Multidimensional Assistance & Healing Services

Multidimensional Assistance & Healing – energy work for shifting situations

Multidimensional Energy Work & Healing Sessions

At some point of our journeys, we need a little bit more support. Maybe you’ve been feeling like something’s a bit off, maybe you’re struggling with a block in your perception, maybe something needs to be shifted and the bottom line is, you need help with it.

Even the most experienced of us will sometimes need another person to not only look at our situation with objective eyes, but also assist us with their skills and wisdom. We have experts helping us for a reason, helping us locate and identify issues we’re dealing with, with fresh pair of eyes.

These energy work & healing sessions will help you in moving your energy into the direction that you desire, unlock the energetics to your next stage on a very practical multidimensional level – yes, it’s possible to have those two words in the same phrase – and heal situations that you may have struggled dealing with.

Booking one of these sessions can help you integrate up-levels, understand different spiritual dynamics in your field, just give us a good ole boost to your existing energetics, improve your abilities and bring the energies that will support you at this time.

Note that this is not therapy or medical service. This is multidimensional and spiritual, and healing mental, emotional and physical situations I will only recommend here as an added support to what you already have. These will not be talking therapy sessions or alike to that at all. That said, transparency is recommended so I will hold space whenever needed.

Price for these sessions is 44€ for a single session, 111€ for a 3 session bundle until September 9th. This price is a re-launch special for 2022.


No refunds, unless I simply cannot perform the service for you – for single sessions I will refund the full price minus any service/payment fees. If for whatever reason we can only do one or two from my part, for example I realise that you might not need more than one or two, or a break is needed, I refund what those one or two sessions would’ve cost you. Sessions can always be rescheduled as long as I get the information at least 3 hours before our scheduled time. If you can’t make it in time for service, contact me at least 3 hours beforehand at

Remember to use your bundle sessions within a 3 month period (Starseed Support), or for Starseed Integration within 33 days.

I don’t perform 3rd party sessions. I’ll only perform mentorship, energy work or healing for the person who purchases the service. No exceptions. This is because every session is customised and the energetic assistance offered is unique to each person who received the service.

Inspiring Alien Creations is not liable for any actions taken as a result of a session, or actions not taken. Ultimately, the results of any service here are considered to be the responsibility of the client.

This is not a medical, therapeutic, psychological, legal or financial service – this is simply spiritual assistance. If you are in need of healthcare or any of priorly mentioned assistance, seek out that help instead of booking a reading.

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