12 Things To Do This Cancer Season

Here’s this blog post in video form:


1. Tune in to how your home feels like – one of those Cancerian things is that they are very sensitive, they feel a lot of stuff. I wouldn’t say more than others but they do have some very deep feelings and they’re well in tune with them. And I personally know this as I have a water trine with 2 planets in Cancer. It affects me, OK?!


Here’s the thing with Cancerians, they love being home. They are quite introverted usually. They are represented by the fourth house of home, privacy, the inner world. Do some feng shui around your home just to make sure that the home you’re living in represents your dreams, reflects what you want to feel in it.


2. Spend time with your family. This can be either your soul family – people who are not necessarily genetically connected to you. Whatever you consider your family to be spend time with them.


3. Forgive someone and this is something that might be very hard for someone who has sun in Cancer or influences of Cancer in their birthchart. But it is highly suggested to do that now because once you forgive someone you’re going to be opening up this door to more peace, more harmony in your life.


4. Ask for forgiveness. This has been already happening for some of us – if you do realise that you feel very uneasy about something that you directed towards someone else you may want to ask for forgiveness.


5. Hot bath, maybe under candlelight – very Cancerian, go into it like being in the womb or something. I would recommend being in a dim lighting because it’s going to relax you. And this just me personally but the sort of dim lighting helps my intuition a bit more and it helps me to really relax and get into a meditative state. But of course do what works best for you.


6. Related to the water element of the Cancer – go for a swim. This would be a perfect thing to do for those of us who are in the summer season. If you have the summer season in the typical Cancer season then do go for a swim get into the element of water which the sign of Cancer is ruled by.


7. Listen to your emotions. Listening to how you feel then you can also work from that, you can work into getting into a better emotional state. However you can and you can listen to the reasons why you might be feeling certain way. you are not gonna wanna just push those feelings away because that usually hurts us more than it helps us.


8. Have a full moon ritual or a new moon ritual – any kind of moon ritual. This definitely for those of us who are more spiritually aligned, who are more spiritually interested – if you’re not really into that then of course you may just like figure out what you can do with this moon thing. No dogma here.


9. Talk about your emotional issues with someone. This is therapy basically but it doesn’t have to be therapy. You can also just talk to your friend someone who you can trust and just talk about your emotions. If you don’t usually do that this would be the perfect time of the year to do that because people are in tune with it or are going to be more empathic and understanding because of the fact that we are in in the waters now.


10. Lose yourself in poetry, art – any kind of art forms which kind of come from this emotional sense of the the water element and sometimes also fire. I think creativity can come from any element, with Cancerians the sort of poetic and artistic ways of expression are very strong.


11. You can also lose yourself in a romantic film. So this is something that I definitely personally don’t do because I’m just like not into those type of movies. But if this is something that you are indeed interested in then I would recommend it for this month. Watch magical films every day. .


12. Go for a summer picnic with some friends like a few close friends. That’s definitely more about the the Cancerian energies. Just a few close friends and it’s kind of like this sort of core group and not necessarily a huge crowd like Gemini or Leo do.


I wish you the cutest Cancer season, Sun transiting Cancer!

Love and light,

Alvia (he/him)

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