Misunderstood Mercury

picture of planet Mercury with a flower shaped picture in the middle with twins in the middle of the flower shape and zodiac signs around the edges, with text on front of the image saying: Misunderstood Mercury?

So if you didn’t know, Mercury is retrograde. If that’s too obvious, this is not:


Most people would say that THEY get misunderstood through this time. I have too, actually, because I’m loud and proud, but my message here is about the “panic of retrograde” that seems to pop in at this transit.

Mercury Retrograde is no reason to fear and hide in a cupboard. Unless you lost something in there, then keep on searching through that cupboard 😂 OK, jokes aside, knowing that Mercury is retrograde can get you more calm and centred as you’re aware of this energy – you know that this response from others and the slowing down Zodiacal energy, with possibly technological interruptions may manifest, so you be chill! It’s easier to accept things, grow and life a peaceful life when you know what energies influence us from the Cosmos.

Is there something you need to do that Mercury retrograde posts tell you not to do? Truly, you can do whatever you want. The retrograde effect may cause some delays, however, or misunderstandings in the details. So if you need to for example buy something, read the info and contracts, especially fine print, make sure you understand it. If you’re doing something important, make sure you’ve got everything you need in order to make it successful, whatever a satisfactory successful result is to you.

Look up my previous posts and videos about Mercury retrograde for more insight.

Know where the planets are in relation to YOUR chart. Want to know more about YOUR birthchart? I do present focused, clarifying birthchart readings for those who might have an idea of what certain things mean but would like more assistance in getting to know their inner energy dynamics as well as transits. Link to these is right here.

Love and stardust,


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