Astrology, divine timing and the multiverse

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This blog post on Astrology, Divine Timing and the Multiverse was originally inspired by a post I saw shared on a friend’s facebook. Thanks Richard!

The best time to wake up and get out of bed is ALWAYS. It was yesterday, it is today and it is tomorrow. There’s always a lot of high frequency energy to tap into.

– Alvia Crescens

While some dates may be more energetically charged than others – like astrological transits and portal days like Lion’s Gate and astrological lunar and solar Eclipses – there’s energy coming in and moving around at all times through the multiverse, into our whole existence. You do not need to wait for a specific date of an astrological transit to bring all of these energies to you. The multiverse is always available to you. The dimensions are always there.

All you need to do is tap in.

Work with it.


This does not mean that astrology is invalid or incorrect, I actually had a short back and forth with my friend Krista Raisa about 2012 vs 2020 and how it seems that the collective is questioning authority etc and how much that fear pressure energy isn’t really working out in the favour of those who truly want to raise the consciousness. Questioning the authorities really lines up with the Pluto Jupiter Saturn conjunctions in Capricorn and Saturn and Jupiter moving into Aquarius. So in a way this might be a divine timing for all of that restructuring of these paradigms.

When I talk about fear & pressure energies, I’m talking about people trying to get you into thinking that there’s some kind of divine pressure (??? Is that even possible???) that some teachers are preaching which may even come across as fear porn, “this is the year!! You’ll miss out!!”-type energy… I’m not talking about addressing important conversations like human rights – those are similar in a way that they need to be addressed consistently. The most high vibe action is making sure that your fellow humans and non-human animals are ok. For the highest good of all.

Divine timing then? This is where the ego really needs to step back. In a way I personally do not believe in the complete dissolving of ego (I’m willing to be challenged) but I see this as higher self override and embodiment so that the ego is no longer so loud.

To see divine timing and where it is happening, the ego needs to step back in order to really see what’s happening, from a distance. Before that can happen we usually need to process emotions especially when it’s a painful experience. Divine timing is something that isn’t all dark or light… It really is all. It may show up similarly through transits, but it could be on a damn astrological retrograde as well! And then you wonder, wow I took that chance on a retrograde and it went so well. Or you end up with regrets as you didn’t because it was a retrograde… so, perspective.

When you work from a potential, potent, powerful energy instead of dreading the retrogrades or Mars squaring Pluto and instead go where the energy flows, you don’t need to wait for that “life changing transit”. They’re all life changing if you want them to be. Magic is everywhere.

-Alvia Crescens

Peace out, cutesys.

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