If you’re curious about working with me by booking a reading with me, ordering an energy transmission/healing session or being mentored by me, you can either sign up to my newsletter or email me directly at

Prices depend on the service that we agree on and will be charged prior to session, in artistic commissions there will be a deposit request before the work is created and the rest is charged after.

Here are some examples of the readings, services and sessions I’m very happy to do:

  • energy transmissions
  • starseed journeys and possible origins
  • energy work, quantum field work, including healing
  • using our astrology & Human Design charts for growth, evolution and energetic awareness
  • helping you interpret your own chart & transits
  • finding out truths, spiritual investigation
  • providing a higher consciousness perspective
  • spiritual mentoring
  • starseed support
  • mixing different systems in readings (tarot, astrology, human design, energy work) to provide assistance on your path
  • predictions of the timelines that are available to you from your current energy, including advice to shift to them
  • spiritual art commissions in digital and physical painting, drawing, collage, designing
  • energy check-ins
  • workshops for small groups

Here are things that I WON’T do:

  • 3rd party readings – Example: you ask me to read your friend’s chart or you ask me to read the about a person you have a crush on. I don’t have those people’s consent to read, so I won’t give the reading to you. Even in the case of a consented request, this would distribute my energies too thin – the one who purchases a reading is the one who will benefit the most due to energetic exchange which is meant to be treated as sacred
  • who will be my partner? what company will I get a job at? will I win the lottery? – These questions will cause further fixations and feed into a fatalistic mentality, which is the antithesis to people having their power be theirs
  • I will not promise to cure a disease, investigate crimes, take part in spying or any other situations that may get either of us in legal trouble
  • I will not do therapy, psychiatry, diagnosis, medical intervention, financial assistance, legal advice, anything that I don’t have the professional qualifications to do – my work is spiritual and creative guidance & assistance ONLY
  • I will not serve a client if my energetic perception detects damaging energy, therefore, I would not advice for people to try to force themselves into my energy field
  • I will not do a service that assumes that I solve all of the problems – there’s work for the querent/client to do as well, and there are more ways to solve things aside from my service. I acknowledge that, and I request that only those who KNOW they will benefit from my service specifically, will contact me
  • I will not serve a client who refuses to respect these guidelines, boundaries and requests here – which I will see from your question

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