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Pretty much every time retrogrades occur in astrological transits, both you and I witness the chatter that goes along the same lines of chaos and fear… ok maybe not that intense, but the same old disorganised, disempowering perceptions.

It seems that suddenly one’s individual free will gets compromised for a retrograde. Which actually doesn’t happen – but it seems like it because the power to live your life gets externalised to a planetary body. When in reality you have the power all along.

Astrology and astrological transits, reports and prophecies are not about fear, paranoia and catastrophising results – it simply is not the way. The planets are in YOU. The Universe has NO AGENDA.

The Universe works with what you give to it as well as how you’re using what it gives to you.

The planets are always assisting us. Always. Whether retrograde or not, whether transiting your 8th house or not – it is all divine assistance and it’s up to you to receive it or ignore it. It doesn’t matter how comfortable this assistance is – it’s assistance regardless. Simply energies interacting with our fields. For some they feel easier than others because of our own frequency. But we all have the capability to adjust to frequency shifts – whether planetary, galactic or otherwise multidimensional.

Some examples from my own life: any transits to my 8th house Saturn have been highly influential as they’ve taught me major life lessons (as Saturn often does), but they’ve also come with a double edged sword effect since Saturn does not sugar coat ANYTHING. Even as soft as mine is, in Pisces. There’s been both a blessing and a lesson as well as big impactful Saturnian teaching. Usually they culminate around the exact dates of conjunctions. Learning and integrating these lessons brings me far better results than avoiding my own responsibility and my own part in the co-creation that is called life.

The choice is yours. I’ve given many tips before on my platforms on dealing with retrogrades so give those a read or watch on youtube… but my best tips always are:

  1. Be patient
  2. Sleep on it
  3. Don’t take yourself too seriously, life goes on

I’ll link a video I made earlier in 2020 on my youtube right here, about Mercury Retrograde. Take a look and subscribe, as there’s another one coming 😉

Love and stardust,


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