⚕ Chiron & Soul Retrieval ⚕

fingers holding orgonite obelisk that has an amethyst sphere, lapis lazuli chips and yellow aventurine chips, with a copper spiral that goes into a wavy shape upward.

Text saying: Express the True You. No need to hide behind those wounds.
Express the True You. No need to hide behind those wounds.

This blog is a brief introduction to the nature of Chiron and how I choose to approach it in my astrology practice.

⚕ You are not your wounds. ⚕ 

One of the most limiting ways to live is to live everything through a wound. Although I believe that most of my audience is over that mentality, I wanted to address the paradox of Chiron – the wounded healer. 🌟 

How can we help others heal if we are just gonna bleed over them? It would be messy. Instead, we have to heal ourselves first to the depths of our being, then teach what this core lesson has taught us. Not to glut ourselves over the pain we had, but understand what we had to learn from that experience. 

One tricky part of this has to do with the fact that with serious wounds & traumas we might take on coping mechanisms, and mistake these trauma behaviours as the “thing we learned”. Another is – we may feel that it’s almost as if we lost a part of ourselves to the trauma. As if our soul was fragmented. But the truth is, those lessons go deeper. 

When we do soul retrieval, it’s easier to be whole, to be one within oneself. I’ve had very powerful experiences with soul retrieval. It allows you to be who you were meant to be before any of this was happening. With more touch into your highest expression without those wounds distorting & distracting from the truth of who you are. 🚀✨ 

So where and what does that soul retrieval look like? A lot of the themes of that Chiron placement can show. While I don’t feel like it’s the only purpose of our lives (no single astrology aspect is), it can still provide a good addition to what we are here to teach when it’s managed, healed & treated. 

Aspects to Chiron can show how other energies interact with it, what can help and what may challenge it. Transits can either help deepening the understanding or flare up the pain, depending on the stage you’re in. I do believe, however, that even with such a deep wound, it can be healed. 

Once more, remember: you are not your wounds, your pain, your struggles, because what & who you are is ✨freaking✨ divine. 

Infinite starlight in a human suit. 👽 

Cosmic being. 🛸

With so much Divine Love, Light and Healing,

– Alvia

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