✨ASTROLOGICAL FORECAST FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS AHEAD✨ October 1st – October 5th 2021 Astrology✨

Astrological chart for October 1st 2021 (from Astrodox app) with artistic, abstract background that has hearts in it, sparkles, blue, pink, purple, orange, and shiny stardust ovelay.
Astrological chart for October 1st 2021 (from Astrodox app) with artistic, abstract background that has hearts in it, sparkles, blue, pink, purple, orange, and shiny stardust ovelay.

💫 Read further for guidance onto how to move through this coming week at ease. 💫 

Current state of affairs at the skies right now is 6 planets retrograde and the state of affairs on Earth is with folx who consider themselves separate from this, panicking. None of us is separate – chances are, you’ve got at least a few astrological retrogrades in your chart. I’ve got 4! 

Until October 6th Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are retrograde. Pluto will station (read: stand still in the sky) on Sunday 3rd October, then goes direct October 6th. Throughout October, Saturn, Jupiter & Mercury will go direct as well. 

I shared some of the forecasts of these transits on my Newsletter for Libra season, so if you want those in your inbox, sign up here and REMEMBER to check your spam. ❗ This post is an extra astrology forecast as spontaneous assistance was called from my guidance to serve us further. 

I see this as a big opportunity to show your growth and catch up with yourself. It’s a chance to get present and see clearly. The distractions have dimmed out, so don’t make more of them by listening to just about anybody on instagram. When it comes to how these planets are interacting together, things get way smoother. Not only is Jupiter retrograde harmoniously dancing with our boi Mercury retrograde, they’re also both hanging out beautifully with North Node in Gemini trine to both Saturn retrograde in Aquarius and Sun & Mars in Libra. This is very airy and connective time – possibly very busy, but these connections will play a big role in the next year or even longer depending on how they fit in the game. Keep your mind clear and present however, as some of these connections can be old tricksters wanting to come back. We need to hold our spaces at their best and not let some creeps ruin it. Just get rid of those toxic people. 

Venus trining to Neptune retrograde, sextile Pluto retrograde is healing and hugging us with this beautiful loving energy. Mind you, Venus is also conjunct Beta Centauri aka Hadar, the home of unconditionally loving, deeply heartful star beings. The homecoming vibe is real here, and unconditional love is tearing down these walls.

No more pains can be ignored, no more affection can be held back.

Let yourself love. Love more, dammit! This is love that goes deeper than brunettes & blondes, it’s the type of love that drags your soul to the surface – depth is victorious. 

At the same time, the Moon is in Leo opposite Saturn retrograde in Aquarius and T-Square Uranus retrograde in Taurus. We might face some of the same challenges we faced in early July and early August with Leo planets doing the same type of aspect with Saturn, as with that time, we’re asked to deliver more of what we want to receive, and ask for what we actually need, not just what we think we need. We’re called to break the moulds we’ve created in our conditioning and even while rebuilding our current, aligned lives, and see how we can create better systems and processes. This aspect will only last for about 2 days though, so this will be a brief revisit of those themes and a chance to adjust our Leadership abilities (no matter how the theme of Leadership is relevant to you, it’s not the same thing for all of us).

This aspect is also making the grand air trine into an air-fire kite, launching us into our highest destiny by listening to those burning hits of our clairs.

What lights you up? What hits your soul differently this time around? Follow that call. 

Mercury retrograde is a powerful time to reframe our thoughts about various things, rewrite old belief systems, rewire our communication skills and rework old projects especially the ones we started the last time Mercury was retrograde in Libra (September-October 2015). Since it’s one of the most consciously accessed planets, very easy to tune into, this will call for a review in our growth especially in the life area it hits in your chart… I have a blog post coming soon for transits per houses. Stay tuned. 

I also have a video coming for some considerations for BEFORE Jupiter goes direct 😉 it will be yummy. Like a tasty cake or vegan bacon… you know… you get the point lol 

Chiron, Juno and Pallas are asteroids who are also retrograde. I won’t go too much into asteroids to keep this more brief – and in all honesty I’m not the most familiar with how some of these asteroids interact in transits, maybe another time I will, but for now this is the post. 

And for all of this, I wanted to make the chart look even more beautiful. It’s just gorgeous. I freaking love it. There we go. Let me know how the energy plays out for you 😊💚⚡ 

~ya boi Alvia

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