercury transiting gate 48 in the 3rd house, it’s adding more depth to things that are being talked about. So no, this is definitely not small talk for Leos, and the need for the deep talk comes to the forefront. This is what will bring you closer to your one on one connections. This is what will aid in further breakthroughs among your closest friendship circles and partners.

Virgo: Jupiter in 6th house, gate 49 trine Mercury in 2nd house, gate 48

Services may be bringing in more money for Virgos and for some, they may even travel for their jobs or take further education for their new services and offers. This is something revolutionary in the work field or work environment. There may be widely expansive changes happening at the workplace, which in turn will bring you favours and ease to work there. There’s also a ripple effect to more income, but this may take more work as it is with 2nd house transits, in this case Mercury. Mercury is asking you to perform deeper work, however, so do not even think about rushing through this process. Rushing will make it hasty and might provide you with more money, but you want to honour the depth that Gate 48 brings, as that will ripple back to the office to get you further ahead again. Stay in the flow with the changes that are happening.

Libra: Jupiter in 5th house, gate 49 trine Mercury in 1st house, gate 48

Libra risings may feel like their life is moving on again. And it’s moving forward in much more profound way with the gate 48 activated by Mercury in the 1st house. Their creative life and free time is shaken up in the most positive way with Jupiter activating the Gate of Revolution. There’s an abundance of beautiful new things being manifested, that are life changing. The depth of the spirit of Libra is showing up in their life in the way they assert themselves and put themselves out there. How they speak about themselves, what their thoughts about themselves are – these things go deep, so contemplations are providing beautiful insights which will allow for more effortless creation of things of all kinds.

Scorpio: Jupiter in 4th house, gate 49 trine Mercury in 12th house, gate 48

Home life will get smoother for Scorpio risings, but it may came out of the blue in a new way. There may be a solution you weren’t ready for, and it’s important to take it so that an interesting home life can be supported in the future. You could also find yourself in a refreshed emotional state, where things just feel a lot better this time, and Mercury in your 12th house transiting the gate of depth will assist you in getting enough rest and rejuvenation – the insights that come through dreams and psychic trance can be super profound so make sure you write those things down and keep them with you. There could be loss, however (I’m being guided to include this), which may be surprising as with the gate of revolution Jupiter can be shaking things up in your 4th house and the 12th house is sometimes showing loss, so take care of your emotional wellness at this time.

Sagittarius: Jupiter in 3rd house, gate 49 trine Mercury in 11th house, gate 48

Sagittarius risings are having a similar mind buzz to Gemini, but slightly different effect. You may be finding yourself more talkative, and the talk you’re talking is shifting people around. and being highly impactful in not just your circle, but in bigger collectives. Essentially, your voice is very broadly reaching and it’s helping you to connect deeper to your bigger dreams and goals. Your siblings and peers may be highly supportive of your bigger wishes at this time, so there may be lucky breaks and favours of all kinds, changing your life and theirs as well. It’s important for you to go deep into your dreams and wishes, those big aspirations you may have for yourself and your life, as the gate 48 in your 11th house suggests further digging, and then sharing this with the ones you trust.

Capricorn: Jupiter in 2nd house, gate 49 trine Mercury in 10th house, gate 48

Bigger financial gains can really support Capricorn risings in getting to their bigger career goals. The Gate 49 activation in the 2nd house is providing revolutionary shifts in the way you work and make your money, allowing those seeds of coin to reach further. The tree is growing at a rapid rate again, and branching more than you could expect. These fruits in this tree are then supporting those bigger public goals you might have, to be seen for your deeper knowledge, your deeper thoughts, and for your deeper talks to be heard with Mercury activating the gate 48 in your 10th house. Just be aware that there may be more work and you might be more needed in the public sphere as well so to balance any labour with more public appearances is key.

Aquarius: Jupiter in 1st house, gate 49 trine Mercury in 9th house, gate 48

Aquarius risings may feel like changing their appearances and revolutionising the whole way in which they live their lives… It’s much supported, and the results can be very far reaching! Just do this responsibly in a way where you’re not overpromising or over giving. Take care of what you really can handle and focus on the things in your life that absolutely need revolutionising. With Mercury bringing in the Gate of Depth in your 9th house, you may get deeper insights spiritually or academically, even from other cultures and for a few of you, from traveling abroad. This variety of things far away from you is allowing you to see your life differently by getting these deeper insight from them, and live more according to who you are meant to be in this lifetime.

Pisces: Jupiter in 12th house, gate 49 trine Mercury in 8th house, gate 48

With Jupiter activating the 12th house and the gate of revolution, mystical experiences can be highly life changing and electrifying. On some occasions, some of you may experience loss like the Scorpio risings, especially with the 8th house being another house activated here… but the silver lining shows deeper truths about life and death, even activated mediumship abilities for some of you. So remember to keep up your spiritual practice in the now, as these insights mercury is highlighting in your 8th house with the gate of depth can be super profound. This will be a time of deep rest for most of you, and that is what is getting you ahead. Emotional healing and regeneration is supported and assisted at this time. I’m getting this image of just getting in the candle light and meditating, being quiet in these darkening October nights, sitting in silence…

I hope these forecasts serve you, cutesys 🙂 Make sure you check out the video I created if you didn’t yet – it’s about 20 minutes long and I discuss some tips I have for what to do before Jupiter and Mercury go direct on October 18th. Find it here.

Jupiter Direct – Now What?

Thank you so much for reading,

Alvia (he/him)

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