Learning astrology has never been easier

Learning astrology has never been easier

youtube video with a thumbnail: image of astrology books, pen, astrological charts and sparkles. On top of this background image there’s an astrological chart and text “learn astrology fast!” in capitals.

The last couple of years have brought in a boom in astrology resources and astrologers with the information era, that some may call the Age of Aquarius. When I started learning and practicing astrology for real real, it was somewhere around 2017, I was already practicing witchcraft and reading tarot cards, and since I was pretty damn depressed I didn’t have much else I could find the energy to put into, aside from creating some youtube videos and taking some instagram pictures. I wanted to deepen my witchcraft by making it more me – making it more cosmic, true to a starseed, by adding astrology into the game. It wasn’t just about new moons and full moons anymore, it was about meteor showers and transiting planets, astrological eclipses having a big role in how my life started to change in the coming years. To this day, the importance of astrological eclipses is significant in my reality creation, and I find myself making big turns in those times.

Alvia being an angsty twenty-something in 2017.
Selfie of Alvia: semi-short pink hair with a fringe, metallic purple lipstick and bold, trad-goth-punk-esque eye makeup. He's wearing a yellow shirt, two necklaces and a septum ring.
Alvia being an angsty twenty-something in 2017.

Even though this beginning to my astrology journey was only 4 years ago, I got pretty deep into these studies, and had the side of tarot symbolism to support my journey. It was easy to learn another language, another symbolic way to interpret the signal and symbols of the universe, to tap into the consciousness of the One and All, as per filtered through the Higher Self. Back then I didn’t have all of these words, but I was highly tapped into energy in general. I knew energy was behind everything. Something was there. More words to describe energy came through my studies with astrology. There were a few people I watched on youtube who inspired me to go deeper. I wanted to understand myself and other people. I wanted to understand the Universe – why things happened and how things could go. I learned from many people on many other platforms too, including Tumblr, Instagram, Witches Amino and even Facebook. I read books, to mention a few: The 12 Houses*, Astrology for Dummies*, Eclipses: Astrological Guideposts*, Astrological Transits*…

Youtube was a big one, however, and still is to this day – which is where you’ll find my video for learning astrology fast. It’s way quicker and easier now with all of these resources, even when I started there was a lot of information, but now, in 2021? There’s even more, imagine being like, older, well post-Saturn and having had to learn this in bookstores and libraries and *gasp*… actual classrooms? The times have changed. I wanted to make this video for 10 tips to learning astrology in depth, faster, so that you can get an understanding on what it takes and how it works. I have some weird tips in here that you may have not heard about, but it’s very energy based and in that way hands-on and practical, even though my style is not the most practical out there. I’d say it’s practical-magical, if anything. Haha.

Let me know how it helps you out 🙂

-Alvia (he/him)

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