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art featured: Abstract 1.0, Abstract 1.1, Draco, Laiha

Every piece of artwork has been spiritually cleared, blessed, as well as signed and marked with its year unless I was unsure of that, so that the energetics of each piece are clean, pretty, nice and quality. Shipping is included in each price internationally without tracking and/or insurance – pick up available within Southern Finland: Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa area – nearby areas are possible so I will ask when I send you the confirmation email.

For bundle discounts or payment via Paypal, send an email to contact@inspiringalien.com – otherwise, you can pay using Stripe here and I will email you after the payment arrives, for mailing info and such 🙂

These pieces of artwork are being sold at super discounts in order to make more room into my drawers & cupboards as well as raise funds for better tools and other projects.

Everything is under 100€ on this page!


blue & red ink, size: A4

I created this ink painting of this Atlantean alien being after I saw Atlantis post the fall of Atlantis in a past life regression. So while in the picture Atlantis is still in one piece, I wasn’t present when it was. So, Atlantean Starseed energy here.



red, purple, black & white ink, size: A4

I created this ink painting throughout October in 2019 for the Inktober challenge. I wanted to have a constellation theme for my challenge and Cepheus was one of them: the King himself.


Extra-Terrestrial Apocalypse

watercolor, metallic pen, size: A4

This was one the art pieces that just came from my imagination – a post apocalyptic Extra-Terrestrial situation.


4 of Terra

red ink, size: A5

This ink painting was done during another October challenge, Inktober as well, but this wasn’t a part of the challenge itself. This was some experimental and imaginative 4 of Coins type of deal, but instead of coins it’s Terra, or Earths, I guess.



acrylic paint, size 26*26CM

This painting was created in artschool when we were experimenting with acrylic painting in the first year (2014-2015). Each of us got 3 random words and we painted our pieces based on that. Tilava is a Finnish word for “spacious”. I thought of the cube geometry that is sort of pushed inward and then put an alien inside it.



acrylic paint, size 26*26cm

This is from the same 1st year of artschool series, where I got the word “Laiha”. It means “skinny” or “thin”. So I went a bit extra with that idea… and I love the result, even though I say so myself.


Ace of Wands

collage on black paper with gel pens, red ink & watercolour pencils, A4 size

I created this as a part of a group tarot deck, the “International Tarot Day Deck”. It’s not available for purchase anymore, but my artwork originals are. I made 4 in total, this being the Ace of Wands. I made aliens and the Ace of wands was much inspired by the fire element, with the comets, sunlit lava and the red star in the alien’s hand.



watercolour, white gouache, A4 size

When I was in artshool, I created my tarot deck. The end of the project came to me a bit early and I needed something to do… Unikakkiainen is a creature in Finnish mythology who shows where the treasure is when they wake us up in the middle of the night, and I had a bit of a thing for them at the time. So I used some of that extra time in my hands to paint these beings.


Poison Apple

red ink, blue ink, A5 size

Another piece from Inktober in 2017, inspired by the title “Poison Apple”. I experimented with red ink instead of black, because I wanted to. I love color.


Psychedelic Mushroom

watercolor, metallic pen, A4 size

Inspired by imagination, I painted a psychedelic mushroom. No actual psychedelics were used in the process of painting this. I don’t need it. My brain has always been this way. I have only sold prints of this before, now the original is available.


Star Being

black, red & blue ink, A4 size

Spontaneous illustration of a star being, who I might have seen in a meditation. It was strong enough to come on paper, so I trust it.


Hatching Willpower

watercolor, white gel pen, A4 size

I was actually inspired to create this as a response to a call for art. This was organised in the youtube pagan / witch community by a few people (their group was called Spread This Witches! and they’re no longer active). Anyway, I wanted to be a part of it, it didn’t happen for anyone so now I just have this piece to remember it. I have only sold prints of this before, now the original is available.



black, blue & red ink, black marker, neon green marker, size: A4

This was inspired by insomnia and spiritual activation. Alien going into a portal in sleepy time… that’s me, probably.


High Priestess

black ink, white gel pen, white gouache, watercolors. Size: A4

I created this piece after completing my Inspiring Alien Tarot deck and was inspired to keep creating tarot inspired art. This one is more towards the Marseille tarot style with it’s simplistic styling.



purple, orange & blue ink, gold acrylic paint. Size: A4

I created this throughout my constellation themed Inktober challenge. This one was inspired by the Draco constellation. I even used the ink blowing method by using a straw. Very flowy ink piece. A little bit of gold acrylic paint was used as well.


Inspiring Starseed

blue, purple, red & black ink, white gel pen, size 21*21cm

This was inspired by the famous “Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo, but instead of Adam or any human, it’s a starseed. Inspiring Starseed, to be exact. Little portal into starseed wisdom and extra-terrestrial frequency. I have only sold prints of this before, now the original is available.


Mountain Moonscape

blue & black ink, watercolor, white gel pen, size 22*22cm

Once again my imagination is just awesome and it got me to draw this moon and paint it in a wintery mountain landscape. Pretty sure I created it in the depths of the winter of Finland… and added some stars and a Merkaba formation there. Merkaba work was important at that time for me. I have only sold prints of this before, now the original is available.



acrylic paint, size 26*26cm

This is from the same series of artschool acrylic pieces and it was sprung into being from the word “Suora”, or “straight”. I thought of the ways that I could show a different idea here – so I used the straight when talking mathematics with the arrow, and the one that comes about in poker. Now I wonder – how come I wasn’t studying playing card divination yet? Tarot was very intriguing though, as you may already know from my story.



watercolor, markers, A4 size

I was planning to create an oracle deck with the same “Inspiring Alien” theme and this image arose in my mind. The oracle deck is still in process, but this image isn’t going into it. It will just be cute little picture. I have sold prints of this before, now this original is available.



watercolor, black & blue ink, neon markers, A4 size

My imagination created this piece of art of alien cells in neon colors. I just had a vision in my head and I painted it. As with most of my art. There isn’t much more of a story to it tbh.


Witche’s Brooms

watercolor, gouache, A4 size

This was an experimentation – I wanted to try to paint an icey type of crystal thing and witche’s brooms that I saw on the birch trees… and also do it with gouache paint, which I’m not the most familiar with. This is the result of that exploration.


Ace of Cups

watercolour, ink, markers, A4 size

I was considering making a Marseille style tarot deck and this would have been the Ace of cups in it, had that come to fruition. I haven’t ended up moving further with that project, however, so this is one of the few cards that I have from that phase.


Untitled (2020)

watercolour, gouache, A4 size

I was experimenting with gouache paint and this is some kind of an exploration with that media. Some random tree and stuff… I dunno what else to say about that.


7 of Swords

collage on black paper with watercolour pencil, gouche, markers, A4 size

I created this as a part of a group tarot deck, the “International Tarot Day Deck”. It’s not available for purchase anymore, but my artwork originals are. I made 4 in total, this being the 7 of Swords. This one was inspired by the strategic side of the card symbolism. 7 of swords tends to be a well calculated risk – therefore, playing cards and throwing them into the abyss of the Universe feels relevant.



watercolor, markers, gel pen, size 20*20cm

This piece was meant to be a part of my Inspiring Alien Oracle deck, but I have a feeling it won’t be a part of it, if it is going to happen. It’s still a cute piece of artwork though. I don’t remember the exact inspiration behind this picture, but I was thinking about self-observation in a way that has to do with super up-close examination of the self, and here the alien examines themselves through their image in the mirror.


6 of Pentacles

collage on black paper, white gel pen, A4 size

I created this as a part of a group tarot deck, the “International Tarot Day Deck”. It’s not available for purchase anymore, but my artwork originals are. I made 4 in total, this being the 6 of Pentacles. This one was inspired by the balancing game of the 6 of Pentacles symbolism. Even the original Rider-Waite Smith card has scales in the person’s hand. And the moon here represents the fact that this card has the energy of Moon in Taurus for it. I’m pretty sure one of these galaxies here represents the Taurus constellation, but I don’t remember.


Ufo Ascension

woodcutting print, size 32*14,5cm

Woodcutting print experiment. This piece was created in artschool – I made some small woodcutting blocks to print these pieces with and made a vertical image of this alien Ascending back into the home galaxy.



ink, A5 size

This is one of my 2017 Inktober pieces, with the prompt “Mushrooms”. It got an alien touch into it.



ink, A5 size

A piece from Inktober 2017 challenge from the prompt “Poison”. I experimented with diluted / watered down ink with this. It gave this one a nice touch!


Untitled (ink)

ink, A5 size

This one was created with ink, after the Inktober challenge, but still in the fumes of that challenge… not intoxicated though lol. This was inspired by – you guessed it – my imagination. I saw this in my head and it came to my paper.


Grim Reaper

ink, A5 size

This Inktober 2017 piece was inspired by the prompt “Grim Reaper” and that’s what it is. A grim reaper. With a moon in the corner.



watercolor, gel pens, markers, A4 size

I created this image as an entry to an illustration competition. I think it was called something like “Creepy Circus Crowd”. So I made this image of a grim reaper coming out of a magician’s hat with the text “Abracadabra” on top.



ink, A5 size

As a part of Inktober 2017 under the prompt “Coffin” – I had this image in my head of a coffin shape opening up to a cosmic galaxy thing. So this is a simplified version of it. Pretty sure I have a more galactic, detailed, colourful version of it somewhere.


Alien Tree

markers, A4 size

This was inspired by Lenormand cards, I believe. The Tree card. So I made it alien. That project stopped for some reasons, but who knows, it may come back.


Aliens are Vegan

watercolor, markers, metallic markers, A4 size

This was a little fun painting to make, and it’s also a collage that can be modified. The fruits and UFO are actually attached with blue tack and can be moved around and removed. I even made a little animation with it for Veganuary or something like that, which I was doing on my old Youtube channel back in the day.


Untitled (watercolor)

watercolor, A3 size

I created this painting in an art class. I was taking a course outside of school and we painted some nude figures. Of course I had to add in a dash of imagination to finish the picture with the river and the grass… so there it is.



watercolor, acrylic, A4 size

I created this one a long time ago. Before artschool. That’s a long time ago! But I still love this image. It’s beautiful and I feel like I might re-create this. I was going through something like this in my inner world at the time I feel… art was much of a channel for articulating my deeper experiences. This might have had something to do with my spiritual awakening.



watercolor, ink, A4 size

I created this inspired by my imagination, because I wanted to paint a planet. But I wanted it to have some flowers and stuff, but not another Earth. I feel like this one was another one of those “I saw it in my head and painted it” moments.


Untitled Fanart

watercolor, gel pens, A4 size

Around 2015 I was playing Bayonetta a lot. It’s a fun game, I haven’t played it in years now, but this is one of the characters, Jeanne. The main characters, Cereza and Jeanne are witches who fight against both angels and demons.


Unreleased 3 of Cups

watercolor, markers, A4 size

In the process of creating Inspiring Alien Tarot, I made this version of the 3 of Cups but then I had a way cuter idea of it so I went with the octopi dance instead. This is the first time I’m even sharing this particular piece, so consider this a special occasion!


Unreleased 4 of Cups

watercolor, gel pens, markers, A4 size

Just like with the 3 of cups, I had a moment with the 4 of cups where I created this first, and the result was just not *emotive* enough and the art felt a bit mediocre. The one I made after just fit the deck a lot better and the sunset colors are so much brighter in that one so I’m much happier with that one.


Abstract 1.0

arcylic, silver acrylic, canvas paper, A4 size

This one is one of the newer pieces that’s just *abstract* – there’s not much more to say about it other than my love for these colors together; I guess it represents some Lunar energy with it’s silver and deeper colorations of blue and purple.


Abstract 1.1

arcylic, gold acrylic, canvas paper, A4 size

Another *simply abstract* piece of artwork that represents more of the Solar energy, but it also has an experimental metallic blue hue in it. I wanter to play with textures on the canvas paper so this type of abstract work was a good idea to try with it.


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