Birthcharts and personal growth

Your Astrological Natal Birthchart isn’t meant to limit you – How to dissolve self-imposed limitations and avoid astrological self-sabotage

I don’t have to show how much student loan I owe to prove my astrological natal birthchart accurate.

I don’t have to cling to my addictions to affirm my astrological weaknesses in my birth chart.

If you use your astrology as an excuse to not grow, you’re doing it wrong. Start to use it as a tool for self-awareness, acknowledgement and a complete picture in order to evolve and become the best you that you can be. There’s only one you, and that’s what the art of astrology can show us.

See what you can do with it. I’m a troubleshooter so I like to look at both strengths and weaknesses in an astrological natal birthchart. Although I don’t believe any astrological planet is weak per se, some are usually stronger or in their ruled zodiac signs, therefore they have more power in their placements. The concept of dominant planets and dominant zodiac signs will assist in seeing this, same with the ruler of your chart which is the ruler of your ascendant. I look at the big picture but also relevance – sure I could look at all of your houses for a love query, but that wouldn’t be specific enough… So I’d rather look at the relevant houses and placements for that, like 5th 7th 8th and 11th houses and planets like Venus, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Sun, Asteroid Juno and then aspects and rulers.

That’s my two cents on the personal growth perspective in astrology and how I find the most use out of astrology anyway. See the video I’ve linked above to hear more of my thoughts and stories on this topic. I’ll definitely post more thoughts about this topic in the future.

Love and stardust and joy for your astrological exploration,

-Alvia (he/him)

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