Sparkles in the sewer stream

artwork showing a dystopian cyberpunk figure juggling three spheres, background of grey cogs, flash of light

In a cyber-dystopic atomic steampunk world I like to swim in the sparkling sewer stream. That is me when it’s not fun to live. But why is the sewer stream sparkling?⠀

Because there’s beauty in that transformation. ⠀

Because no matter how filthy the water is – it’s still water, aka the elixir of life that we all drink.⠀

Because that was the previous purpose of this water, it was providing health and life for someone. ⠀

Because as much as the water washes away the waste, it can also infect us if not filtered…

So the lesson is, filter in the sparkles. Filter out the crap. Keep your circumstances clear and nice. Keep it warm and flickering, like that beautiful scented candle you got yourself last October.⠀

Much love,

Alvia (he/him)

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