12 Things To Do This Leo Season – Leo Season Bucket List #LeoSeason


1. Throw a party. Leos love to party because they are the life of the party. They like being in the spotlight. They like having fun. They like enjoying life. And that’s what parties are all about, right? All the joy, the happiness, the gratitude, the love. Love Is All Around in all the parties!


2. Creating something by yourself on your own. My book recommendation for this is here: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. It is a wonderful book for creativity. Kind of the magic of being creative. Do something creative on your own. This is a thing with Leo – they like to be their own bosses, doing creative exploration by themselves on their own. Make something for yourself by yourself, that’s the thing. Leo’s are not only creative but they are independent creatives and they like to be the leaders of themselves anyway.


3. Experience luxury. This is another thing I’m not sure if people really talk about – the fact that Leo’s are the sort of for royals of the Zodiac, the luxurious ones. You can think about this in many ways and the luxury doesn’t have to be a new golden watch or anything like that. It can just be something that you usually wouldn’t go for in your daily life but something that makes you feel really good and gives you that pleasurable feeling and kind of make it into a me-time type of thing. So that’s what I mean by experiencing luxury.


4. Sun bathe. Lay on your back, sunbathe, because hey why the heck not. You know when any type of Feline when they lay on the sun and just Chill like that you know.



5. Sungaze. There was a video that I wanted to link here but it’s no longer available.


6. Do your hair. Leos love their hair, their lion’s mane, so doing your hair, treating your hair – treat your hair this month, this Leo season!


7. Play follow the leader or the king of the mountain or something like that because again Leos are the leaders and the kings, the royals of the zodiac.


8. Play anything that just makes your inner child scream and laugh of joy, the inner child play type of things are very much of a Leo thing to do, the act of any type of playing makes the Leo heart sing basically.


9. Buy new sunglasses. We’re getting back into the Sun as a theme – Leo allows us to enjoy that luxury, they love those luxurious sunglasses so get yourself new sunglasses, maybe upgrade your current sunglasses. Yes Leo probably isn’t the most minimalistic but they’ve got to have their quality things so if your sunglasses are crappy – get new ones! And then maybe give those old ones to charity or something.


10. Get inspired by a celebrity. Any type of celebrity. Celebrity spotting not in a creepy way of course, get inspired by someone who’s generally admired. I think this is something cool we can all do. Even though personally I’m not too big on celebrities I think there are specific celebrities that have made some quite significant things in this world that we can get inspired from. I think this should be a regular practice for all of us because sometimes we just forget what are the things that we can make happen in this world. So that’s my point.


11. Pretend to be a celebrity for one day – Leos love being in the spotlight so maybe you just imagine yourself as being a celebrity a superstar for one day and just do it like act and play as if you are a Beyonce or Oprah or Justin Timberlake etc. Examples of famous Leo Suns: Jennifer Lopez, Beatrix Potter, Barack Obama, Louis Armstrong, Whitney Houston…


12. Make space for true fun and joy. Yes making space for true fun and joy should be something we regularly do and something we just place in our lives on a consistent basis because who doesn’t want to have fun and joy and play?


Anyway, I hope you enjoy your Leo season! So much love, laugh, joy and light!

-Alvia (he/him)

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