Solar Eclipse in Gemini 2021: Astrology and Human Design Transit Forecast for All Zodiac Signs

The Solar Eclipse in Gemini this June 2021 marks the beginning of a new pathway taken by our higher selves, when it comes to the house that in our birth charts that it’s in, as well as a few other houses that are connected to it and the planets that are transiting other Zodiac signs currently. The effect of this eclipse and the processes started by it will come around 3-6 months, some culminations may be quicker, some slower. It all depends on how you’re utilising this energy wave.

The signs most affected, but not only, are Gemini, Aquarius, Pisces and Taurus. Especially those of us who have more than one of these in our charts and those of us who have our Sun, Moon and/or Rising sign / Ascendant sign in these, are feeling this. Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) will also be feeling this especially strong, and so are fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).

We are looking at the following transits: Solar Eclipse in Gemini – Sun, Moon and North Node in Gate 45, Mercury Retrograde in Gemini in Gate 45, Saturn in Aquarius Retrograde Gate 13, Neptune in Pisces Gate 36 and Jupiter in Pisces Gate 55 connecting to Venus in Cancer in Gate 39 as a Channel of emoting. All of this and more is discussed on the youtube video report I created.

Make sure you watch the introduction on my Youtube channel so that this information on my blog makes sense. Diving into Astrology and Human Design per each rising sign in depth… GO!

Aries: Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Gate 45 in 3rd house, Saturn Retrograde Gate 13 in 11th House, Neptune Gate 36 in 12th house, Channel 55-39 in houses 12 & 4

The events started by this Solar Eclipse may bring about new ways of relating to wider collectives and friend groups, both small and wide, old and new. The connections made in the next few months may bring such transformations that the constant seeking of knowledge outside oneself is disappearing. Friends can provide so much valuable knowledge at this time, where no book can compare. Meanwhile, some older peer associations and friendship situations that simply no longer last are going away, as the past associations and situations are challenged and Neptune is bringing more clarity to this. The downloads that the Aries folx are getting at this time can provide assistance in solving problems of the past as well as channel wisdom in regards to timelines with people they’re coming into contact with or re-introducing themselves to. Home environment and inner world, inner compass recalibration while harmonised, is going through adjustments based on the wealth of knowledge pouring in from the Divine realms and how that is integrated and worked with to the current & future self and their timelines. Repressed emotions should be released and worked through, with these energy alignments this should be rather easy though.

Taurus: Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Gate 45 in 2nd house, Saturn retrograde gate 13 in 10th house, Neptune Gate 36 in 11th house, Channel 55-39 in houses 11 & 3

Gathering of resources and including other people and new tools in career matters is a theme for Taurus people. There may be big shifts in how income is diversified and revamped so that it will serve the legacy and future professional goals. The pondering of how others will be impacted by future career choices may come about as one’s potential is finally seen and an opportunity to connect more and hear more gets enhanced. There could even be a chance to have a whole new income stream to delete old debts and drains to income. Simultaneously, relations to wider collectives and certain friendgroups may go through crises and emotional challenges which have to be balanced with. Connections with peers and old friends are harmonised – localities go smoothly, and end up supportive of the bigger dreams, but there may be a rough start or simply a shock (not necessarily in a negative / harmful sense). Misunderstandings must be clarified with both new and old associations, especially when they relate to work and money. Do the inner work when it comes to your communication and thought processes – this could be a big reason why some things might have been hard to manifest.

Gemini: Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Gate 45 in 1st house, Saturn retrograde gate 13 in 9th house, Neptune Gate 36 in 10th house, Channel 55-39 in houses 10 & 2

The Higher Self, new self expression and image upgrades are all a big theme for Gemini folx in the next few months. This new radiant expression attracts the right crowd and possibly repels the old ones who simply don’t fit into the picture. Old ways of learning and relating to the outer world are revised and furnished. Recognise, where you let yourself be limited by so called restrictions of the outer world (but don’t do anything silly, ok?) and break out of those containers. Gemini people will also have a change to draw in more revenue sources and work on their legacy and big picture career goals. Widening of the legacy is amplified with the harmonising effect of Venus in 2nd house. Make sure you know what you can do best – do not settle for jobs that you are just ok at. Join things that you value, as the gate 39 challenges us to create a harmonious inner world to draw in everything that gate 55 can offer. This transit affects you beautifully, but remember to work through it with your highest self and highest potential harnessed, in order to let all of this beauty unfold.

Cancer: Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Gate 45 in 12th house, Saturn retrograde gate 13 in 8th house, Neptune Gate 36 in 9th house, Channel 55-39 in houses 9 & 1

While it may feel like the past just won’t let go, there may be hidden treasures to be discovered there, while a new sense of peace is found with the past. Old routines are being weeded out in order to find more quiet time. Busy work is diminishing, rejuvenating solitude enhanced. There is a way to find a peaceful work rhythm. In the next few months, Cancers gotta let themselves be heard. A way to clear repressed emotions, thoughts and situations can bring the Cancerians to a whole new way of expressing oneself and with Venus transiting 1st in Gate 39 it is supportive of the inner work & self development which can really boost the spiritual expansion and growth of one’s world. A healing crisis may be likely at this time though considering Neptune’s position, so just let yourself lean in and work with it. Take some down time if/when you need it. Psychological issues can be worked through by revising any structures that one’s mind has built around and upon itself in order to get protection – many fears are vanishing, but they may be faced head on first. These layers are being worked on.

Leo: Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Gate 45 in 11th house, Saturn retrograde gate 13 in 7th house, Neptune Gate 36 in 8th house, Channel 55-39 in houses 8 & 12

Friendship groups are tightening for Leos, and the compassionate exchanges are bringing purposeful pieces of the puzzle together. These people are helping us solve many issues in regards to bigger challenges that not just our circles, but our world at large has had to deal with. There can also be gatherings when it comes to big goals of ours, bucket list items, so to speak. The key here is to allow that union to happen and listen carefully, where that union must happen. Neptune may really challenge us with bringing fears and challenges to us, but will also clarify what the lesson is or what needs to be worked on. Dreamwork can help with funding some of these dreams and with connecting with the Spirit. Yes, I said FUNDING. Do not doubt your intuition at this time as the treasure can be literal. Possibility for inheritance is also there, but in some cases it might involve a loss and therefore healing must be done. While there may be pain, there is also a chance to work with the energy of these transits in a very deep way.

Virgo: Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Gate 45 in 10th house, Saturn retrograde gate 13 in 6th house, Neptune Gate 36 in 7th house, Channel 55-39 in houses 7 & 11

Big career milestones can get their seeds in the near future. There may even be a redefining of what the future hold for the career advancements. Finding all of the resources that are needed for these shifts to happen is the theme of the problem solving and leaps of faith. Some distractions in the home area or even a move may happen at the same time in order to accommodate these bigger work goals. While Saturn is helping to see what needs to be restructured and fixed, this transit will also add solidity into these career developments. Neptune may get Virgo folx aware of closer associations and contracts that may not be of use for the future as in people who may purposefully try to hold us back. The Channel of Emoting in houses 7 and 11 will bridge the right alliances with the groups which Virgos can get closer to and feel harmony in as well as call attention to which parts of us attract or repel these collectives that we want to work with.

Libra: Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Gate 45 in 9th house, Saturn retrograde gate 13 in 5th house, Neptune Gate 36 in 6th house, Channel 55-39 in houses 6 & 10

This eclipse is spiritually and creatively activating for Libras. If some manifestations or pleasure projects have fallen through before, this time period will be great for revising or even restarting them. The right people will show up once you tap into the energy. There may even be a new spiritual path or a new trip abroad that distances Libras from the localities for a while. There may however be some confusion around the timetables and mundane aspects of these beautiful shifts – the veils will eventually drop and with a bit of extra work there will also be a higher purpose to daily tasks. What do we need to do now in this moment in order to make our mark on the world? The mundane will tie into these spiritual revelations rather smoothly as long as the time is carved into the calendar. Libras need to make sure they take care of their health – some things that are going on now are long term so making sure that health issues don’t get out of hand is important for wellness in the future. Do your inner work in regards to the legacy you want to leave on the planet, Libra folx.

Scorpio: Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Gate 45 in 8th house, Saturn retrograde gate 13 in 4th house, Neptune Gate 36 in 5th house, Channel 55-39 in houses 5 & 9

A new start possibly in regards to home environment and newfound stability may arrive with inheritance. On the more mystical side of things, this could be a deeply transformative life change in any other life area, but the consistent feeling here is stability through that change. A stability that goes deeper. Many inner resources are getting a revision as well. Inheritance could come from more than one person and there could be some working around with organising inherited things here. Storytelling with family/families, whether chosen or blood, could provide more tools to coping with any hardship – a sense of “shared survival”, no one’s left behind in case of any pain arriving. There is a bit of a bittersweet feeling as some beautiful things could be manifesting as well – if the conditions are there, there could be a birth and a death at the same time whether literal or metaphorical, but please don’t catastrophise, take this as it comes. Whatever happens, it will provide newfound spiritual knowledge and wisdom. The phrasing “what we know of and can’t ignore” becomes very relevant for the inner work of your 9th house – is there anything that you Scorpio folx may have brushed off too quickly and hastily?

Sagittarius: Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Gate 45 in 7th house, Saturn retrograde gate 13 in 3rd house, Neptune Gate 36 in 4th house, Channel 55-39 in houses 4 & 8

New close relationships or existing connections getting new beginnings with many options and problem solving qualities are on the horizon. It feels as though it’s exactly the right people for the right job, people who really help us figure some long term problems out. These people are likely to live nearby or be known from the past – maybe there was some troubles with these people in the past and through compassionate listening and possibly newfound identity through the purge from the previous eclipse, we are able to start on a new foot better than ever. The home environment may shift around a bit, but it feels as though there’s lots of joy and peace is found in order to solve any struggles from the past in this solitude. Emotional challenges are eased out by the harmony of Venus in 8th, gate 39. Inner psychological work is required to achieve this. Bring harmony into your brainwaves by dealing with it softly. This can be a very emotionally healing time for you, Sagittarius.

Capricorn: Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Gate 45 in 6th house, Saturn retrograde gate 13 in 2nd house, Neptune Gate 36 in 3rd house, Channel 55-39 in houses 3 & 7

There may be transformations and new beginnings in the daily work and service side of things, as any sense of illness, loss or uncertainty are leaving. Gatherings with new work teams, client bases and working groups are likely. Financial abilities also get a revamp – maybe some costs and budgets are re-evaluated and estimated, carefully re-considered. There could be a market clash, however, as Neptune in Gate 36 falls into the 3rd house. This is getting solved by closer 1:1 relationships with the 55-39 channel in 3rd and 7th houses. There may even be gifts that help us boost these important working environment shifts. Making sure that right people are included and knowing what the best 1:1 connections are for us is the key to bringing the full potential out of these transits. Looking outside of the local work markets may provide useful in case any Capricorn is looking for a new job – close friends and associations, even work partners you are close with could assist in this type of a thing at this time.

Aquarius: Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Gate 45 in 5th house, Saturn retrograde gate 13 in 1st house, Neptune Gate 36 in 2nd house, Channel 55-39 in houses 2 & 6

New beginnings in romance, fun stuff and manifestation are ahead! This requires solid personal growth effort though. Going through revising personal growth strategies and evaluating self-expression in regards to how one can get most out of life. Listening to one’s higher self, true self, is so necessary here. That will assist us into what most needs to be manifested or be created and who’s the right romantic partner right now. There could even be group dates or speed dates this summer. Where can we focus on fun for its own sake? Some confusion about one’s abilities and finances can come about, and it’s important to take this challenge as a growth spurt. There could be a new way to serve which can provide additional income or a better job which can simultaneously give a confidence boost and assist in making these new beginnings possible. Doing the inner work in how much can be given out as an act of service is important here, and how much is fair to give whether it’s time, effort, work or money. Doing a re-evaluation of one’s physical and material resources and taking care of one’s health is a big theme for Aquarians. If the health side hasn’t been taken seriously, this Venus transit will make that incorporation very easy.

Pisces: Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Gate 45 in 4th house, Saturn retrograde gate 13 in 12th house, Neptune Gate 36 in 1st house, Channel 55-39 in houses 1 & 5

Isolation is bringing a newfound sense of inner peace, and home environments are shifting as a result of need for it. Time spent privately is getting the attention from the constant need to be public, seen and achieving things. Gatherings at home can come about as one listens to the nudges of intuition and dreamworlds. A new home may be manifested after a chapter in working life or career path is closed. Similarly to Cancerians, Pisces folx may go through a vibe of the past not letting them go or past being completely re-contextualised which can spark identity crises or new revelations about one’s past and life path forward. On the other hand, fun activities and even romance can lighten up the mood for Pisces folx, as long as the inner work is done in regards to what type of fun is true to oneself and what type of partners are the best for us. This summer can be an intuitive booster and powerful for manifestations as long as that sense of true self and authentic self-expression is harnessed in order to make it happen. It’s not a time to fake it til you make it – more so, get familiar with the feeling and feel it til it manifests.

I hope this report serves you well and helps you out in navigating this eclipse season and working with the energies! Thanks so much for reading!


Alvia (he/him)

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