Mercury Retrograde Transit Guide

How To Get What You Want in Mercury Retrograde; a guide to working with Mercury Retrograde energy with interpretations for each house Mercury transits

When Mercury goes retrograde, we often think of our options from a limited perspective, as we tend to think of it as a very introverted energy. While that’s true, it doesn’t make it passive or inactive; it simply does it’s thing differently.

Mercury retrograde can be a powerful time of revision, reconsideration, realignment, re-allowance as well as regeneration and returns of all kinds. We could go on and on with the re-words – let’s be honest, we’re gonna reword a thing or two this time lol – but the main thing is, the movement of Mercury is not so straightforward in this time and that’s what tends to be a bit tricky for some people.

It must be also said that everything in my video above and here in this post is just my perspective and how I would go about working with any active manifestation at this time, such as spellwork and new intentions. Another thing I’d like to say before we move on is that if it doesn’t succeed, it teaches you a lesson. Mercury retrograde may just be the time you reframe your mentality and attitude to certain things, because things are likely to go different than the plans. Consider that this time around and move accordingly.

There’s plenty of ways to work with Mercury Retrograde energy, some of which I’ve shared in my video. I’d like to offer more to chew on, however, and at the end of this post you’ll find a general guide to transiting Mercury Retrograde in each astrological house.

That said, here are some ways to work with the Mercury Retrograde energy:

  • Slowing things down when desired; is something going too quickly? You can slow it down easily in this energy! This will help in making sure that things don’t go off the handle and fly out of the window because the pace is too damn fast.
  • Taking a mental health break; especially for certain placements this can be a very helpful time to take care of your brains. Contemplation is supported, so therapy can definitely thrive here.
  • Doing a general life review; especially in the area of life (astrological house) it hits for you, a general review on what’s working, what’s not, any gaps and blind spots as well as ways to improve and so on, this can be the perfect timing.
  • In terms of metaphysics and magic, reversals and gossip banishing can be super easy at this time (thanks to Nico for these suggestions! See his videos here and here).
  • Retrospective readings; look back at what happened in certain transits, especially for the last time Mercury was retrograde in this sign. This can show you what may return this time around as well as what types of processes you may continue this time.
  • Continue the things you had to stop for whatever reason; especially when they mean a lot to you and have a special place in your heart. Be mindful in each circumstance though, as some of these things are meant to be let go.
  • Become a mindful AF communicator; personal share here, I had a Mercury Retrograde on top of my natal Sun in 2021, and it definitely highlighted where I needed to be more mindful in my communication. This time around as I’m writing this, I’m studying this even more and tweaking up my communication skills even more. Doing this in your own life will help in ironing out any miscommunication, clearing misunderstandings and bonding with your people better, because y’all being more honest and present.
  • For students, this is a good time to revise your notes and read them over again. Be prepared for those tests, dammit!

So, what’s the impact of Mercury Retrograde transit in each astrological house? Let’s take a look 🙂


1st house: This can be a beautiful time to review anything in your life, but above all your personal development and your self-image and how you see yourself. Any ways you put yourself out there can be revised beautifully. You may easily correct any misconceptions about yourself and find areas of re-routing at ease. Overall, this is a very powerful time to mindfully asserting yourself and getting more present with how you express yourself and live your life. You may use your visibility in correcting things that may not be working out like you or other intended them to work. If you wish to completely change the way you run your life, you can start those adjustments now.

2nd house: When Mercury Retrograde transits the 2nd house, it brings our attention to our budget and values. It may be the time to clear the air around our money matters making up our minds with what we consider most valuable. Any investments that don’t align or resonate, can be discarded or fixed at this time. This transit can also help us realign to our truest values; not the ones taken on while conditioned. There may also be old work coming back on the table that we might want to take on whenever it aligns to our present. You might also find yourself decluttering your belongings and even gaining money that way; something old can provide to be a treasure in that way.

3rd house: It’s a double dose of communication clarification with this transit – consider this a time to become extra mindful in how you speak and who you speak to. Get super present in your vocal exchange. While speaking, communication and linguistic self-expression has the spotlight, relationships with siblings can be improved through reversing any old patterns and old friendships may resurface. All these connections provide healing and perspective. Learning, study and the ways to connect thoughts into concepts are also brought for revision. Revise and revisit your notes of the semester! Go back to old studies to refresh your learning. Some people may find themselves drawn to get something back from their local area or the neighbourhood they grew up in. Short trips can be very nostalgic and magical.

4th house: Past life regression can be very powerful at this time, and another recommendation to therapy falls into this house – especially when it comes to family matters, childhood trauma and various conditioning we’ve received in childhood. This is a powerful time for emotional processing and regeneration, so use this time if any pains have been lingering in your psyche and heart. Otherwise, this can be a beautiful rest period and help you out in slowing down, softening and smoothing out your energy field; like a baby in the womb. Take many naps, you won’t regret it. Old places where we have lived in can also return in one way or another; there may be a trip that direction or a visit from their people.

5th house: This transit will bring opportunities to reconnect with children and animals, even clarify animal communication and revive various ways to be creative. Usually these are old hobbies that we used to engage in, now refreshing and being revisited. This can also become a time to review the ways in which we spend our free time and the ways we manifest and create things into our reality, many of these processes can be improved and streamlined. You can also easily manifest second-chances and temporary things that you’ve already worked on while Mercury is retrograde in this house. This may bring old lovers back, so be mindful about that and make sure everything’s all clear in the connection.

6th house: Physical healing can become easier this time, especially when it comes to working through anything that was damaged in the past. Of course make sure you have doctor advice for this – I’m not qualified to give you that. Other than that, energy healing for the body can also provide useful, especially when it comes to energy that’s trapped in the body. Old work teams could return for rethinking. You may also find yourself revising and fixing your work environment and that can be a very useful way to embrace this energy. This is also a good time to tweak up any services you may be offering for people. Fixing and adjusting any routines and daily activities now and testing things out, can bring more productivity once Mercury goes direct.

7th house: In this house, Mercury works on revising any contracts and making sure they match the current situation. Old 1:1 partnerships are put under the microscope in order to realign to the best outcome. There may also be a more introspective energy to partnerships – it might be that each party is more thoughtful in their shares and interactions with one another. This can be a powerful energy transit to balance things out when it comes to what is shared and where. If new partnerships are going too fast, this can be a good time to slow things down or simply re-assess where things are currently and where they’re going. If anything new has to be signed or agreed upon, check the details carefully.

8th house: This Mercury retrograde transit is deeply psychological and mysterious. This time will be great for revising occult studies or even psychology studies for those who are engaged in these things. I would recommend therapy for this house transit as well. This time around it’s more focused on later life traumas or sexuality and gender related topics specifically. Couple therapy is a good idea for sure. Take care of your taxes and loans as well, since this is the life area of “other” finances – not necessarily related to salary or labor. You may be able to decrease your taxes or fix something in your credit score this time. The darker side of this house comes when we process grief or other things we didn’t properly process before, throughout this transit. Mercury will do its magic there.

9th house: More study revision over here, especially for university / higher vocational students! If you’re not studying anymore, you may find yourself meeting Uni friends from the past. You may find yourself going back to other countries you used to visit, and this may bring beautiful things into your life. Visits to sacred sites can bring past life flashbacks. Spiritual journeys get a nice nostalgic flash from the past during this transit. This would be a great time to revise any upcoming publications or publish something that’s been long brewing. As I said in the video above, this may be a good time to launch depending on the rest of your chart. Old philosophical inspirations can come back and older aspects of the higher self can return for refreshing integration.

10th house: Revisions in regards to goals, and especially when it comes to where these goals have come from, are in the stars for this transit. Some may even find old career aspirations returning – only to be reviewed, revisited and re-evaluated. We can also reset and reverse any poor career choices and little wrinkles in our reputation at this time. We must also address where we shot too low and reframe our mindsets and thought patterns when it comes to this. Work related pains may also be healed easily this time. This transit can be really good in decluttering the future career paths when you feel like you have too many options or too many things going on as possibilities. This placement can also support launching something for your business or content.

11th house: The theme of this Mercury retrograde transit is old friends and old buddy groups returning, as well as old ideological habits going through a little review and re-alignment. Healing our connections to different groups we connect to is effortless, but it can also come through learning curves if we’re not mindful or get too busy. Old wishes can easily be fulfilled – this is where manifestation can truly work with Mercury retrograde! Sometimes it may not be what we expect though, but it’s a bucket list item regardless. Let the retrograde surprise you positively! Slowing down on one’s internet use can get you more connected to people, interestingly enough – we can often be over stimulated online and on our electronic fumes so let yourself take a social media break this time.

12th house: This can be a challenging Mercury retrograde transit, as some old pains and I mean very, very, very old stuff can resurface and is here to be rewritten and worked over, worked through, worked with. Dreamwork can be super beneficial, as your subconscious and dreamstate self (let’s be real, usually our higher self) is working through these issues. This is a highly spiritually charged Mercury retrograde transit, but it can also be emotionally and psychologically challenging. I recommend therapy and any other healing practices for this transit as well. Make sure you reframe and rewrite any subconscious beliefs, thought patterns and even emotional attachments at this time to get the most benefits of the spiritual uplevels that this rest period can bring you. There’s no need to rush here. Past life and soul retrieval is supercharged.

I know, I know, that’s a lot of information, but like I say – I won’t just throw a bunch of meanings into your lap and call it a day. I tend to go deep and here’s the deep.

Drop me a comment below if this has helped you in decoding the transiting Mercury Retrograde and working with it feels less overwhelming and confusing now after reading 🙂

Thank you so much for reading,


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